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Posted: 2/27/2013
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Schuuring European Firm Improves Customer Relations with Backend System Connections

Schuuring in The Netherlands was expected to work with several of their own and their customers’ line-of-business systems during digital network installations projects. Microsoft partner, Motion10 advises and supports the setup of the advanced “Schuuring Digital Portal”, a Business-Critical SharePoint solution, enabling backend system connectivity on the SharePoint platform and improving communication and productivity among all of their stakeholders.

Business Needs

One of the largest providers of digital network installations in The Netherlands, Schuuring, builds a wide range of networks and connects many towns to fiber optic cables every year. Jacco Schonewille, an interim IT manager at Schuuring comments on the large growth that the company has made in recent years: “Our densely populated country contains a vast underground network of cables and conduits transporting data. Investors see the opportunities in a digitalizing society and in recent years invested heavily in networks. … Schuuring employs 600 people and has a flexible buffer of about 1,000 freelance workers.”

* SharePoint is a business-critical platform for our organization. *

Jacco Schonewille
Interim IT Manager, Schuuring

Complex and Time-Sensitive Processes

Digital networks are part of a complex information infrastructure. Building them is a unique process within which every detail needs to be considered. Have the suppliers been properly informed? Have applications for licences been submitted in time? Have the users been notified? It’s all about smart and efficient collaboration, and long-term relationships with the principals and customers.

Disparate Information Systems

Schuuring uses several enterprise applications serving various business needs and departments: Baan Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for company information, Prinsys personnel information system for human resources (HR), and KIM as a workflow system. In addition, Schuuring uses .NET technology for tailor-made systems and Kentico as Content Management System.

The challenge with these disparate systems has been that, while they have been working well for the teams they primarily support, an integration gap became apparent when different employees and freelance engineers needed to claim submissions and working hours. For example, they registered submissions on paper, via phone calls, or e-mail. Then the manager, the director, and the finance department had to approve them. The finance department entered the information into the Baan ERP system, while they simultaneously needed information from Prinsys. This was a slower and less accurate process than what they hoped for. What added to the complexity was that many of Schuuring’s customers asked them to work with their systems during execution. In the past, they were confronted with situations where they had to enter the same data in the customer’s system as well as in their own.

Digital network cables
Digital network cables

Business-Critical SharePoint

To be able to properly supervise operations and facilitate the collaboration between all parties, Schuuring selected Motion10, a Microsoft partner, to implement a Business-Critical SharePoint solution called Schuuring Digital Portal. Integration of the backend systems plays a crucial part in this project. Schonewille explained, “Existing systems are being integrated using BizTalk Server, while SharePoint is used to display the information to the end user. This means that SharePoint is a business-critical platform for our organization.”


Simplified View into LOB Systems

SharePoint and BizTalk provide the ability to access information and processes from any location, from different underlying applications in a single user-friendly portal. With the Business-Critical SharePoint solution, employees, customers and suppliers can all communicate through an online portal and see personalized information. They can see real-time data and information previously hidden in underlying back-office systems.

* Combining information results in higher efficiency and ensures we can perform even better. *

Jacco Schonewille
Interim IT Manager

Improved Customer Relations

Now when customers ask Schuuring to work with their backend systems during a project, there is no longer a need to enter the data twice. Instead, they can integrate with the customer’s systems. “Combining information results in higher efficiency and ensures we can perform even better. Additionally it improves the relationships with our partners and customers”, added Schonewille.

Increased Cross-Company Productivity

When a group of employees or freelance engineers suddenly need to claim submissions, they can enter a request directly into the system via SharePoint. BizTalk collects the data from Prinsys and the manager and the director receive automated alerts, make an educated decision, and an automated workflow kicks off the submission process. The finance department is up-to-date within minutes and can enter the payment into the Baan ERP system. There is no need to wait for people to return calls or e-mails. Furthermore, managers are able to make better decisions as back-end processes come together in SharePoint and each manager has its own BI Portal.

Secure Access and Control

Bringing in third parties doesn’t mean Schuuring is giving up control. According to Schonewille, “ICT is so crucial in our company, we want to maintain a leading role ourselves. … All our projects will be stored and shared with the customer much more efficiently through the digital portal.”

With the Business-Critical SharePoint solution in place, Schuuring can keep growing, taking on more and larger projects, while keeping the competitive edge. “The online portal brings employees, partners, customers and the community together. … The Schuuring Digital Portal supports the efficient flow of business processes and is a safeguard for successful operations,” adds Schonewille.

Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) is a Microsoft partner programthatincludes top solution and service providers who focus on line-of-business (LOB) integration with SharePoint.

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Solution Overview

Organization Profile

Schuuring is one of the largest providers of digital network installations in The Netherlands.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server

Vertical Industries
Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • Netherlands
  • United States

Business Need
  • Business Critical
  • Team Collaboration
  • Sharepoint Business Critical