Unleash a more beautiful web

As amazing as the web is, its potential is immeasurably greater. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let that potential shine through.

Fast is now beautiful

Upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 and experience the web as it should be – faster and more beautiful than ever before. Unlike other browsers, Internet Explorer 9 is architected to tap into the full power your hardware has to offer, making your web browsing experience truly fast.

With Internet Explorer 9, HD video is smoother, colors truer, graphics clearer, and websites more responsive. With HTML5 support and our new JavaScript engine, the web now performs as fast as an application installed directly on your computer.

Internet Explorer 9 radically improves the browsing experience. It's not just faster and richer. We've also added efficiency with one-click access to the sites you've pinned, jump lists, and more. Internet Explorer 9 also offers tracking protection, so you can identify and block many forms of undesired tracking of online activity, and much more.