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Posted: 3/21/2012
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New Signature IT Solution Provider Boosts Revenue by 50 Percent with Cloud-Based PC Management

To provide efficient, financially flexible desktop management services for customers, New Signature added Windows Intune, a cloud-based PC management solution from Microsoft, to its portfolio of solutions. Freed from maintaining physical infrastructure to provide PC management, New Signature increased its profit margins by 25 percent and its revenue by 50 percent. With more satisfied customers, the firm has solidified its reputation for creative IT solutions.

Business Needs
New Signature provides managed IT services for organizations with limited IT budgets. Its 60 consultants build a loyal clientele through creative IT solutions and excellent customer service. New Signature is a Microsoft partner with seven Gold competencies and is both a Cloud Accelerate Partner and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

Providing desktop management services is a key element of New Signature managed services, which required a significant investment in infrastructure and support services. “We had to deploy different components to a customer’s site, supplying the infrastructure, the licensing, and the labor to maintain desktop environments and provide remote support,” says Christopher Hertz, Chief Executive Officer at New Signature. “Our managed services fee is a flat monthly rate, so we are interested in reducing the cost of purchasing and managing infrastructure and passing the savings along to our customers. We differentiate ourselves through superior customer care, so we are always looking for ways to provide more value-added services for the same amount of money.”

Many customers had a desktop management tool in place for headquarters but experienced difficulty managing and securing computers used by mobile workers or staff at branch offices. Others wanted the IT management efficiencies that come from standardizing the desktop on a single operating system. Some customers wanted help with desktop configuration and better insight into their computers’ health, without investing in an enterprise configuration management solution.

“To build our business and reduce sales cycles, we wanted to provide a quick solution to these issues,” says Hertz. “We needed an alternative to simply adding more infrastructure to help our customers to manage hard-to-reach endpoints and gain visibility into their desktops.”

* As Windows Intune evolves, it builds trust among our customers, who know that we provide products and services with long-term viability. That’s good for business. 
Christopher Hertz
Chief Executive Officer, New Signature
When Microsoft released its cloud-based desktop management service, Windows Intune, New Signature found the tool it needed to help satisfy customers looking for a financially flexible solution that combines software distribution, Microsoft software update services, endpoint protection, remote assistance, and software and hardware inventory tracking with upgrade rights to the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. To deliver Windows Intune desktop management services, New Signature IT professionals can use the same Windows Intune web-based Administration console for all its managed services customers. All that is needed is an Internet connection, the Windows Intune client software installed on each PC, and a browser enabled with Microsoft Silverlight.

When New Signature began talking to its customers about Windows Intune in 2011, the company discovered it was an easy sell for all segments of its market. For businesses with few IT staffers, New Signature can sell Windows Intune licenses to help IT expand their desktop management capabilities. The option to upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise is a powerful incentive for customers who want to standardize their desktops. The product appeals to larger organizations that want both the software distribution feature and a simple way to manage desktops outside of the corporate domain, and it appeals to organizations without a budget for on-premises infrastructure that want more value for their money when subscribing to New Signature managed services.

“Windows Intune created huge opportunities for us in our managed services role to remove infrastructure that we had to deliver, manage, and maintain,” says Hertz. ”For larger customers, we ask about their pain points, and then we introduce Windows Intune. It has something for everyone with lots of benefits: it’s available via subscription, there’s no infrastructure to maintain, and it’s easy to use.”

By adding Windows Intune to its roster of services, New Signature has reduced the cost of doing business, improved customer service, increased revenue, and cemented its reputation for innovation.

Increases Profit Margin by 25 Percent
Because Windows Intune requires only an Internet connection to provide desktop management services, New Signature is providing more value for its managed services customers at less cost. “Windows Intune drives up our profit margins—by 25 percent year over year,” says Hertz. “And the cost of doing business doesn’t increase as we add customers because we can do everything remotely.”

Improves Customer Service
Today, New Signature consultants are spending less time on routine infrastructure maintenance and more time on value-added services for customers. “With Windows Intune, we can provide better value for money, increasing customer satisfaction,” says Hertz. “Those hours we spent maintaining our previous tools can be devoted to work with immediate business value.”

Increases Revenue by 50 Percent
New Signature is taking advantage of the growing momentum of cloud computing to increase revenue with new and existing customers. “People are excited about the flexibility and scalability they get with Windows Intune,” says Hertz. “We are converting more leads to opportunities and more opportunities to wins in the managed services space. Our revenues have gone up 50 percent year over year. We are taking on more clients more rapidly and bringing new PCs into our managed environment 30 percent more quickly so we can scale our business to meet growing demand anywhere the Internet reaches.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 60 employees

Partner Profile
Founded in 2003, New Signature is an IT consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., that has provided creative IT solutions for more than 200 businesses.

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IT Services

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  • Corporate Software Licensing
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  • Identity, Security and Access Management
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