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Learn about the Value of Volume Licensing

You want a clear solution that makes it easy to predict costs, limit upfront spending, adapt with changing technology, and grow or contract with the number of PCs you use. If your business anticipates its structure changing, you want to avoid locking into long-term agreements, or you anticipate a changing number of active PCs in a given month/season, Open Value Subscription (OVS) is the best option.

  • Better manage your software costs, with the most inexpensive way to buy licenses today and spread payments over a three-year term
  • Pay only for what you need, with the ability to accommodate changes in PC count on an annual basis
  • Simplify your license management, with a single agreement for all Microsoft licensed product across your organization
  • Customize your desktops, by choosing components from Windows® Desktop Operating System upgrade, the Microsoft® Office system, and Client Access Licenses (CALs)
  • Stay current with Software Assurance (SA), and benefit from SA's New Version Rights, support, training, maintenance services, and more

OVS provides businesses with the most cost-effective way to better manage software costs, simplify license management, and always have the most current version of Microsoft products. It's the simplest way to purchase the latest and greatest technology solutions!

Contact your reseller today to find out more about Open Value Subscription.

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