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Submit your entry for the 2010 Blue Sky Innovation Awards Vol 13-4 | February 25, 2010
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Hello, I’m Joey DeVilla. My friends on the local ISV team wanted me to invite you to submit your entry for the 2010 Blue Sky Innovation Awards . Now in its 3rd year, the Blue Sky Innovation Awards is our way of rewarding developers who come up with innovations that break conventional processes or who greatly improve existing applications. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of experts from Microsoft and the software industry. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your great idea to a panel of Microsoft and other industry experts. Winners will get access to a great set of software development resources and business development opportunities. If you're a Canadian software vendor developing an innovative application using Microsoft technology, you don’t want to miss this opportunity -- submit your application today!

Last year, the team launched the Greenlight ISV Application Compatibility Center , the one-stop place to help ISV developers with training, testing and support resources for the latest Microsoft technologies. Right now, it features resources for:

- Windows 7

- Windows Server 2008 R2

- SQL Server 2008 R2

- Exchange 2010

...and they will continue to add resources for more tools and technologies. Check it out! It’s full of useful tools and resources to help you ensure that the applications you write are compatible with our current operating systems and platforms.

Submit now
Find tools and resources to resolve compatibility issues
Become a Microsoft partner
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Register for Ignite Your Coding webcasts starting March 4th with Andy Hunt

Starting in March, every Thursday at 2pm EST, Ignite Your Coding is a webcast series designed to support developers in managing change. Industry experts including Andy Hunt , Glenn Block , Jeremy Miller , David Laribee , Richard Campbell , Scott Hanselman , Jeff Atwood and Robert C Martin will be here to share all sorts of things including how they keep up with changing technologies and how they got started. Then, it will be YOUR turn to ask these experts questions in real-time. Register now!
EnergizeIT 2010: Anything is possible. Reserve your seat today.

Windows Azure. Office System 2010. Visual Studio 2010. Windows Mobile. EnergizeIT: From the Client to the Cloud 6 tour dates; 19 EnergizeIT: Community Connection Events, 5 Install Fests for Office 2010, along with EnergizeIT Online Series! Through a series of Canadian in person events and online web & podcast series, you will have the opportunity to learn how to help reduce capital costs while increasing scalability through Microsoft’s cloud services approach. REGISTER NOW for one or more of the EnergizeIT 2010 events or activities scheduled this spring by visiting the EnergizeIT Program website .
Expression Web 3 101: A Lap Around Microsoft’s Professional Web Editor’s Latest ReleaseTargeting web designers and developers

Invitation Code : 10BC45.  Join us on Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 as we present a “101” on one of the “hidden gems” of the Expression Studio Suite — Expression Web 3.  In this session, you will receive an overview of how web designers and developers have a compelling application to build website experiences for users, complete with
What’s new with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

Join us and our Inner Circle technology partners in a city near you as we present a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and licensing changes coming with Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System 2010.   Register today!  Toronto — Tues. Feb. 23rd-code: 10EED2, Fredericton — Thurs. Feb. 25th-code: 1D11BE, Edmonton — Mon. Mar. 1st-code: 8ACE98, Calgary — Tues. Mar. 2nd-code: 9FA90A. St. John's - Tues. Mar. 2nd-code: C89B02, Quebec City- Wed. Mar. 9-code: 1C5C3C
EnergizeIT Online Series presents: RunAs Radio — Rodney Talks about Office 2010

Tune into this podcast as part of the EnergizeIT Online Series to hear Richard and Greg talk to Rodney Buike about the upcoming Office 2010. Rodney digs into the relevant changes in the suite, including the focus on Microsoft's "three screens" strategy, providing equal access online, on the desktop and on mobile devices. Check out the Office Product team blog at http://blogs.technet.com/office2010 and the Outlook 2010 Beta at http://www.microsoft.com/office/2010/ .
Get a Head Start on Development of Windows Phone 7 at MIX10

You’ve seen the announcement. You’ve marvelled at the all-new UI. You want to develop apps for Windows Phone 7 Series. Go to the MIX10 conference in Las Vegas, where we’ve lined up 12 sessions on development of Windows Phone 7. You’ll get access to the development tools for Windows Phone with free support, meet the Canadian team for Windows Phone 7 and get a break from winter.
“Get the Green Light contest” ends on Feb 28 *. You could win cool prizes

Time is running out to get your chance to win $7,000 or 1 of 5 netbooks*! If you have or are in the process of developing applications on Windows® 7, why not considering get your application compatible with Windows® 7 before Feb 28th to be eligible for this contest? *No Purchase Necessary. For full rules and how to enter, visit here . Contest is open to all residents of Canada. Closes February 28, 2010, at 11:59:59 pm ET. One Grand Prize available to be won, consisting of $7,000.00 CAD (payable by cheque) and 5 Secondary Prizes available to be won, each consisting of a Netbook with an approximate retail value of $349.00 (CDN). Skill testing question required.
Register to attend How Visual Studio® 2010 and MSDN Can Improve Your Business event on March 4th in Mississauga, Ontario

Microsoft is gearing up to release the next version of Visual Studio 2010. It includes many enhancements and new features that can help software project teams accelerate the project development lifecycle. Join us on March 4th as we’ll explore all the changes to the Microsoft application lifecycle management tooling in Visual Studio® 2010 and recent changes to Microsoft’s MSDN line-up. Invite Code: 5A1CB4
Test and Develop for Over 700 Hours at No Cost on Windows Azure

Are you a Premium subscriber to MSDN? If you are, you’re eligible for over 700 hours of compute time per month on Windows Azure for a limited time to test and develop your latest cloud applications. Sign up now for the introductory 8-month offer by clicking the Windows Azure Platform link on the My Account page.  Start here
Windows Azure Development Contest Ends March 31st! Participate today

Are you building a Web? Considering building a prototype? Build IT on a Cloud...Build IT on Windows Azure! Through to March 31st 2010, deploy an application on Windows Azure and get a chance to win $7000*! The more applications you deploy, the more chances to win. *No purchase necessary. Contest open to residents of Canada. There is 1 prize available to be won (approximate retail value of $7000). Contest closes 11:59PM EST on March 31st 2010. Skill-testing question required to be answered correctly. For full contest rules click here
Attend DevTeach and receive Visual Studio Pro with MSDN Premium. Mar 8-12-Mississauga

The DevTeach conference covers agile development, IT architecture, SharePoint, Silverlight, web development and development of Windows, all presented by developers for developers. Our very own John Bristowe is tech chair for the Windows Development track, and he’s got some great sessions lined up, from the Windows API Code Pack to Entity Framework to the up-and-coming Visual Studio 2010. As an added bonus, every attendee gets Visual Studio Pro with MSDN Premium (approximate retail value $2499) free!
Confoo.ca: March 10th — 12th in Montreal

Confoo.ca is a “web techno conference” covering PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and — of course! -- .NET. All things web development related with be covered here in Canada’s two official languages, from Mark Pilgrim’s keynote on HTML5 to security-centric design with Chris Shiflett to topics on .NET such as ASP.NET MVC, REST and Introduction aux Extension Methods et aux Lambdas. 
Webcasts Galore
Don Box Discusses SOAP, XML, REST and M

Hanselminutes: The Dynamic Language Runtime, IronRuby and IronPython

The Race to the “Next Big Thing” in Mobile Phones

.NET Rocks: The “My .NET Story” Contest Winners

Mar. 23-Excellent Project Delivery: ALM Bread and Butter Principles

Mar. 30-Building Excellent Internet & Intranet Solutions on the Microsoft Platform

Apr. 6-Preventing Excellent Hacks: Understanding the Security Development Lifecycle

Apr. 13-Cloud Excellence: Building Solutions for 3 Screens Leveraging Services

Apr. 20-Organizational Excellence Through Governance and Building for Operations

Apr. 27-How I Achieved Excellent Results and Lived to Tell About It — Expert Panel Discussion

See more...
Developer Foundations
Composition, Inheritance and IoC . Near the start of the Gang of Four’s Design Patterns, it reads “Program to an interface, not an implementation,” followed by “Favor object composition over class inheritance”. This advice is still ignored, and Chad Myers explains why ignoring it and not using IoC (as in “Inversion of Control”, not “International Olympic Committee”) can lead to trouble down the road.
Interfaces and Injection . Guru on Silverlight Jesse Liberty explains interfaces (programmatic ones, that is) are for, as well as what dependency injection is for (aside from dropping the term in casual conversation to impress your developer friends).
Style Follows Semantics . A short-but-good post by Eric “Fabulous Adventures in Coding” Lippert reminding us that coding style choices should always be about clearly communicating intent, not as proof of your cleverness.
Why Windows Azure? A cute video series featuring Bill Lodin and a whiteboard that covers Windows Azure, from development experience to porting your existing apps to Azure to the TCO and ROI calculator to signing up.
10 Cloud Computing Trends That are Rapidly Catching On . In this eWeek slideshow, Ken Comée, CEO of Cast Iron Systems , a company teaming up with Microsoft to accelerate application integration and data migration for Windows Azure, believes that these are the top 10 tends in cloud computing.
Azure Sessions at MIX10. There are Azure-related sessions aplenty at this year’s MIX Conference! Check out the sessions in the schedule tagged Cloud , SQL Azure , Windows Azure and Windows Azure Platform .
Books in Beta
Dependency Injection in .NET (Manning) . Dependency Injection (DI) is an important part of writing modular, flexible, maintainable and testable code. This book covers DI from a .NET perspective, from basic principles to patterns and practices to DI in practice, uising plain old C# as well as some popular DI frameworks and containers.
Design Driven Testing (Apress) . What if you flipped TDD on its head and used testing to verify a design rather than as a substitute for it? You’d get design-driven testing. The authors say if you think TDD means “Too Damn Difficult”, this book is for you!
SQL Antipatterns (Pragmatic Bookshelf) . The second best way to learn is from your own mistakes. The best way is to let others make the mistakes and for you to learn from them! Learn from others’ SQL mistakes in the second editions of SQL Antipatterns.
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