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Bing homepage
On the surface, the Bing Home Page may appear similar to others - a single search box as a starting point, surrounded by colorful or currently relevant imagery. But click deeper and you'll discover so much more.
The new Bing homepage The Bing homepage changes daily.
People often don't know about the range of content search engines can fetch for them. The Bing homepage, with its rich imagery, informational hotspots, and clear and prominent links for images, video, news and maps, helps users learn more and choose the best "scope" for their query.

The homepage image for Bing changes daily. Each month you will see a range of beautiful images from Canada and the rest of the world.

Sample Bing homepage hotspot Hover over a hotspot to learn more about the image.
Try it now
Go to and hover over one of the hotspots to learn more about the image of the day.