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Why is Office 2010 great for your Business?

Use Office Anywhere

With Office 2010, your employees can manage business from anywhere, using a PC, smartphone, or browser. With Office 2010, you can review and do minor editing on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote 2010 documents virtually anywhere by using Office Web Apps, from more locations on more devices. Learn more

Bring Ideas to Life

With Office 2010, your team can now easily use familiar Office tools to better express themselves and drive business insights. With the powerful tools in Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint 2010, you can elevate the quality and professionalism of your work and save money by doing it yourself.

Capture your ideas in fewer clicks and leverage a variety of ready-made design templates. Transform any document from simple to sophisticated with easy image and video editing tools, text effects, and dramatic slide transitions, for communications that stand out from the competition. Learn more

Work Better Together

Your business team can collaborate and work together from anywhere, using a PC, smartphone, or browser. The Conversation View, Clean Up, and Ignore features in Outlook 2010 can remove duplicate information and act like a “mute button” for your inbox. MailTips provide notices before a message is sent to protect information leakage or embarrassing mistakes. Warnings can be configured by IT to show alerts such as when a message is addressed to a large distribution list or to recipients outside of the company domain. Learn more

Why Choose Office over "Free" Productivity Solutions?

Only Microsoft Office can offer you a seamless experience across the PC, Phone and Browser. Now you can stay productive and connected from anywhere – the competition can't offer you that. does not include email or calendaring functionality. And Google Apps does not have simple functionality that most business requires like Cut, Copy and Paste.

Over 500 million people use Microsoft Office world wide – and Microsoft Office is compatible with broadly adopted file types so you can easily share documents. Although can read and write to multiple file types, it does not necessarily preserve formatting, calculations, layout or macros - creating rework and making sharing documents with others unreliable.

Google Apps has limits on the types of files it can read and even more restrictions on files it can save. And Google Apps converts what people send you, which means content and layout can be altered permanently. This means more work for you.

There are major differences when it comes to support. OpenOffice.og is built by a community of developers, so you don't get formal technical support, limited online training and help. Whereas Microsoft provides significant resources, help, how-to videos, and online help in addition to technical support from Microsoft and its partners for Genuine Microsoft Office.

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What is Office Activation

The new Volume License activation method in Office 2010 provides customers with flexible choices to meet their IT needs and better manage their licenses—and protect their intellectual property.

  • It's familiar but better. Volume Activation (VA) in Office 2010 builds on Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  • There are Flexible options. There are two VA methods:

Key Management Services (KMS): the preferred method which is self-hosted, self-maintaining, and ideal for most environments.

Multiple Activation Key (MAK): this is machine independent, hosted by Microsoft.

  • VA is for virtual too. Virtual machines count toward the minimum requirement of 5 connected systems (PCs, servers, laptops).
  • Increased privacy and security. All information is private and not used by Microsoft or any other 3rd party enhanced data security

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