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Posted: 1/5/2011
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City of Miami City of Miami Breaks Deployment Records with Microsoft® Services and Improves its Return on Investment (ROI)

Business Needs

City of Miami, like many city governments and businesses, must ensure security and compliance in accordance with the latest regulations across a range of devices and distributed workers, as well as provide up-to-date applications and services for its employees to remain productive and competitive—all while controlling costs and using less resources.

With more than 3,000 personal computers (PCs) in its workforce located in more than 70 offices, City of Miami’s ability to deliver efficient, cost-effective services is hampered by manual procedures, low network bandwidth at remote offices, very strict security policies, and an information technology (IT) budget reduced by 18 percent.

City of Miami must meet increasing system performance and security demands with a more efficient desktop deployment and a superior operational system which offers better performance, resilience, and more features to improve productivity. In the past, semiautomatic deployments have been costly and time consuming. The tools available were not flexible and powerful enough to effectively manage an enterprise environment with multiple operation system versions and more than 30 applications. Each deployment required numerous technician hours to correct settings and applications. PC user help desk calls following PC deployments were numerous, and field and help desk technicians spent valuable time completing user PC images.

City of Miami needed a solution which provided:

  • Agility to deploy diverse user profile PC images

  • Up-to-date productivity and collaboration tools

  • End-to-end management

  • Maximum desktop ROI, both during and after deployment


City of Miami initially deployed 80 ITD PCs as part of the Microsoft Windows 7 Early Adopters Program, which allowed IT staff to test the migration in a controlled environment without affecting the entire organization.

City of Miami next contracted Microsoft Services to assist with implementing a custom solution to efficiently deploy a Windows 7 image with latest updates and user profile applications. To achieve this goal, Microsoft Services worked with City of Miami to develop and implement Microsoft Configuration Management and application remediation to achieve a zero-touch Windows 7-based PC image deployment.

Microsoft Configuration Management

Microsoft Services assisted City of Miami’s configuration management technicians to implement customized settings needed to take advantage of the tools available for PC images and post-image updates in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. System Center Configuration Manager helps City of Miami to comprehensively assess, deploy, and update its servers, client computers, and devices across all environments.

Application Remediation

In the past, application remediation among City of Miami’s 30 applications had proven troublesome. Microsoft Services identified and resolved Windows 7 application incompatibility and activation issues immediately, instructing City of Miami how to use the specialized tools with Windows 7 and the Application Compatibility Toolkit to review and assess all 30 of the organization’s applications, including Internet Explorer® 8 and Oracle, to ensure that there were no incompatibility issues contained within the standard image.

Windows 7-based PC Image with Zero-Touch Deployment

With its configuration management framework in place and all application remediation issues resolved, City of Miami was well positioned to achieve its final goal of a zero-touch Windows 7-based PC image deployment. From multiple PC images, City of Miami created and deployed one standard image using Microsoft Configuration Management roles to deploy specific applications according to specific user profiles. This technology offered the City efficient, over-the-network PC image deployment, tailored user profiles without multiple images, easy post-update images, simultaneous PC deployment, and PC images located at remote offices without a technician’s presence.


The zero-touch deployment of Windows 7 with Microsoft Services empowered City of Miami’s workers with enhanced productivity and IT professionals with end-to-end management to ensure security, agility, and continuity. Microsoft Services made the deployment process much simpler than the City’s earlier migrations, saving time and money.

Improved PC User Productivity and Satisfaction

Both field and help-desk technicians and end-users experienced unparalleled positive experiences as a result of City of Miami’s easy and efficient Windows 7 image deployment to more than 1,000 PCs in only a few months.

The Microsoft Services-assisted deployment reduced technician time not only from the completion of settings and application installation after PC image deployment, but also from daily auto-recovery support tasks which resolve many problems automatically. The combination of a tailored standard image and a more resilient system reduced number of technician visits to remote offices by more than 60 percent.

Windows 7 features also free City of Miami PC users from laborious self-help tasks so that they can focus on productivity. Windows 7 saves the City’s PC users approximately 18 hours per user per year by helping them access data and tools they need more quickly.

Users have also noticed considerable performance improvements from numerous built-in Windows 7 features, including snipping, snapping, searching, shaking, application PIN, start menu, robust offline user-data synchronization, networking connectivity, and remote-office cache. An in-house three-hour training session also helped teach users the capabilities and productivity tools available in Windows 7.

According to City of Miami’s Network Administrator Marco Sanchez, “Frequent end-user comments are, ’Wow, I can access my documents from any place’; ‘The computer boots up faster’; ‘This search is the greatest’; ‘I use spinning to cut and paste data between applications every day, even when I am not connected to the office’; ‘I have access to my documents’; ‘I love the wallpaper designs’; and ‘I have to compare documents every day and that snap feature is welcome’.”

Lower Failure Rate,
Higher Cost Savings

Application remediation means fewer post-deployment help-desk calls. By developing Windows 7 image with latest updates and user profile applications with Microsoft Services, City of Miami also reduced its on-site support visits by 90 percent and was able to free up scarce staff for process improvements. Overall, City of Miami realized direct IT savings, in just power, of $90 per PC per year for each of its 3,000 computers—a savings of more than $270,000 annually.

Lower Power Costs and Greener Environment

Deploying Windows 7 with Microsoft Services has helped City of Miami reach its power-consumption goals, reducing costs and helping the organization with its green initiative. Windows 7 allowed the City of Miami to take full advantage of power-saving features. Using Windows 7 built-in features, such as group policy preference and the powercfg utility to enhance power-saving options, the City now sends its Windows 7 computers to sleep when not in use. This action represents a savings of more than 83 percent on power consumption and cooling needs. For its 3,000 PCs, the total annual recurrent saving estimate exceeds $270,000 and prevents more than 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

For More Information

Find out how Microsoft Services can assist your organization with a zero-touch Windows 7 deployment, aided by the proven methodologies and tools from hundreds of desktop deployment-engagements worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.microsoft.com/microsoftservices/en/us/home.aspx.

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Organization Size: 4000 employees

Organization Profile

Incorporated in 1896, Miami is an ethnically diverse cultural center and leader in finance, commerce, media, arts and entertainment, and international trade. With an estimated 390,000 residents, it is the hub of a larger metropolitan area with a population of more than 4.5 million. City of Miami’s administration continually strives to adopt new technologies to improve employee productivity and provide better services to citizens at lower costs.

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  • Windows Server® 2008 R2
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007

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