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Welcome to the backroom. Don’t touch anything.

Because despite what you’ve heard, you can keep your current hardware and still get all the advantages of VoIP using software. Hang on to your legacy routers, gateways, the PBX, even your phones - and let software evolve your telephony to the future of communications.

Our software-based VoIP solution integrates with Active Directory, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, and your PBX. It gives your company the enterprise instant messaging, VoIP, and conferencing solutions it needs without creating a lot of unnecessary complexity for your IT department. It's big change, without changing it all.

Take a look around to learn how our software-based VoIP solution can benefit your company.

And if you know Dan Wilson, please stop by and say hello. Actually, if you don’t know him, visit him anyway - he’s been sitting on that PBX for a long time.


Software-based VoIP is the next generation of voice communications. And that's a good thing for you and your end users. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 manages all your real-time communications including: instant messaging (IM), VoIP, audio and video conferencing. It also powers presence which unites all the contact information in Active Directory with the ways people communicate. Users will see-at-a-glance if someone is available and contact them with a single click using IM, a phone call or audio/video conference.

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office applications, letting you deliver VoIP, presence, enterprise IM, and web conferencing with your existing PBX. It provides tools that integrates into whatever applications people are using, at their desks or on the road. Now users can easily find and connect with one another across different locations and time zones using the communication method that works best for them.

By extending your PBX infrastructure with scalable software-based VoIP, you can enable your platform to adapt to ongoing communications innovations and changing business needs. It's all part of Microsoft’s unified communications solution.

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Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 delivers new functionality that can improve your business processes and potentially reduce costs. It’s as simple as the difference between using IM to talk versus a long distance toll call, and that’s just one.

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You can confidently transition to unified voice, conferencing, IM, presence, and collaboration without worrying about a reduction in quality. Our software delivers superior voice quality than the single purpose IP phone. Eliminate the need to purchase expensive phones and integrate voice communication with PCs.

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One man will take the ultimate stand to prevent his telephony hardware from being prematurely ripped and replaced. Follow Dan Wilson’s journey from a quiet IT guy to PBX Sitter, a legend of corporate dissent.

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