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The REAL Good News from MIX10 Vol 13-6 | March 25, 2010
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The packed main and overflow rooms for the Day 1 Keynote at the MIX10 conference said it all: people wanted the scoop on Windows Phone 7 Series ! Luckily for them, there were nearly 20 hours of presentations on Microsoft's completely reworked mobile phone platform, from 100-level overviews to deep dives into the architecture and 3D gaming to the more “human” topics of interface design and how to make money with Windows Phone . On top of all that, Microsoft packaged the development/design tools along with an emulator into a single installer and made them available to the world on Day 1 to give developers a head start on building apps.

The topics of Day 2’s keynote weren’t the subjects of much advance hype, but they were important in their own way. First was a better look at the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser with its much-improved performance, HTML5 support and downloadable preview. Then came jQuery creator John Resig and the announcement of continuing collaboration with this great JavaScript library. And finally, the Open Data Protocol (OData) , the data sharing protocol built on open protocols.

While the announcements about Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9 and OData were great news, the best news coming out of MIX10 was never stated directly. The happenings at MIX10 made it clear that Microsoft wasn’t just committed to giving its developers great platforms and tools , but also making them available as early as possible and asking for feedback (a great lesson learned from the Windows 7 and Visual Studio betas). They also revealed a new focus on supporting standards and interoperability . The most important news coming out of MIX10 is that there are changes happening at Microsoft, and they’re for the better.

If you have any questions about recent announcements, email me!

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Check out the Canadian MSDN Events & Webcast page for a list of Spring 2010 activities scheduled!

There are numerous events, webcasts, community tours scheduled this spring. Too many to list in our newsletter, so please visit the MSDN Events & Webcasts page for a list of all the local activities scheduled for you!
IT World Real Voices Roundtable: Collaboration: March 26

Join us on Friday, March 26th for a thought-provoking discussion on collaboration. This event is perfect for anyone interested in evaluation collaboration platforms for their business. Every Real Voices attendee will be registered for a chance to win a copy of Windows 7. Register Today! Real stories. Real challenges. Real results’.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Application Development Tour in six cities

SharePoint 2010 allows you to build web sites, manage lists of data, collaborate on documents, and so much more — all done through a simple, easy to use, web interface. When you need to go beyond the native capabilities of the product, SharePoint 2010 provides the APIs and Visual Studio 2010 provides the tools that allow you to quickly and easily add customizations. Whether you’re new to SharePoint development or a seasoned veteran, this session is for you. Register now for this free event in one of the six cities near you.
Ottawa IT Day

The event formerly known as Ottawa Code Camp takes place on Saturday, April 17th at Algonquin College. The plan for this year’s event is to have 4 tracks organized by who you are: “I’m a developer”, “I’m an IT pro”, “I’m a database guy” and “I want to see an application end to end”. Learn more .
EnergizeIT 2010: Anything is possible. Limited seats available. Register now

Windows Azure. Office System 2010. Visual Studio 2010. Windows Mobile. EnergizeIT: From the Client to the Cloud 6 tour dates; 19 EnergizeIT: Community Connection Events, 5 Install Fests for Office 2010, along with EnergizeIT Online Series!  Through a series of Canadian in person events and online web & podcast series, you will have the opportunity to learn how to help reduce capital costs while increasing scalability through Microsoft’s cloud services approach. REGISTER NOW for one or more of the EnergizeIT 2010 events or activities scheduled this spring by visiting the EnergizeIT Program website .
An Intimate and Enlightening View into Microsoft® Expression® Web 3 with Expression Web MVP Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Tues. Apr. 6th, 2010-2pm EST

The session takes you through real-life examples of customer projects and pulls back the curtain on a work process that employs what Morten jokingly refers to as the "Unholy Quatern" - Microsoft's Expression Web 3, Web Platform Installer and Mesh combined with the open-source publishing platform WordPress.  Register now Invitation Code: 0781DA
Toronto Code Camp 2010

Is it the fifth one already? The organizers are aiming high this year, boosting the number of sessions by 60% to a whopping 40 presentations. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, May 1st at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.
The Ultimate Coder Battle Returns! For the web competition!

The FTW (as in “For the Win” or “For the Web”) competition challenges you to write a web application for Windows/IIS or Windows Azure or port an existing one to either of these platforms. We’re offering prizes for the best PHP app on IIS or Azure , the best app in any language running on Windows Azure and the best Open Government app . Submissions must be entered by Monday, May 10th at 8:00 a.m. Eastern and the finalists will duke it out at the Make Web, Not War conference on Thursday, May 27th in Montreal!
Make Web Not War Conference. May 27. Montreal

It’s Microsoft Canada’s cross-platform web development conference showcasing the best tools and technologies for building web sites and applications. Jointly sponsored by Microsoft, PHP Quebec and open source communities across Canada, this conference is about embracing today’s heterogeneous world and bridging the gaps across platforms, communities and developers of all trades and backgrounds.
Prairie Dev Con 2010

We’ve got some great developers in the prairies, and now they’ve got a great developer conference. Prairie Dev Con features 50 sessions in four tracks covering web/rich internet apps, dev foundations
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Must-See MIX10 Videos
The HaaHa Show: Microsoft ASP.NET Security Hijinks with Hanselman and Haack

Windows Phone UI and Design Language with Albert Shum et al.

The Tale of JavaScript. I Mean ECMAScript with Douglas Crockford

In-Depth Look at Internet Explorer 9 with lead program managers

The Elephant in the Room with Nishant Kothary, MIX Online’s creative director

See more...
Straight Outta Beta
ASP.NET MVC 2 RTM: It’s not just a bunch of acronyms slammed together, it’s also a great framework for building sites using the Model-View-Controller pattern! Version 2 adds enhancements to validation on both the client and models, asynchronous controllers, “areas” to neatly break up large applications and other features to help you build web applications faster and better.
Silverlight 4 Release Candidate: Get a head start on developing for the latest version of the rich application platform that spans the PC, web and now the phone!
Expression Blend 4 Beta: Pair it with Visual Studio and you’ve got a system for building applications with beautiful and usable interfaces. Blend 4 has tools for prototyping, building interactive behaviours, special features for development of Silverlight and even generates sample data on the fly. 
Windows Azure Design Patterns: New platforms often mean new design patterns, and Windows Azure is no exception. This webcast looks at design patterns that apply when you use the all the components of the Azure platform: Windows Azure, SQL Azure and the AppFabric and how you can use them to solve specific business problems.
Programming Windows Phone 7 Series: A preview of the new free ebook by Charles Petzold covering both the Silverlight and XNA programming aspects of Windows Phone 7 Series. It’s available in both PDF and XPS formats and comes with source code.
Deploying PHP Applications on SQL Server 2008: This how-to video shows you how to set up a PHP environment, complete with PHP SQL drivers, to run Windows Server 2008 and connect to SQL Server 2008.
Learn By Example
Windows Phone Code Samples: The first of many code samples for developers of Windows Phone. Check out the Mini-Browser, App Bar, Location Service and Accelerometer examples, with more coming soon!
jQuery Code Examples: A little jQuery goes a long way, as you’ll see on this page featuring code and live examples of that code in action!
The F# Samples: Features all sorts of F# examples, from the basics to plain old data crunching to crawling the web, automating Office and DirectX graphics.
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