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Posted: 11/1/2009
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Multisoft S.A. MST Multisoft S.A. Performs BI Analysis 75% Faster with Microsoft® Office 2010

* Office 2010 comes with so many improvements—intuitive navigation, collaboration tools, BI features—I could go on and on. All together, it’s changed the way we work in ways we never thought possible." *

Adriana Duran
MST Multisoft S.A.

Since 1993, MST Multisoft S.A. has been pioneering innovative technology solutions for its client base of 700 small to medium-sized businesses. The company’s 50 devoted employees focus on helping their clients leverage high-quality, cost-efficient technologies to boost productivity and become leaders in their respective fields.

MST Multisoft S.A. employees rely on sharing a knowledgebase of project-related information to help them quickly and seamlessly implement client solutions. Being able to analyze how well these solutions perform is crucial to helping MST Multisoft S.A.’s executive team improve overall operations.

By deploying Microsoft® Office 2010, MST Multisoft S.A. employees were able to work together more efficiently and effectively, and the company managers were able to assess productivity and performance faster than ever, resulting in improved client relationships.

Business Needs

For MST Multisoft S.A. managers, creating business analysis reports was extremely tedious and time-consuming as they had to extract multiple sets of data from disparate sources, filter that information, and integrate these separate data groups and into specific reports.

During team or client meetings, each employee would take notes and file them in his or her own way. This made it difficult to create proposals, as project managers had to scour through multiple files to locate and extract pertinent information. In addition, creating these proposals required costly third-party photo-editing software that was difficult to use, resulting in additional delays to document completion.

MST Multisoft S.A., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, wanted to find more intuitive ways to analyze business performance, facilitate increased collaboration, and reduce the time and energy spent on creating client-facing documents.


MST Multisoft S.A. found its solution in Microsoft Office 2010. By providing intuitive ways to analyze performance, work collaboratively on projects, and create professional-looking documents without resorting to costly third-party software, this suite of tools enabled MST Multisoft S.A. to improve project management and overall operations.


Revealing Performance Trends

New to Microsoft Excel® 2010, Sparklines enable users to create visual charts within a single cell with just a click of a mouse, dramatically reducing the time required to create graphs and allowing users to spot trends almost instantly. And Slicers provides intuitive ways to visually “slice” information in Excel PivotTables®in a way that makes sense to each user.

“Excel 2010 empowers the end-user to work with and better understand data,” says Adriana Duran, general manager of MST Multisoft S.A. “Filtering information with Slicers and creating graphs with just a click using Sparklines have made my life so much easier.”

Duran noticed additional improvements to her workflow using the new Excel PowerPivot® add-in, which allows users to work with massive amounts of data in Excel, such as CRM and SQL data, easily extract meaningful information to help inform smarter business decisions, and effortlessly share these findings with others, using Microsoft SharePoint® Server. “It used to take me three days to extract data from our CRM databases to create performance reports,” she says. “With PowerPivot, I can do everything with just a few clicks and be done in 10 minutes.”

Connecting Ideas, Improving Results

MST Multisoft S.A. employees have found a new way to share information and create client proposals in less time, thanks to Microsoft OneNote®. This application acts as a centralized notebook where users can store, share, and retrieve all sorts of content, ideas, project recommendations, and even URLs linking to specific products or solutions. “OneNote has made me 120 percent more productive—and I mean it,” Duras remarks. “I can find anything I need about a project almost instantly because I no longer need to forage through files or folders.”

MST Multisoft S.A. employees have also leveraged this technology to improve the way they share meeting notes and keep everyone informed of client requests and needs as soon as they arise. As Duras points out, “OneNote keeps everyone on the same page. All of our meeting notes, ideas and project-related emails are in one place so everyone knows a client’s history and what needs to be done next.”

Delivering Better Solutions, Faster

To produce professional-looking documents in the past, MST Multisoft S.A.’s managers had to purchase five graphic design licenses, each costing US$1,000 (COP 1,971,265.62), and spend several hours training employees how to use them. Because Office 2010 comes with powerful photo-editing tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint®, Word®, and Excel®, the company no longer needs these third-party software programs—saving the business time and money.

“With Office 2010, creating logos, images and designs have never been easier—anyone can do it,” Says Duras. “And your projects will look so good, no one will know you didn’t use expensive third-party software.”

Duras is impressed by all the new features available in Office 2010, and feels that with it, MST Multisoft S.A. will continue to improve service and drive innovative solutions to its customers in less time. “Office 2010 comes with so many improvements—intuitive navigation, collaboration tools, BI features—I could go on and on,” she says. “All together, it’s changed the way we work in ways we never thought possible.”

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Organization Size: 50 employees

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MST Multisoft S.A. provides IT services integration and consulting for more than 700 small- to medium-sized businesses in Bogota, Colombia, including companies in the financial, legal, and government sectors.

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  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010

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