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Cloud Computing, Cloud Camp and the Story of Ice Vol 13-23 | October, 2010
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Here’s a memorable story from Guy Kawasaki about ice: Once upon a time, to get ice, you used to have to send people to harvest it from frozen lakes, or in warmer weather, from ice floes in the north. Ask these people what “innovation” meant in their industry, and they’d probably say “Better saws and picks, and faster ships with better-insulated cargo holds.”

The ice harvesters were supplanted (and probably surprised) by the innovation of large-scale refrigeration. No longer did you have to go and “hunt” for ice, you could make it in a factory. If you asked what the ice makers what innovation was, they’d probably tell you “Bigger compressors, bigger storage rooms.”

For day-to-day home use, the ice makers were supplanted by another innovation: home refrigeration, which miniaturized and decentralized the art of making cold.

The story of computing is like the story of ice, except that it took decades instead of centuries. We started with mainframes and batch processing. Then we split the mainframe: virtually with time-sharing, then physically into what eventually became the PC. We then reunited the split pieces, first with client-server, then the internet. Now we have cloud computing, which brings those pieces into existence when needed and makes them vanish when we’re done.

We still use ice in the same way that we did in the age of the ice harvesters, but modern refrigeration lets us use ice and cold in ways that weren’t possible before. Cloud computing is similar: it’s a convenient and efficient way to do what you’re doing with physical machines today, but it also opens up new avenues for things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

If you like thinking about what’s possible with new technologies like the cloud, join us and register to attend a Cloud Camp taking place across Canada, just before TechDays . We’ll be there with “cloud builders” of all backgrounds and platforms, sharing experiences, ideas and solutions and talking about what’s possible with Microsoft’s cloud offerings , such as Windows Azure , SQL Azure , SharePoint Online and more.

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The newly formed Toronto Windows Phone 7 User Group will have their first meeting on Nov. 16th from 6pm-8:30pm. Topics include setting up your new WP7 device and development. There will also be some devices on hand from each of the carriers and prizes. Register here .
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PDC 10: Watch it Live on October 28-29

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