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Where do you get your “In Person” fix? Vol 13-13 | June, 2011
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My team is in the midst of our planning cycle right now and a question came up that has me scratching my head. “What conferences or face to face activities do technical professionals in Canada attend in order to get training and keep up to date on what’s out there?”  Times have changed — there used to be a lot of conferences and activities years ago — but what about now?

Developers / entrepreneurs / startups have the {fill-in-your-name}camp activities (DemoCamp, Code Camp etc). When I used to work for various consulting companies — we had internal lunch and learn and team knowledge building activities on a regular basis. We’ve recently done a bunch of community activities for the Virtualization Reality tour with any community group that wanted to have us out.

There has to be more out there.

I thought I’d take of this edition of the newsletter to ask you directly: “ What conferences or face to face activities do YOU attend in order to get skills training and keep up to date on what’s happening in your industry? ” Send me an  email  with your response — or comment on the blog article . I’ll write up a summary of all the responses from across Canada for all to see.

Note: I didn’t call out TechDays on purpose. We will be sharing our plans for TechDays this year in the next issue of TechNet eNews — but who else is doing things?

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News in a Flash

Enhancing Your Business and Career with the Private Cloud Live on MVA

The IT Pro Marketing and Evangelism team are pleased to announce the release of a new course to the Microsoft Virtual Academy. This course is aimed at helping IT Pro’s understand how the private cloud can benefit both their business and their career. This course covers the cloud business drivers and business processes as well as looking at how to extend this business level information to the technical level. The course also covers how to extend a private cloud to the outside world and how that resulting hybrid cloud will benefit both their organization and career.
Windows Thin PC RTMs

Windows Thin PC has been released to manufacturing (RTM), and will be available for our SA customers to download starting July 1, 2011. Microsoft Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) enables customers to repurpose existing PCs as thin clients by providing a smaller footprint, locked-down version of Windows 7.
TechNet Radio: A Preview of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012

In this episode, John Baker interviews Michael Niehaus, Senior Software Development Engineer for the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Tune in as they discuss its evolution, how it compares to WDS and System Center Configuration Manager, as well as giving us a little preview of the MDT 2012
Security Intelligence Report Volume 10

Microsoft has released the latest Security Intelligence Report (SIR v10). Volume 10 uncovers evolving threat landscape trend information from more than 600 million systems worldwide, focusing on the second half of 2010. In addition, there are 117 global threat assessments, which help make SIR v10 the most comprehensive compilation of malware information in the world.
MMPC Threat Report: Cracking Open Qakbot

This Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) threat report provides an overview of the Win32/Qakbot (Qakbot) family of malware. Qakbot is a malware family whose primary objective is to steal data from computers in corporate environments. This report examines the background and functionality of Qakbot, and provides telemetry data and analysis from January 2009 until April 2011.

Community Events and webcasts

The Annual Ottawa IT Community Social Night

With summer almost officially upon us, our organisations are teaming up to host the annual Ottawa IT Community Social Night, honouring the partners and members that helped to make 2010/2011 another great season for developers, IT pros and DBAs.  Again, we have a new format, and the celebrations will include free food, competition and prizes.
Toronto SSIS Workshop-July 12-14

During this 3 day course, you will learn how to use SSIS 2005 or 2008 in your enterprise. This class takes you from the ground-up, teaching you the fundamental skills you need to develop and deploy SSIS solutions and present this new data to your end users. This class is presented in SQL Server 2008 but is appropriate for those using SQL 2005 as well. Some of the topics covered in this class are: How to make your SSIS packages dynamic, how to create a package for looping, how to load a Data Warehouse, performance tuning, deploying and administration, and migrating from DTS.
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