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Posted: 2/6/2013
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Web-Translations Translation Firm Increases Flexibility and Improves Cashflow with Cloud Solution

Web-Translations is a translation and localisation company with a small, office-based team. With a wide customer base covering all sectors, the needs of each client vary significantly. It has adapted to meet these requirements by building a global network of specialised remote workers. With Microsoft Office 365, the firm has improved cashflow, gained a reliable email system, and is helping employees work more flexibly.

Business Needs

Based in Leeds, the Web-Translations team also has workers in the south of England and Madrid, as well as dynamic teams of linguists and developers based around the world. To ensure future growth, the company needed a solution that supported multiple, geographically dispersed locations.

The existing Microsoft Exchange Server setup at Web-Translations was no longer agile enough to meet the changing demands of the business, and the hardware required constant maintenance, all of which took up valuable employee time. With no in-house IT specialists, supporting out-of-date hardware was an expensive exercise and the firm often experienced extended periods of downtime. Web-Translations required a reliable system that could support its employees in communicating more effectively, helping them provide a better service to customers.


As the regular provider of IT support to Web-Translations, Octari recommended a move to Microsoft Exchange Online, which is included as part of Microsoft Office 365. The migration would benefit the company by improving reliability, particularly of email and other communications—a vital part of the firm’s day-to-day operations.

With offices in Leeds and York, Microsoft Gold Midmarket Solution Provider Octari specialises in IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It used its expertise to help Web-Translations migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online in just one weekend, transferring existing messages and making email archives readily available.

In addition to using Exchange Online, Web-Translations recently started to take advantage of another part of the Office 365 suite: Microsoft Lync Online. This gives employees in various geographical locations the ability to hold virtual meetings, saving time and cutting travel costs.


Microsoft Office 365 has proved to be the ideal solution for Web-Translations. It supports the company’s ethos of working in the cloud, gives employees access to the latest enterprise-grade applications, and is flexible enough to support growth.

Advanced email system. Thanks to Microsoft Exchange Online, Web-Translations has an advanced, professional email system that improves communication between staff, clients, and suppliers—wherever they are in the world. Employees can now also access the network from smartphones and other mobile devices, for a seamless and fully integrated user experience.

Increased reliability. Office 365 is delivered from a global network of state-of-the-art data centres protected by multiple levels of security. This makes it more reliable than an on-site version because no email backup is required. Emails are stored in resilient data centres, with high levels of security and energy efficiency, and supported by a 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee.

Improved security. A strict privacy policy and superior virus protection safeguard the firm’s data, giving it peace of mind.

More flexibility for employees. In addition to supporting the current needs of the business, Office 365 makes important provision for the future of Web-Translations, making it easy to add users and adjust settings as the company grows. Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director, Web-Translations, says: “An added bonus of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 is that it makes it easy for us to grow and add users—whether they’re permanent employees or temporary workers on a specific project.”

Increased storage capacity. Exchange Online gives each user a 25-gigabyte mailbox, meaning that email messages of up to 25 megabytes can be sent—ideal for delivery of large design files to clients.

Easier on cashflow. Cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office 365 are great for small businesses, because there are no major upfront costs—payment is made by a predictable monthly fee instead. This helps ease cashflow, compared to the expensive traditional method of buying software and hardware upfront.

Better mobile working. The Microsoft Outlook Web App ensures secure and consistent access to the information employees need, from any location and on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices. This works especially well for Web-Translations, which has adopted a bring-your-own-device policy to encourage staff to work flexibly.

Online conferencing facility. Office 365 includes Microsoft Lync 2010, which gives users access to instant messaging or voice and video links over the Internet. By integrating availability information with communications, it provides a great way for employees to stay in touch without using email. Rajkumar says: “We’re using Microsoft Lync 2010 for most of our day-to-day communications—both internally and with customers. Virtual meetings are much easier to arrange, and we can resolve queries or update clients on the progress of their projects efficiently. It’s the level of service and communication that clients now expect.”

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Organization Size: 10 employees

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Web-Translations specialises in website translation and localisation, and works with clients in all sectors, including finance and ecommerce.

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