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Register for 8 new Ignite Your Coding webcasts now! Vol 13-3 | February 10, 2010
Joey DeVilla
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From the start building BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800 to today’s development tools for “three screens and the cloud” , we’ve always worked at helping developers be their best. Microsoft makes tools and platforms, but that’s just the beginning. We’ve got you covered with resources like MSDN , MSDev , Channel 9 and Canadian Developer Connection , and events such as TechDays , EnergizeIT , and TechEd .

When we talk about the tools and techniques to keep our applications “maintainable” — from the principles of object-oriented programming to agile practices and test-driven development to refactoring assistance and version control — we’re really talking about managing change. As developers, we invest a lot of time and energy adapting our software to changing requirements. But are we making sure that we ourselves are also adapting to changing requirements too?

To answer that question, we came up with a new live webcast series called Ignite Your Coding, where we ask some of the big names in software development how they deal with change. We’ve lined up a great set of interviewees (See registration details below). My co-host John Bristowe and I will start each live interview with things like: How’d you get started? How do you keep up with changing technology? Any advice for the aspiring developer? After that, it’ll be your turn to ask the questions!

As a valued MSDN Flash subscriber, we’re offering you an advance opportunity to register for the webcast. Ignite Your Coding will take place every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Pacific) starting on March 4th with Andy Hunt and continuing through to April 29th. Don’t miss your chance to participate! Register for each Ignite Your Coding webcast below.

Register now: March 4 - Pragmatic Programming, Thinking and Learning with Andy Hunt 

Register now: March 11 -Composable Applications FTW with Glenn Block

Register now: March 18 -Essence versus Ceremony with Jeremy Miller, the Shade Tree Developer

Register now: March 25 -Agile Techniques for Paying Back Technical Debt with David Laribee

Register now: April 8 -Scalability and Performance for All with Richard Campbell

Register now: April 15 -State of the .NET Developer Nation with Scott Hanselman

Register now: April 22 - Horrors, Overflows and Fake Plastic Rock with Jeff Atwood

Register now: April 29 - A chat with “Uncle Bob” Martin.

New Features in Visual Studio 2010
Ignite Your Coding
Web Platform Installer 2.0
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EnergizeIT 2010: Anything is possible. Dates posted! Register now!

Just announced EnergizeIT: From the Client to the Cloud 6 tour dates; 19 EnergizeIT: Community Connection Events, along with EnergizeIT Online Series!  Through a series of Canadian in person events and online web & podcast series, you will have the opportunity to learn how to help reduce capital costs while increasing scalability through Microsoft’s cloud services approach. REGISTER NOW for one or more of the EnergizeIT 2010 events or activities scheduled this spring by visiting the EnergizeIT Program website .
EnergizeIT Online Series presents: RunAs Radio — Rodney Talks about Office 2010

Tune into this podcast as part of the EnergizeIT Online Series to hear Richard and Greg talk to Rodney Buike about the upcoming Office 2010. Rodney digs into the relevant changes in the suite, including the focus on Microsoft's "three screens" strategy, providing equal access online, on the desktop and on mobile devices. Check out the Office Product team blog at http://blogs.technet.com/office2010 and the Outlook 2010 Beta at http://www.microsoft.com/office/2010/ .
Development Managers, you are invited to registered for Align IT Tour. Seating is limited.

Plan to attend one of eight Align IT dates scheduled in March across Canada, featuring Business Productivity Infrastructure Strategies using Microsoft® Office 2010. Designed for IT and Development Managers this FREE event demonstrates how you can foster collaboration, manage information overload, and glean business insights quickly for greater efficiency at your organization. Learn more
Don’t miss your chance to WIN $7000...!

Are you building a Web? Considering building a prototype? Build IT on a Cloud...Build IT on Windows Azure...! Through to March 31st 2010, deploy an application on Windows Azure and get a chance to win $7000...! The more applications you deploy, the more chances to win. Get more details here .
Register for “TFS 2010 DrillDown” webcast on February 16th from 1pm to 2:30pm EST

Team Foundation Server is at the center of Microsoft's Application LifeCycle Management tooling, and provides robust services to enable collaboration on software delivery for all members of the project team. This session will drill into the core features of Team Foundation Server and how they work together to provide a tight, end-to-end delivery experience.
Enter into Get the Green Light contest for a chance to win prizes

Is your application compatible with Windows® 7 and Windows Server® 2008 R2? Register and green light it before February 28, 2010, and you’ll automatically be entered in our Get the Green Light contest for a chance to win $7,000 or 1 of 5 netbooks! Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to Partner benefits.
Visual Studio MSDN Attach!

Have Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 Professional without an MSDN subscription? Attach MSDN Premium to your Visual Studio Professional license now, save up to $500 USD , AND convert to Visual Studio 2010 with a more advanced edition of MSDN when it ships. 
NEW! Submit Your Application for the 2010 Blue Sky Awards

Microsoft is presenting the third annual Blue Sky Innovation Awards to reward innovations that break conventional processes or go beyond marginal improvements in existing applications. If you're a Canadian software vendor in the process of developing a disruptive application using Microsoft technology, we encourage you to submit your application today .  Learn more.
What’s new with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

Join us and our Inner Circle technology partners in a city near you as we present a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and licensing changes coming with Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System 2010.   Register today!  Toronto — Tuesday February 23rd-code: 10EED2 Fredericton — Thursday February 25th-code: 1D11BE Edmonton — Monday March 1st-code: 8ACE98 Calgary — Tuesday March 2nd-code: 9FA90A Coming soon to a city near you — St. John’s, NFLD and Quebec City.
Expression Web 3 101: A Lap Around Microsoft’s Professional Web Editor’s Latest ReleaseTargeting web designers and developers

Invitation Code : 10BC45.  Join us on Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 as we present a “101” on one of the “hidden gems” of the Expression Studio Suite — Expression Web 3.  In this session, you will receive an overview of how web designers and developers have a compelling application to build website experiences for users, complete with all the trappings of the professional tools necessary to deliver the most intricate websites today.  Register today!
DevTeach: March 8th — 12th in Mississauga (Toronto)

The DevTeach conference covers agile development, IT architecture, development of SharePoint, Silverlight, web development and Windows, all presented by developers for developers. Our very own John Bristowe is tech chair for the Windows Development track, and he’s got some great sessions lined up, from the Windows API Code Pack to Entity Framework to the up-and-coming Visual Studio 2010. As an added bonus, every paid attendee gets Visual Studio Pro with MSDN Premium (approximate retail value $2499) free!
Developer Tools now part of Big Easy Offer 4.0

Help control your costs. By purchasing Microsoft products today through the Big Easy Offer 4.0, you are eligible to receive up to thousands in partner subsidy dollars that you could use towards future Microsoft purchases (including Developer Tools). Learn more at www.microsoft.ca/bigeasy
Register for webcast: What’s new in Sharepoint 2010?

Please join us on Feb 24th and 25th , as Jamie Wakeam, Canadian ISV architect Advisor, walk you through some of the exciting new  capabilities and features in Sharepoint 2010, and learn how it makes developing the solutions easier, quicker, and more flexible. Register now: Feb 24th and Feb 25th
Windows 7 Release Candidate Expiration

The Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) expires on June 1, 2010. Starting March 1, 2010, your PC will shut down every two hours. Windows will notify you two weeks before the bi-hourly shutdowns start. Avoid interruption, either upgrade to the released version of Windows 7 or install a prior version of Windows before March 1, 2010. Learn more.
Webcasts Galore
Don Box Discusses SOAP, XML, REST and M

Hanselminutes: The Dynamic Language Runtime, IronRuby and IronPython

The Race to the “Next Big Thing” in Mobile Phones

.NET Rocks: The “My .NET Story” Contest Winners

See more...
Training Resources
9 Useful Tactics for Paying Back Technical Debt . Every time you leave in a hack, kludge or hastily-written bit of code in your project, you accrue technical debt. David Laribee shows you 9 ways you can rebuild your tech credit rating.
MSDev’s New Webcasts on Windows Azure. We’ve just released some new webcasts that cover storing blobs in Windows Azure storage , storing data in Windows Azure tables and leveraging queues in Windows Azure .
Creating Custom “Pre-Loaders” for Silverlight . In this Channel 9 “Silverlight TV” episode, Silverlight MVP John Stockton demonstrates how to create a custom preloading animation and progress indicator while a Silverlight application loads
Security for Developers
8 Basic Rules to Implement Secure File Uploads . File uploads are an often-used feature in web applications; they’re also an often-used an attack vector. This SANS article covers 8 good ways to protect your app when you open it up and let users upload files.
Simplified Implementation of the Microsoft SDL . Want to know more about Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle process? This paper covers Microsoft’s security development practices, and they’re applicable to anything — even non-Microsoft platforms. Remember, security is a process, not a product!
Experts Weigh in on Mac vs. PC Security . The commercials on TV say one thing, but what do actual security pros say? CNET talked to a number of people who live, breathe and eat security and the results show that the reality is quite different from the perception.
Editor’s Choice
Getting Started with Visual Studio and Silverlight . In less than 10 minutes, this video will tell you what you need to know to get started building Silverlight-based apps, from where to get the tools to building a simple Silverlight-based app. There’s no better time to get started!
Multi-Touch 101 with Silverlight . This Channel 9 video shows you how to develop multi-touch apps with Silverlight 3 and 4, covering the key multi-touch events and how to handle them, touch IDs, tracking the location of touch points and more.
MVVM — It’s Not Kool-Aid . Guru on Silverlight Jesse Liberty explains MVVM — that’s the Model-View-ViewModel pattern — and that it’s more than just the latest developer fad. Use it, and you’ll write less code that easier to write maintain and test.
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