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Posted: 4/28/2010
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Spy Optic Eyewear Company Easily Adopts and Gains Efficiency with Upgraded Business System

Spy Optic is a California-based company that designs and develops high-quality, high-performing eyewear products for action sports, fashion, music, and entertainment sectors. The company had grown significantly since its start in 1994. To efficiently manage its business, Spy Optic was using Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0. A successful track record with this business management solution made it an easy decision to upgrade when Spy Optic was presented with the opportunity. The rollout was seamless and entailed upgrading 60 computers in just 30 hours. Since completing the upgrade, Spy Optics has realized significant business advantages. Employees have quickly adapted to the new system and are more efficient because of improved integration with the Microsoft Office system and SmartLists. Spy Optic is also strengthening its relationship with Microsoft and is receiving outstanding support.

* With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, our employees are empowered to get the data they need without requesting reports from other departments. *

Jason Johnson, ERP Administrator, Spy Optic
Business Needs

In 1994, a group of action sport and motorsport enthusiasts came together with a mission to make sunglasses better. The group formed Spy Optic and combined cutting-edge technology with savvy marketing to create high-quality and high-performing eyewear products. Today, these products are easily found in sporting goods stores across the United States and Europe.

Spy Optic has experienced significant growth over the past decade. In 2007, the company realized that its existing business management system was hindering its daily workflow. Frequent issues and the resolutions required custom programming work, and employees had to avoid using the system for periods of time. To eliminate these headaches, Spy Optic implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP as a powerful business management solution that bridges the gap between business process automation and the way people like to work.

The company was using Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 when it was presented with an opportunity to participate in a Microsoft early technical adopters program and upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. The company leapt at the chance to upgrade, partly because of the benefits of the first implementation, but also because of new functionality. Jason Johnson, ERP Administrator for Spy Optic, explains, “Built-in features, including general ledger and subledger reconciliation; the HITB report; and the improved security setup, were intriguing to us. We were also interested in the enhanced, integrated e-mail capability.”

Conducting an unobtrusive upgrade and achieving seamless user adoption of the new technology were critical. In addition, Spy Optic needed to maintain system integration with third-party back-office systems used in its European locations.

With assistance from Microsoft, Spy Optic upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 in January 2010. After completing requisite beta testing and user acceptance, the physical upgrade was seamless. Johnson explains, “We upgraded 60 computers in just 30 hours. We started on Friday night and were finished by late Saturday. Since the upgrade, we’ve had no significant issues in system operations.”

Employees across all business operations of Spy Optic use Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. For order management, sales people enter sales orders into the system or customers submit orders through the company’s Web site. These orders are then moved to the warehouse for fulfillment. Warehouse employees pick the order, scan Universal Product Codes (UPCs), and send this data to a third-party shipping software program that creates the shipping label. After the order is shipped, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 automatically creates an invoice.

Spy Optic also uses Microsoft Dynamics GP for accounting, inventory management, and purchasing. For example, the customer service department uses the Returns Management feature to facilitate inventory processing in relation to returned goods, while the accounting department uses the business management system for accounts payable and receivables. Employees also make use of new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 such as one-click access to e-mail from within Microsoft Dynamics GP and SmartLists.

Several custom integration points facilitate the exchange of purchasing and sales data between Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and the business management systems used in Spy Optic’s European operations. Information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which the company uses to track communications with customers, pushes data into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 through a custom solution. This flow of data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Microsoft Dynamics GP gives Spy Optic the ability to provide field sales personnel with a single portal to track their customer touches and support them with customized sales data they can use during customer interactions. In addition, Spy Optic has developed a custom integration to move purchase order data from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the solution used by Spy Optic’s manufacturer in Italy.

Spy Optic enjoys many advantages from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Employees have quickly and easily begun using the new system and are saving time with innovative features and enhanced insight. Spy Optic also is building stronger relationships with Microsoft and receiving unparalleled support.

Upgrade Quickly and Adopt Immediately
When upgrading a critical software system, businesses sometimes lose productivity because of slow user acceptance. For the Spy Optic team, moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has been a smooth, rapid transition.

“Part of our implementation strategy was to make sure all users had access to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 before it was put into production. During the process, our users always commented on how similar the new software is to what they are familiar with,” explains Johnson. “Today, our employees are learning new features, such as using role-based forms. And, productivity remains high because they don’t have to learn a whole new system.”

Save Time and Enable Employee Efficiency
Sharing documents with customers, such as invoices, customer statements, and packing lists, once required several steps. Employees would save a copy of the document to their desktop, create an e-mail message, attach the document, and then send. Today, employees just click a button while working in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to automatically generate an e-mail that has the associated document attached.

Similarly, when the company needed to notify customers of an upcoming company name change (from Spy Optic to Orange 21 North America), the process was a snap. Employees simply created the letters in Microsoft Office Word and drew customer mailing information directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Improved access to business intelligence is also contributing to employee productivity. Johnson explains, “With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, our employees are empowered to get the data they need without requesting reports from other departments.”

Experience High-Quality Support and Develop Valuable Relationships
At Spy Optic, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 runs reliably and almost without issues. However, when concerns do arise, the company benefits from the high level of Microsoft support that is available.

“Ninety-nine percent of our experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has been without flaw. But for the few items that have required resolution, we’ve always been able to find a documented fix very quickly,” states Johnson. “The Microsoft support team has been awesome. I have the ability to contact people who have direct support from developers and have been able to build some great relationships with the Microsoft team.”
Solution Overview

Organization Size: 320 employees

Organization Profile

Spy Optic designs, develops and sells premium eyewear products for the youth lifestyle market within action sports, fashion, music, and entertainment sectors.

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Vertical Industries
Consumer Goods

United States

Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

IT Issue
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)