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7 Sources for Windows Phone 7 App Ideas Vol 13-26 | November, 2010
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I’ve been approached by a number of developers, ranging from newbies to seasoned coding veterans, both in person at various events like TechDays as well as online, and they’ve asked the same question: “What Windows Phone app should I write?” I thought I’d share some pointers that might help you come up with the initial spark and get you started writing Windows Phone 7 apps .

1. Write what you know. This is the advice they give in creative writing classes, and it applies to writing apps as well. Is there some particular field where you’re an expert or at least knowledgeable? Write an app that uses that skill.

2. Harness your hobbies. The things we do for fun are a great source of inspiration for apps. Are you a triathlete, collector, movie buff or weekend chef? Write an app that enhances or assists those hobbies.

3. Necessity is the mother of invention. In addition to the things we do for fun, there are also the things we have to do, whether it’s our job, chores or other obligations. Just as there are opportunities for apps to make our hobbies more enjoyable, there are also opportunities to make those “I have to do this” tasks less onerous.

4. Math is hard, let’s use an app! Many people have been taught to fear math. That’s why the hardest part of going out to dinner with friends is the end, when they fumble about, trying to split the bill and calculate the tip. Hence the abundance tip calculator apps abound. Are there other everyday math problems that you can solve with an app.

5. Go Hollywood. Many movies from the eighties and earlier had plot points that easily solved with a vanilla “feature phone”. What real-life “plot points” can you solve with a smartphone? 

6. Go Picasso. He said “Good artists copy, great artists steal,” and by that, he meant that the best artists get their ideas from the world around them. You should too: look at the apps in Marketplace and similar places to buy apps and ask yourself “Can I do better?” 

7. Games. And remember, they’re not just for fun — games and simulations are also valuable teaching tools. 

And finally, a bonus idea: go read our blog, Canadian Developer Connection , where I regularly write about Windows Phone 7 and will be presenting app ideas on a regular basis. Get out there, brainstorm and write some killer apps!

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