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Posted: 10/22/2009
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Fenestrae New Integrated Fax Software Helps Firms Cut Costs, Reduce Paper Consumption

Fenestrae, a provider of messaging solutions, recently announced a fax-router solution to integrate with the unified messaging functionality in Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010. The solution delivers faxes directly to Exchange Server 2010. It supports document retention, enhances privacy regulations and compliance, removes the need for dedicated fax lines, and helps organizations use less paper and fewer supplies.

Business Needs

Fenestrae, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, provides messaging and mobility software products that help enterprises optimize communications with their customers and partners. Based in The Hague, the Netherlands, the company specializes in unified communications solutions for Fortune 100 companies.

* Fenestrae Communication Server integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to provide electronic fax functionality, so customers can reduce their carbon footprint by having paperless fax communications.  *
Fabien van’t Woudt
Product Manager, Unified Communications
Many Fenestrae customers are looking to implement paperless office environments. “To reduce their operating costs and their ‘carbon footprint’ they need to move away from using stand-alone fax machines,” says Fabien van’t Woudt, Product Manager, Unified Communications, Fenestrae. “They want to lower the hardware, long-distance telephone, and maintenance costs for their fax communications, and they want to reduce the number of fax lines they use.”

While Fenestrae customers are increasingly embracing unified communications infrastructures and deploying IP networks, they still need to send and receive fax messages due to compliance requirements. “Customers want paperless environments but need to maintain archived fax records,” states Wim de Koning, CEO, Fenestrae. “They want integrated fax functionality without installing software on employee computers.” To meet these needs, the company developed Fenestrae Fax Router, a fax software solution that integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and the upcoming Exchange Server 2010 messaging environment. More than 10,000 organizations already use previous versions of this solution to send and receive fax and Short Message Service (SMS) messages from e-mail clients and mobile devices.
Many customers plan to upgrade to Exchange Server 2010 while taking advantage of the rich fax experience available from Fenestrae.  “We wanted to enhance our solution to offer an easy-to-implement, hardware-free, and hassle-free solution to deliver faxes as easily as e-mail messages,” Van’t Woudt says.


In early 2009, Fenestrae started developing a new version of Fenestrae Fax Router that would integrate fully with Exchange Server 2010. When the solution is released in November 2009, customers will have inbound fax capabilities integrated with Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging. A related product, Fenestrae Communication Server, handles outbound faxing and SMS messaging in addition to inbound faxing. Fenestrae plans to release a new version of this product, which integrates with Exchange Server 2010, by the end of 2009.

The built-in fax-over-IP connector in Fenestrae Fax Router gives users a software-based solution that can be run virtually or can be embedded on IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems or media servers.

Using Fenestrae Communication Server, workers can initiate a fax by creating an e-mail message in the Microsoft Office Outlook® messaging and collaboration client. Fenestrae Communication Server then works with Exchange Server 2010 to convert that message into a fax, which is sent to the intended IP address. Van’t Woudt says, “The solution integrates completely with Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging, so users can send or receive a fax message from the same inbox that they use for e-mail and voice mail.”

The new Fenestrae Communication Server also integrates with the Active Directory® service, which customers can use to manage user permissions with existing management tools. “This solution takes advantage of Microsoft technologies that our customers are already using,” Van’t Woudt remarks.


Fenestrae Fax Router and Fenestrae Communication Server work with Exchange Server 2010 to give customers enhanced fax capabilities that help lower costs and reduce their environmental impact. The solution also offers enhanced fax-archiving functionality and contributes to easier IT administration.

  • Reduces costs, paper consumption. By moving to an integrated unified communications environment with Exchange Server 2010 and an IP PBX, Fenestrae customers will eliminate the need for fax machines and supplies. “A small organization will easily save more than U.S.$6,000 a year by moving to this solution,” says Van’t Woudt. “That number will be much higher for a large organization. Companies can also save by adding logging and SMS capabilities with this solution.”

In addition, by upgrading to the new version of Fenestrae Communication Server, users will no longer need paper faxes. Van’t Woudt says, “Fenestrae Communications Server integrates with Exchange Server 2010 to provide electronic fax functionality, so customers can reduce their carbon footprint by having paperless fax communications.”

  • Provides integrated fax functionality. With the new Fenestrae Communication Server, customers can have inbound and outbound fax capabilities integrated directly into Exchange Server 2010 and Office Outlook. “Our solution provides great value for an Exchange unified messaging customer by integrating fax into their unified inbox.” says Van’t Woudt. “It also removes the need for dedicated fax lines, so employees can use the same contact number for fax and voice communications.
  • Enhances compliance. The integration of Fenestrae Communication Server with Exchange Server 2010 makes it easier for companies to log and store fax records centrally by using the personal archive and legal hold functions of Exchange Server 2010. “Because customers have a better ability to store and retrieve critical business data, they can improve their compliance capabilities,” Van’t Woudt states. “Every single fax message can be easily retrieved if necessary. And because messages are delivered directly to a mailbox, fax privacy is guaranteed.”
  • Eases IT administration. Because Fenestrae Communication Server works with Active Directory, IT staff can manage users’ inbound routing codes or permissions. Also, IT administrators can easily deploy and manage the solution. “There is no additional fax product to manage, because of the Active Directory integration,” says Van’t Woudt. “The solution works extremely well with Exchange Server 2010.”

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Document published October 2009 
Solution Overview

Organization Size: 100 employees

Partner Profile

Founded in 1990, Fenestrae is a global provider of advanced software-based messaging solutions for corporate and enterprise customers. The company is based in the Netherlands and has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

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  • Fenestrae Fax Router
  • Fenestrae Communication Server

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  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook

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