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Make Web Not War Vol 14-8 | April, 2011
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It’s a great big heterogeneous world out there! Consider the typical web application, which is coded in at least three languages: HTML for markup, JavaScript on the client side and a third language for the back end, and that’s not counting SQL. It’s likely made up of both proprietary and open source components. It could run on any number of operating systems, living on on-premises servers or in the cloud. It could be accessed from a number of browsers running on all sorts of platforms, from desktops and laptops to phones and slates. And it all works together.

That’s what Make Web Not War is all about: building a web that works together from the wonderful salad bar of technologies at our disposal. It’s a conference that celebrates the mixed-environment, boundary-transcending, cross-platform, you-got-your-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter nature of the web. It brings together developers of all stripes who use all sorts of different tools and technologies to share their knowledge about getting all this stuff to work together, learn from the speakers and experts we’ve invited and get to know each other in a lively setting that’s far more fun than your typical conference.

If you’re interested in the web, interoperability and getting to know web developers from across Canada, you should attend Make Web Not War! This year’s event takes place all day on Saturday, May 7 at Masik Studios in Vancouver. This free event (yes, free!) will feature three tracks: speakers and panelists in the main track, a technical hands-on track for those who like to dive right in and the “lounge” track where you can hang out with other developers, meet the sponsors and see their wares, and play some videogames. The day will conclude with a VIP party.

Don’t procrastinate, interoperate! Sign up for Make Web Not War .

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