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Go DevMENTAL for Students Vol 13-17 | September, 2010
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A lot of folks are prepping for "Back To School" these days, iIf you study at a college or university in or near any of the cities where the TechDays conference is taking place this fall, you’ll want to catch Go DevMENTAL , our free software development event for students. We’re putting together an evening packed with cool demos and information, and you’re not going to leave empty-handed, either!

At Go DevMENTAL, you’ll:

-Go developMENTAL: by learning how to build mobile apps and games for Windows Phone 7 , build sites and web applications with WebMatrix and create gorgeous animations using Expression Blend and Silverlight

-Go resuMENTAL: meet professional developers and IT pros, find out what it’s like in “the industry” and talk about academics and career

-Go instruMENTAL: with free professional developer tools such as Visual Studio , Windows Server and more through the DreamSpark program

Go DevMENTAL is open to post-secondary students and faculty, and as I said earlier, it doesn’t cost a thing to attend. All you have to do is register at the Go DevMENTAL site , bring your brain to the event and get ready to have a monuMENTAL time!

Go DevMENTAL will take place in the cities on these evenings. Register here : Vancouver: September 14, Edmonton: October 5 Toronto: October 27, Halifax: November 2, Ottawa: November 9, Montreal: November 23, Winnipeg: December 7, Calgary: December 14.

Windows Phone 7 “Jump Start”
Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch
Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4
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MSDN Code Gallery

Check out, download and share sample applications, code snippets, and other resources with the developer community.
Video: Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training

Windows Phone 7 training content led by MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley focuse on getting developers trained up on building amazing applications and games for Windows Phone 7. Watch the videos to learn more .
Tech·Days - back and better than ever.

One of Canada’s premier skills development conference is back, with deep IT training and amazing offers for attendees. Register today to explore current and upcoming Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services in any of our 50+ sessions. Tech·Days attendees will be eligible for amazing offers, including a free one-year TechDays 2010 Special NFR Edition TechNet subscription, valued at approximately $299 USD! Act now before Early Bird pricing in your city ends! Register Now .
PDC: Watch it via Live Broadcast

PDC10 is now sold out, but you can still join in on the excitement via the live stream, starting at 9:00 am PST on October 28. This year’s groundbreaking event will include live streaming of the keynotes, as well as concurrent live streaming of sessions. All content will be available on demand within 24 hours of recording. Be sure you’re on the PDC email list to get a preview of what’s planned for this year’s online experience.  Learn more here
Windows Phone 7 App: Rubik’s Cube

Ottawa-based developer Magmic , who specialize in mobile casual gaming, are bringing Rubik’s cube — the real officially-licensed thing — to Windows Phone 7. Stay tuned to the Developer Connection blog for more Windows Phone 7 updates.
Intensive Two-Day Courses for Windows Phone 7

Get a head start on developing for Windows Phone 7 with DevTeach’s Bootcamp. Instructor Colin Melia will get you up to speed on developing mobile applications in these hands-on workshops, where you’ll “learn by doing”. The Bootcamp will take place in the following cities: Vancouver (Aug. 30 — 31), Ottawa (Sept. 2 — 3) and Toronto (Sept. 7 — 8). The registration fee is $999, but you can save $100 by using the promo code WP7BOOTCAMP.
Cross-Browser Key Event Handling

Let's shed some light on how to properly handle key events in your application.
ASP.NET MVC Client Side Validation

Got a pet topic that you’d like to present in front of a TechDays audience? That’s what the Local Flavours track is for! If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge and making your mark on the Canadian tech community, sign up to present a Local Flavours session at TechDays.
Internet Explorer 9, Platform Preview 4

Take the latest version of Internet Explorer — Platform Preview 4 — for a test drive! Experience the power and speed of the newly-integrated JavaScript and SVG engines, the hardware acceleration, the HTML 5/CSS 3 compatibility and more. And get ready as IE9 makes the leap from “Platform Preview” to beta, happening soon!
Random and Interesting
The great benefit of test-driven development nobody talks about

Attack of the red buttons

Get Lamp: A documentary about text adventure games

Proliferation of mobile devices = Opportunity for apps & developers

How to win friends and influence people through your social network

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Multitouch Manipulation Events in WPF Multitouch support in Windows 7 has filtered down and settled into various areas of the .NET framework, with interfaces low and high. Charles Petzold walks you through these parts, with plenty of examples and code. 
Multitouch Manipulation and Inertia with Silverlight Check out the demo with pictures and even video that you can move, rotate and resize with a multitouch screen (or your mouse, if you don’t have one), then try your hand at writing your own multitouch apps using the open source Silverlight behaviours from CodePlex. 
Upcoming Book: Multitouch on Windows Get your hands on an early preview of the upcoming book Multitouch on Windows, published by Manning. It covers natural user interface (NUI) development with both WPF and Silverlight, starting with an explanation of NUI principles and then diving into the code.
The Inner Circle Presents Andrew “Head First C#” Stellman . Check out the archives of the recent week-long forum on C# programming run by Andrew Stellman, co-author of the great tutorial book Head First C#. Discussions include best practices, worst practices, making strings interesting, building retro text-mode games and video interviews.
Dynamic != Object . They’re not the same thing. The introduction of dynamic types to C# has some developers confused - what's it for when it seems you can get the same capabilities with the object class? 
Lisa Feigenbaum Talks About C# . An interview in Redmond Developer with Lisa Feigenbaum, community program manager for the Visual Studio Managed Languages team, about C#, its new dynamic, functional and parallel capabilities, “compiler as a service”, and what she feels the biggest improvement to C# with version 4 is.
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Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit. Download now.
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