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I'm Rick Claus, Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada. I work on a team that is tasked with trying to help YOU by providing resources, answering questions and generally trying to set you up for success with Microsoft-based solutions.

How do we know what you need and what we can do to help? Twice a year through something we call "The Global Relationship Study" – we reach out and contact you to see how we're doing and what Microsoft could do better. In fact, another edition of the survey is coming out soon. If you get an email from "Microsoft Feedback" with the subject line "Help Microsoft Focus on Customers and Partners" between September 26th and October 21st, please take a little time to tell us what you think.

One of these areas that came up in the last survey was Security. Whether it's at work or at home, I've been told that it can be hard to make sense of what's important, which updates should be installed and how best to protect your PC. We have a resource center about our Monthly updates listed below – it's something you should check out every second Tuesday of the month. If you prefer to listen to a podcast – I've created one that's easy to listen to and not too technical.

Recently there have been a growing number of Phone Scams from individuals claiming to be from Microsoft asking you about the security of your PC. You should be suspicious of unsolicited calls about security of your systems. Don't give out financial details, visit websites, allow anyone to remote control your system or install software from unsolicited callers. If you feel your system has been compromised or has a computer virus – you can call Microsoft's Security and Virus FREE support line at 1-866-727-2338.

How are we doing? If you ever want to give me or my team some direct feedback, feel free to email me directly at Microsoft Canada IT Pro Feedback, connect with me on LinkedIn or catch me online on twitter at @RicksterCDN.

Security Resources:

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