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Discover a More Beautiful Web with Internet Explorer 9 Vol 13-19 | September, 2010
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Email me
I’m tremendously excited to share with you the worldwide availability of Internet Explorer 9 Beta!

If you haven't taken the time download and install Internet Explorer 9 from BeautyOfTheWeb.ca , I would strongly encourage you to do so. Based on my experience with the platform previews and the recently-released Beta, I have to admit that, as a developer, I am incredibly impressed with this browser. It's exciting for me to see the progress we've made supporting standards and interoperability to enable the same markup to just work across browsers. Since I use a lot of different browsers for testing and other purposes, I’m very happy to see how the hard work from the team for Internet Explorer is starting to pay off. For example, check out the ¬†latest results for the WebKit SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark ! Coupled with full hardware-acceleration for your web pages through Internet Explorer 9, this browser is really fast. As a user, Internet Explorer 9 Beta is nothing short of awesome. The new interface is clean, allowing me to focus on the sites I build, rather than the browser itself. To read more about the user experience for Internet Explorer 9, check out the latest post on the blog for Internet Explorer entitled, “User Experiences: Site-Centric Browsing on Windows” . In short, I am really excited about what Internet Explorer 9 has to offer.

Visit BeautyOfTheWeb.ca to learn more about Internet Explorer 9 and see how sites are leveraging some of its new capabilities and features to provide amazing experiences. Also, check out the MSDN Developer Centre for IE ! It’s full of great information for web developers wanting to take advantage of the latest features of Internet Explorer 9, including articles covering HTML5 & CSS3, the developer tools, and pinned sites (a feature with which you can integrate your websites with the Windows 7-based desktop). Finally, don’t forget to stay connected with us by reading/subscribing to the Canadian Developer Connection . It’s got all the latest information and news for Canadian developers.

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