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Posted: 2/11/2011
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Tata Teleservices Limited Telecom Giant Reduces Power Consumption and Costs with Upgraded PC Environment

Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL) spearheads the Tata Group’s presence in the telecom sector. One of the fastest growing telecom service providers in India, TTL serves approximately 85 million customers offering both Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and code-division multiple access (CDMA) mobile telephony services. The company wanted to enhance the performance of its portable and desktop computers, improve overall productivity, and reduce expenditures. With help from Tata Consultancy Services, TTL deployed the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system to more than 10,000 computers throughout the company. Now TTL uses the enhanced features in Windows 7 Enterprise to reduce costs for PC management and power consumption, bolster data security, and improve the company’s operational performance.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL) is one of India’s leading private telecom service providers. With presence across all of India’s 22 telecom circles, the company delivers integrated telecom solutions—including mobile services, wireless desktop phones, public booth telephony, wireline services, and enterprise solutions—to approximately 85 million customers.

A pioneer in CDMA 3G1x (code-division multiple access with third-generation, 144 kbps wireless technology), TTL has partnered with Motorola, Ericsson, Lucent, and ECI Telecom; it was named Best Emerging Markets Carrier by Telecom Asia. The company received eight awards at the World HRD Congress and won the Business Standard award for “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” in 2010.

* Since installing Windows 7 Enterprise, we have already estimated a 28 percent reduction in power consumption for laptops and a 31 percent reduction for desktop computers. *

Shirish Munj
Senior Vice President, Head of IT, Tata Teleservices Limited

TTL is a technology-driven company with a widespread network and extensive infrastructure, including 35,000 communications towers. With approximately 10,000 employees, TTL management recognizes that any means to accelerate routine practices, expedite processes, and improve time management will enhance company productivity and reduce costs. To that end, the company consistently adopts and maintains the latest IT tools and most up-to-date infrastructure in order to enhance the quality of its services.

The company ran the Windows XP operating system on 95 percent of its PCs, and Windows Vista on the remaining 5 percent of its computers. Shirish Munj, Senior Vice President and Head of IT at Tata Teleservices Limited, believes in constantly upgrading the company’s IT infrastructure with the latest technology. He took the initiative to seek an updated and feature-rich operating system in order to enhance the performance of the company’s portable and desktop computers, improve overall productivity, and reduce expenditures on power and resources.

As a part of its technology enhancement program, TTL wanted to migrate to a more efficient and updated PC environment, and the company quickly saw that it could derive benefit from new and enhanced features in the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. “When we evaluated Windows 7 Enterprise against our existing operating systems, we found it to be much faster and lighter; plus, it was compatible with over 95 percent of our existing applications,” says Jiji Unnikrishnan C., General Manager, IT, at Tata Teleservices.

Working with Tata Consultancy Services, TTL began a phased deployment of Windows 7 Enterprise in October 2009. By March 2010, the company had installed Windows 7 Enterprise on more than 7,700 portable and desktop computers across TTL locations in all of its 22 telecom circles; by the end of 2010, TTL was running Windows 7 Enterprise on more than 10,000 PCs.

With Windows 7, TTL employees can run multiple programs at once and navigate between multiple open windows easily. They can find documents and files quickly using Windows Search, which initiates searches the instant the user starts typing the name of the search item.

TTL helps prevent the loss or theft of confidential data by using the BitLocker drive encryption feature to help safeguard hard drives, and the BitLocker To Go feature to help protect removable drives and storage. To further safeguard information, IT administrators can also use BitLocker and BitLocker To Go to enforce the encryption and backup of recovery keys. TTL can manage the use of unauthorized applications by using AppLocker in Windows 7 to specify what software is allowed to run on a user's PC through centrally managed and flexible Group Policies.

By deploying Windows 7 Enterprise and managing its PC environment with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, TTL has centralized key management services and automated the local activation of Windows 7 for computers in a managed environment. To ensure that all its business applications would run smoothly on Windows 7 Enterprise, TTL worked with Microsoft, and through the Application Compatibility Factory (ACF) Program, to evaluate the compatibility of its applications with Windows 7.

“Most of our applications worked seamlessly with Windows 7,” says Munj. “In a few cases, we used the ACF Program to identify and ensure compatibility before migrating all the desktops and laptops.”

TTL also plans to use DirectAccess—in conjunction with the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system—to provide mobile workers access to network services such as email, intranet, and shared folders through a regular Internet connection instead of a virtual private network (VPN). With the BranchCache feature, TTL can cache content from remote file and web servers in branch office locations, providing employees in its branch offices across India with faster, more reliable access to network applications.

Since it has deployed Windows 7 Enterprise, TTL has reduced costs by lowering energy consumption and the company’s computer hardware requirements. By enhancing the stability of its PC environment, the company has increased operational efficiency.

Reduced Power Consumption, Lower Costs
TTL has taken advantage of faster sleep and resume times, improved battery life, and enhanced power management in Windows 7 Enterprise to save money by reducing power consumption. “Since installing Windows 7 Enterprise, we have already estimated a 28 percent reduction in power consumption for laptops and a 31 percent reduction for desktop computers,” says Munj.

* When we evaluated Windows 7 Enterprise against our existing operating systems, we found it to be much faster and lighter; plus, it was compatible with over 95 percent of our existing applications. *

Jiji Unnikrishnan C.
General Manager, IT, Tata Teleservices Limited

TTL was also able to effectively manage the costs of migrating its PC environment to Windows 7 Enterprise. For example, TTL did not need to upgrade the hardware for desktop and portable computers that were already running Windows Vista.

Additionally, the company did not have to spend resources to remediate its line-of-business and enterprise applications because more than 95 percent of its software was compatible with Windows 7 Enterprise.

Enhanced Security and Control
IT administrators at TTL now have better control of the company’s PC environment by using features such as AppLocker, BitLocker, and BitLocker To Go, which help the company effectively manage its data security. “We use BitLocker drive encryption for fixed and portable drives to help keep our data private and secure even in the event of a lost or stolen computer,” says Munj. “The built-in protection against spyware and other malicious software also helps us protect our systems from unwanted infections and data theft.”

Fast, Simple to Use PC Environment
By using Windows 7 Enterprise, TTL employees can multitask more easily and work more efficiently thanks to enhanced, timesaving features such as instant search, faster turn-on and turn-off times, and quicker opening of applications. “With enhanced Windows 7 features like Pin and Jump Lists, our employees can accomplish regular tasks more quickly,” says Unnikrishnan. “Organizing files, documents, photos, and other items is much simpler.”

Advantages for the Future
With Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 R2, TTL can take advantage of enhanced features such as DirectAccess and BranchCache.

By deploying DirectAccess, the company expects to help its mobile employees work more efficiently by giving them seamless access to the information and tools they need, and the IT department will find it easier to manage remote computers without having to maintain a corporate VPN.

With BranchCache, employees in branch facilities will be able to use network services as if they were hosted on a local server. “We believe our employees will benefit from faster, easier access to all our enterprisewide applications from anywhere and at any time,” says Unnikrishnan.

Windows 7
Works the way you want: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anywhere. You will be able to support your mobile workforce with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies for enhanced corporate IT security and data protection, and more efficient deployment and management.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 10000 employees

Organization Profile

Incorporated in 1996, Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL), along with Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Limited, serves over 85 million customers in more than 450,000 towns and villages across India.

Business Situation

As a technology-driven company, TTL wanted to adopt the latest technology to enhance the performance and productivity of its PC environment in order to improve services while reducing operational costs.


TTL migrated more than 10,000 portable and desktop computers to Windows 7 Enterprise with the help of Tata Consultancy Services.


  • Reduced power consumption
  • Lowered costs
  • Enhanced security and control
  • Fast, simple-to-use PC environment
  • Advantages for the future

Software and Services
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2
  • BitLocker To Go
  • BranchCache
  • DirectAccess
  • Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

Vertical Industries


Business Need
  • Cloud & Server Platform
  • Cost Containment
  • Business Productivity

IT Issue
  • Identity, Security and Access Management
  • Personal Productivity


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