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Posted: 10/7/2010
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China Mobile - Shanxi Mobile Telecommunication Giant Enhances Competitive Edge

Business Needs

The proliferation of low-cost SMS has seen increased usage of it as a marketing platform. For operators like Shanxi Mobile Group (Shanxi Mobile), gaining a strong foothold in the rapidly-growing personal wireless services market is vital to the company’s performance.

Shanxi Mobile is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Group Limited, a state-controlled and NYSE-listed communications conglomerate. With a network of 11 municipal and 96 county-level branch offices, its total net asset amounts to 11 billion RMB with over 10,000 employees. As the province’s market leader, Shanxi Mobile distinguishes itself with the highest revenue and largest customer network.

As Shanxi Mobile actively expands its businesses and partner network, it has developed numerous applications with its business partners and built a strong customer base. However, its tedious partner recruitment processes and limited system capabilities became bottlenecks in its quest for growth in the dynamic marketplace. When it became clear that its existing system affected business profitability, reduced operational control and lacked the scalability to meet its growing needs, Shanxi Mobile saw the urgency of building a new application platform to better integrate its various business platforms and billing systems.

For Shanxi Mobile, establishing operational control was top on its checklist. This included the need to support service management of both provincial and city-level offerings. User-classification management was also important, pointing to the need for a multi-model, multi-channel and multi-application information management system. The new application platform should seamlessly integrate vendor platforms and billing systems, and be able to support other information application service models. Scalability in service delivery is another key criterion.


After a comprehensive analysis of Shanxi Mobile’s growing needs and business strategies, Microsoft Services steered the architecture and planning of an Industry Application Information Platform to support Shanxi Mobile’s long-term growth strategy. Designed to support the transmission of different kinds of information from customer base, CP to businesses, the Industry Application Information Platform is a gateway to integrate varied business processes, while connecting related business platforms and billing systems. Implemented as a multi-modeled, self-service web portal, the new platform delivers high-valued CP business management, marketing management and communications capabilities.

As a secure web portal, the platform offers operators, administrators, content providers, community agencies, distributors and business partners with user interfaces to market Shanxi Mobile’s services and products to mobile users. The system is made up of 3 components, namely: the mobile business management system, mobile operational capabilities and the business partners’ own systems. Wireless services supported include SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR services.

To ensure the highest levels of operational efficiencies, Microsoft Consulting also established a maintenance team to provide 24/7 phone and mail service to address any enquiries, complaints and reported technical problems from Shanxi Mobile. The new system went live in July 2009.


With its Microsoft-designed Industry Application Information Platform, Shanxi Mobile successfully enhanced its operational efficiencies with integrated business processes. It also enjoys increased management visibility, heightened operational controls and sharpened its competitive edge with faster time-to-market.

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies with Integrated Business Processes and Reduced Technical Threshold
With the new platform, Shanxi Mobile effectively integrated its disparate systems, which eliminated resource wastage due to duplication, thus enhancing productivity and profitability. It also successfully streamlined ordering and data processes, which helped to lower operational costs. The platform’s support for content, product and management capabilities eliminates the need for content providers, distributors and other business partners to set up their own platforms, thereby reducing the technical threshold of the business.

Increased Competitiveness with Faster Time-to-Market
With the help of Microsoft Services, access to many aspects of Shanxi Mobile’s application development process has been enhanced, including application/review, product configuration/review, content input/audit, customer service management, data analysis and others. By supporting varied information formats, the new platform enhances the integration of CP resources, lowers the reliance on CP technical expertise, ensures easy user adoption and eases IT manageability.

As a result, Shanxi Mobile now enjoys greater scalability with faster content aggregation and packaging, which speeds up its market responsiveness, further enhancing its competitive advantage in the industry. To date, the Personal Assistant Cell Phone (WAP) service, Palm Alert (SMS) service and Jincheng CPCC vote (SMS) online operations, are some applications that have been successfully developed.

Enhanced Management Visibility with Improved Operational Control
With a centralized platform, Shanxi Mobile’s management now enjoys more control and visibility over critical business data. The new system strengthens its accountability in ensuring quality service and lowers the risk of not delivering the service or product in the event of any terminated business partnership. Overall, Shanxi Mobile has significantly improved its service levels, as evidenced in these metrics:
  • Ability to scale end-user reaches up to a minimum of 3 million
  • SMS sending speed up to 200piece/second
  • MMS sending speed up to 5,000piece/hour
  • Maximum system response time within 8 seconds

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 145000 employees

Organization Profile

Established in 1997, China Mobile is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Shanxi Mobile, its wholly-owned subsidiary, commands the largest market share in the province’s communications industry.

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