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Launch of Office 365: Threat or Strategic Bet? Vol 13-14 | July, 2011
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As Technical Professionals, we have a lot on our plates every day. Keeping the lights on for the main line of business apps our users depend on takes time. Configuring, patching, monitoring, sizing, managing - it all takes cycles. Top that off with maintenance and procurement/upgrades of hardware.  With the launch of world class servers in the cloud with Office365 — you can view this as either a “Threat” or “Strategic Bet”.

If you currently reside in the “Threat” camp — it’s time to move past your concerns and educate yourself on the realities and opportunities. Things are changing and we have to be knowledgeable about the risks AND the benefits for going with a Software as a Service solution for the modern workplace in order to figure out how it fits into YOUR environment. Companies as small as individuals and up to multiple thousands can find a fit for Office365 at a price point that makes sense . Don’t worry — this isn’t about you being replaced — only a portion of the nasty routine stuff you probably don’t like to do anyways has the opportunity to be delegated out to the online provider.   

If you’ve migrated over to the “Strategic Bet” camp — welcome to the modern world! You are going to have a chunk of more time you can spend providing more Proactive services to your clients / users and making yourself look like a superstar.

If you haven’t already — sign up for a trial of Office365 to see what it’s all about. It’s not that scary — trust me.

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News in a Flash

Windows 7 Deployment Learning Portal Giveaway

Be one of the first fifty people to complete any one of the eleven eligible Deployment Learning Portal module assessments and receive a Windows Deployment Kit book (estimated retail price: $70). Designed to help you identify the strengths and gaps in your knowledge around Windows 7 deployment, the portal provides some targeted learning to help you reach the top of your game. This special offer ends on July 31, 2011 so register or log in today !
Microsoft System Center 2012: Taking Systems Management to the Cloud

The System Center 2012 suite will take a comprehensive, integrated approach to infrastructure management, monitoring and optimization. Learn more here .
Windows Home Server 2011 Windows Phone 7 Connector Release Candidate

The Windows Home Server team announced the release candidate of the Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Integrating Windows Phone 7 with your WHS 2011 Server). The purpose of this add-in is to enable remote server management tasks and relay media streams for WHS 2011.
New Resource Center: Best Practices for SharePoint Server 2010

Learn how to keep your SharePoint Server 2010 environment available and performing well by following best practices based on real-world experience.
Security Intelligence Report Volume 10

Microsoft has released the latest Security Intelligence Report (SIR v10). Volume 10 uncovers evolving threat landscape trend information from more than 600 million systems worldwide, focusing on the second half of 2010. In addition, there are 117 global threat assessments, which help make SIR v10 the most comprehensive compilation of malware information in the world.
Are You And Your Customer’s Using Firefox 4.0?

Firefox 5.0 was released recently. At the same time, corporate IT managers such as John Walicki from IBM have already expressed serious concerns about how the retirement of Firefox 4 will seriously impact enterprises if Firefox 4 vulnerability patches are not available. Asa Dotzler, a lead evangelist from Firefox, expressed on a blog post and commented that “Enterprise has never been (and I’ll argue, shouldn’t be) a focus of ours.” Microsoft’s IE blog and Ari Bixhorn’s blog from June 23 responds directly to a customer unhappy about Mozilla’s new release schedule and their support approach for Firefox.

Featured Article by Sean Kearney

The Hammer of Thor, the Lightening of Zeus, None compares to Windows Powershell! It can CLOSE MY OPEN FILES!

Hi, I’m Sean. I’m an ITPro and about three years ago (and you can’t tell my wife this) I began my affair with Windows Powershell.   As you can tell from my background (and forget all the silly letters) I really just consider myself a true blue, grease under my fingers, crimpers in my pocket, screwdriver in my mouth, TECH. A few months back somebody asked on TechNet Talk Radio if Powershell could close files.   It might be able to do this but somebody else already wrote a great utility that already does this.  It’s called HANDLE.EXE from Sysinternals   The STRENGTH of this application is that it works well and can’t accidentally close all the files on the server. The weakness is that I cannot easily (out of the box) automate it. Or can I? Read the rest of the article here .
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