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Posted: 12/20/2011
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Razi Healthcare Private Limited Healthcare Solution Deploys Standard Clinical Practices, Brings Accountability and Efficiency

Ushers in Affordability and Accessibility in Family Care with Accurate, Quality Medical Care

Razi Clinics transforms the primary healthcare space by merging quality with affordability. To increase the efficiency of its clinics and optimize services, it partnered with Seed Healthcare Solutions to deploy PALASH™ Clinical Information Management System. Built on the Microsoft platform, PALASH gives doctors access to all medical records and guidelines for clinical protocols. Razi Clinics has benefited from optimized service quality, reduced patient wait time, and ensured diagnosis that is more accurate. At the same time, clinical protocols guarantee standard clinical practices and contribute towards increased accountability of physicians. The system also allows the management to track their doctors’ performance. It also recommends pathological tests and investigations only when required.

* Integrating and institutionalizing outpatient clinical protocols at a primary care level with an electronic medical record has helped to achieve clinical standardization across a chain of family clinics. *

Dr. Sachin Ganorkar
Senior Leader - Clinical Quality
Razi Healthcare


Established in 2009, Razi Clinics, India’s first chain of primary clinics, is the operating arm of Razi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. With a focus on affordable, quality healthcare for the masses, it strongly advocates the concept of "Your family clinic and your family doctor".

Funded by Singapore-based Richard Chandler Corporation, its unique advantage is convenience and quality. A patient can consult with a doctor, get relevant diagnostic tests done, as well as pick up the prescription at the pharmacy. Minor procedures and services add further value and convenience.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Razi is rapidly expanding its network of primary healthcare clinics. With 50 clinics in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, it aims to grow to 200 clinics by December 2012. It will then focus on a pan-India expansion. Today it employs 250 skilled and trained doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and administrative staff.

Initially, Razi launched the clinics with standalone applications for clinical requirements and commercial operations such as billing, inventory, and pharmacy management.

This led to problems in data entry and security, as well as time management. For instance, Tally, an accounting solution, did not have an interface with existing proprietary solutions. This required additional workers to consolidate reports and analyze them. The stock availability and management in pharmacy were also not thorough enough.

The biggest challenge, however, was standardizing clinical protocols. Razi wanted to outline standard practices, treatments, and prescriptions across its clinics.

Razi wanted to enhance the productivity and efficiency of its clinics, and bring quality and continual improvement in patient care. “We, at Razi Clinics looked for options to deliver more efficient, effective, and economical services,” says Dr. Sachin Ganorkar, Senior Leader - Clinical Quality, Razi Clinics.

* The clinical information management application offers innumerable time- and cost-saving features. It helps the physician retrieve patient medical records and make decisions for immediate treatments. *

Dr. Sachin Ganorkar
Senior Leader - Clinical Quality
Razi Healthcare


Razi decided to partner with Seed Healthcare Solutions (SHS) to deploy the Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) called PALASH™. Dr. Sachin Ganorkar says, “PALASH is an easily customizable and configurable, browser-based application, with a service oriented architecture. It is also user friendly.”

The intricate modules of CIMS have been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C#, Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows Communication Foundation, Silverlight 4.0, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, along with its business intelligence reporting capabilities.

SHS has strong domain expertise in the healthcare industry. It took 10 months to deploy the solution. SHS customized the solution to develop an interface with Tally 9i to display a daily financial summary. PALASH CIMS has a specific functionality to define SMS / email templates and configure these templates with workflows.

A third-party pathology laboratory interface imports patients’ reports in CIMS. These are stored along with the patient histories for easy access.

Beta testing was successful and the solution went live in May 2011. SHS deployed it for five users at 10 clinics and at the head office in Hyderabad. Currently the solution is hosted at the head office but it plans to move the solution to the cloud in the next 3 months. Dr. Sachin continues, “The cloud based solution will lower our capital expenditure. Also, as we go pan-India, we see our operating costs reduce significantly.”

Razi Clinics uses all the modules from patient registration to payroll, billing, accounts, labs, reports, and administration. Patients can register online or at the clinic.

A central database captures the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). EMR encapsulates all the clinical details, medications, and prescribed investigations in an electronic file, retained for future reference, easy access, and accurate treatment.

SHS integrated the clinical protocols in collaboration with Milliman, a clinical protocols specialist. “Implemented in India for the first time, our clinics follow internationally recognized, evidence-based clinical protocols and efficient practices,” explains Dr. Sachin Ganorkar.

EMR not only holds patient records but also gives physicians a list of appointments, enables online ordering of investigations, procedures, drugs, and consumables.

The data synchronizes the activities of clinics and the head office, and delivers analyses and reports to the management.

Reports can be exported to Microsoft Office Excel, Word, or PDF. These are sent to external specialist doctors for reference and review.

In future, Razi intends to integrate smart cards with USB. This will capture all personal information and patient history such as diagnosis, procedures, scans, reports, etc.

* Doctors are accountable to patients for clinical performance assessments and for taking remedial actions, not only at point of care but even later. This ensures the patient’s safety and also improves a clinic’s credentials *

Dr. Sachin Ganorkar
Senior Leader - Clinical Quality
Razi Healthcare


PALASH clinical information management solution (CIMS) helps manage activities efficiently and effectively. “The web interface helps decrease back-office operations, bringing down operating costs,” says Dr. Sachin.

Efficient Patient Care

Razi believes in offering the best-in-class healthcare services to establish a strong bond and trust between its doctors and patients. Dr. Sachin emphasizes “streamlined clinical processes and operations enhance customer experience.” For instance, based on predefined execution time, services such as appointments, consultations, tests, and investigations are optimized.

He continues, “We have seen an increase in patient satisfaction because of our clinical practices and regular follow-ups as per global guidelines. We have decreased patient wait time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.”

Optimum Inventory Management

With defined workflows and procurement, along with dispensing of medicines at the on-premise pharmacy, there is optimal inventory management. Doctors can check availability of medicines and brands before creating prescriptions.

Consistent, Accountable Patient Care

PALASH CIMS has integrated with Milliman Protocol Guidelines to ensure that physicians follow the standard EMR template to record patient history, previous prescriptions, and chief complaints. The protocol then outlines the ideal course of treatment, appropriate investigations, and interventions in a logical sequence.

The solution tracks how a doctor treats a patient and follows through until the patient is better. This brings greater accountability and consistent care across locations and doctors. “Doctors are accountable to patients for clinical performance assessments and for taking remedial actions, not only at point of care but even later,” says Dr. Sachin Ganorkar. “This ensures the patient’s safety and also improves the clinic’s credentials.”

Performance of doctors and technicians is measured by assessing compliance with evidence-based treatment guidelines. It ensures that all patients receive the same standard of medical services, irrespective of their location and/or socio-economic strata. Moreover, if a patient goes to another Razi Clinic, his medical record is available online and the same treatment continues.

Dr. Sachin Ganorkar concludes, “The clinical information management application offers innumerable time- and cost-saving features. It helps the physician retrieve patient medical records and make decisions for immediate treatments.”

Microsoft Server Product Portfolio

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About SEED Healthcare Solutions

Established in 2006, SEED Healthcare Solutions (SHS) is a software solutions company that provides a highly feasible, easy to use Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) for the healthcare industry. It has a renowned presence in serving various specialties in the medical field like orthopedics, ENT, cardiology, gynecology and maternity homes, diabetes clinics, dental clinics, as well as general hospitals. SEED works closely with its clients as their partners to improve their effectiveness and efficiency through IT enablement in the hospital set-up.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 250 employees

Organization Profile

Hyderabad based Razi Healthcare aims to provide affordable medical care. It has 50 clinics across Andhra Pradesh. And plans to expand Razi Clinics across the country.

Business Situation

With 50 clinics in south India, and many more planned in near future, Razi Clinics wanted to deploy a solution that would standardize clinical practices, ensure consistency in medical treatment across its clinics.


Razi Clinics deployed PALASH™ Clinical Information Management Solution to bring standard clinical protocols across all locations. The solution is built using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework.


  • Efficient patient care
  • Optimum inventory management
  • Consistent, accountable patient care

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

Vertical Industries


Business Need
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Business Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Cost Containment
  • Data Management


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