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Posted: 11/1/2009
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Community Energy Plus Energy Firm Saves More than 3,500 Staff Hours Annually with Microsoft® Office 2010

* Yes, Office 2010 saves us time. But the benefits extend far beyond that. We’re working better together, delivering projects faster, and working more closely on new and existing projects. *

Tim Jones
Deputy Director
Community Energy Plus

Launched in 1997, Community Energy Plus strives to drive awareness and implementation of renewable energy and resources efficiency practices across the UK by working with local businesses and community organizations.

Finding ways to conserve energy is critical to the s

uccess of Community Energy Plus—and this guiding principle applies to not only helping clients better manage resource consumption, but also to increasing the efficiency of the company’s internal operations.

When Community Energy Plus turned to Microsoft® Office 2010, they found a suite of tools that aligned with their vision, helping employees work better together and get more done in less time.

Business Needs

Because the company’s 30 employees each had their own method of storing files and documents, they found it difficult—and time-consuming—to locate and consolidate all of the information they needed about a client or project in order to create proposals. In addition, employees lacked an efficient way to work together on documents at the same time, resulting in delays that impacted project completion.

Simply printing and reviewing documents required multiple clicks through menus and sub-options that hampered productivity, and employees found that having to print several test runs to ensure accurate formatting of client-facing documents was an inefficient and frustrating process.

Community Energy Plus managers knew they needed to streamline everyday tasks so employees could work more efficiently and effectively, and accelerate solution deployment to their growing client base.


By deploying Office 2010, the company was able to simplify everyday tasks and streamline workflow. With tools that enable users to store project-related files in one, easy-to-access location, employees were able to grasp a holistic view of all of the information they needed to create and deliver client proposals faster than ever. And new co-authoring tools allow users to work concurrently on documents, enabling them to boost collaboration and complete business-critical projects in less time.

Plus, with an improved interface that reduces formatting and printing steps down to a few clicks, Community Energy Plus employees can save time and devote more energy to creating innovative client solutions.

As Tim Jones, deputy director of Community Energy Plus, points out, “Yes, Office 2010 saves us time. But the benefits extend far beyond that. We’re working better together, delivering projects faster, and working more closely on new and existing projects.”


Capturing Better Information, Faster

OneNote® 2010 includes new and improved features that help users find the information they need faster than ever. Enhanced search capabilities help users locate important files and documents quickly and easily—displaying pertinent information as users type in a key search phrase in the search navigation pane.

Users can utilize Quick Filing to send emails and document content to OneNote, and Linked Notes automatically captures links to the Web URL or source documents that users refer to when capturing information in their OneNote notebook. Combined, these tools enable users to store and retrieve client- and project-related records in a single, easy-to-access location.

“We can use OneNote to pull together different strands of information for a project—Web site URLS, browsing history, ideas and notes—and create and deliver projects faster than ever before,” says Ken Shaw, deputy director of Community Energy Plus.

Working Together, Saving Time

Co-authoring* tools available in Microsoft Word enable users to work in one document at the same time, eliminating the need to email revisions back-and-forth. Combined with the ease of information sharing provided by OneNote, co-authoring has helped Community Energy Plus employees save time and produce client-facing documents faster.

“What’s really amazing about Office 2010 is the way it brings us together as a team,” says Jones. “Co-authoring, coupled with OneNote, has redefined the way we work. We’re getting more done in less time.”

Streamlining Workflow, Improving Relationships

The Backstage® view, which replaces the traditional File menu, gives users a complete view of available settings and formatting options, reducing clicks, saving time, and ensuring formatting accuracy on printed documents.

“Backstage makes it easy to adjust format and print settings and has eliminated the need to test print,” says Shaw. “It reduces required clicks by 25 percent—and that adds up, very quickly.”

Shaw is equally impressed by the enhanced Ribbon available across all Office 2010 applications. Users can customize or create their own tabs on the Ribbon to personalize the Office 2010 experience to meet their unique working style.

“Office 2010 is intuitive and the consistency of the Ribbon across all applications makes it easy to learn and use the system,” he remarks. “We have more time—and more energy—to help our clients and the community.”

* Co-authoring capabilities require either Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation Services or a free Windows Live account.

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Organization Size: 30 employees

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Community Energy Plus is an energy conservation and consultancy firm that focuses on working with businesses and community organizations to reduce C02 emissions.

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