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Visio 2010

Microsoft® Visio 2010 is a powerful diagramming tool that helps you transform your complex business information into easy-to-understand, dynamic visuals. Whether you're preparing for a presentation, creating an intricate network diagram, or modeling your business processes, Visio 2010 can help you convert your data into vibrant and understandable visuals that can lead to faster and more informed decisions.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Visio 2010:

  • Jumpstart your diagrams with intelligent templates with modern, pre-drawn shapes, symbols, icons, a rich gallery of themes, and a vibrant colour palette.
  • Easier navigation and multi-tasking with the introduction of the familiar 'ribbon interface' that presents features in logical, tasked-based groupings.
  • Draw diagrams faster with improved automatic features like the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, page Auto Size, and automatic layout-and-adjustment capabilities.
  • Keep your diagrams updated in real-time by linking them to familiar data applications like Microsoft® Excel® or SQL Server.
  • Simplify complex diagrams by using Sub-processes and Containers to group related shapes logically for more organized and digestible information.
  • Increase communication and collaboration by easily sharing your refreshable, data-linked diagrams on Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010, where people can see and interact with your real-time information using their web browser, even if they don't have Visio.

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