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Welcome to a More Beautiful Web with Internet Explorer 9 Vol 14-5 | March, 2010
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Today is a historic day; it marks the launch of Internet Explorer 9 !

Since the initial unveiling of IE9, the team has released a total of eight Platform Previews, a Beta, and a Release Candidate. This release cadence reflected the team’s commitment to providing you with early access and to incorporate your feedback during development. The end result is a browser that’s fast, clean, trusted and interoperable.

What’s amazing about IE9 is the work that’s been done around performance. The IE team has done an incredible job ensuring that your sites run super-fast. This is achieved through full hardware acceleration of graphics (like SVG and HTML5 canvas) and text. There’s also a new JavaScript engine in IE9 that interprets, compiles, and executes code in parallel and takes advantage of multiple CPU cores, when available.  By leveraging the power of the whole PC, IE9 enables you to build a new class of web experiences that feel like native applications.

IE9 provides rich, interoperable capabilities for web developers. With broad support for site-ready HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WOFF, ECMAScript 5, geo-location, and more, IE9 ensures that web developers can build applications with the same mark-up that works across browsers. And when things don’t work exactly as planned, we have an updated set of powerful developer tools to provide you with the information you need to trace a problem to its source.

To help celebrate the launch of IE9, we recently announced the Dev Unplugged Contest , which challenges web developers to create addictive gaming experiences and beautiful music experiments with HTML5. I invite you to register for the Dev Unplugged Contest and submit an entry for a chance to win some amazing prizes! Let’s show the rest of the world just how awesome Canadian web developers are!

Start experiencing a more beautiful web today by downloading Internet Explorer 9 from BeautyOfTheWeb.ca . And, please feel free to let me know what you think about IE9 by sending me an email at john.bristowe@microsoft.com or following me on Twitter ( @jbristowe ).

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