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Posted: 5/20/2011
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DATALOG Software AG Large Account Reseller Maximizes Software Value with Volume Licensing and Financing

“The obvious advantages of Microsoft Select Plus, such as organizationwide volume discounts and fewer agreements to track, help our customers get maximum value for their software expenditures.”
—Achim Herber, Chief Executive Officer, DATALOG Software AG

Business Needs
DATALOG provides Microsoft Volume Licensing to many of its 1,200 customers either through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement or as a Microsoft Select License agreement. Because Microsoft Select License is scheduled to be replaced with Microsoft Select Plus on July 1, 2011, DATALOG needed to move its customers to the new program. Since customers were content with the previous program, DATALOG had to make a clear case for the advantages of Select Plus. The partner also wanted to make it easier for customers to afford both software and hardware.

DATALOG licensing consultants worked closely with customers to communicate the new benefits of Select Plus including prorated Software Assurance coverage and automatic pricing improvements based on organizationwide volume. DATALOG also introduced Microsoft Financing flexible payment solutions early in the sales discussion as a competitive financing option for software, services, and hardware.

DATALOG and its customers gain strategic and financial benefits with Microsoft Select Plus and Microsoft Financing.

Reduced management time. Select Plus acquisitions for all divisions are covered under a single agreement, which means less negotiation and tracking time.

More discount opportunities. The price is based on total volume purchases of all affiliates; so a purchase by any affiliate that moves the volume to a higher tier, results in an automatic price drop for all.

Maximum value. Prorated Microsoft Software Assurance means customers get the full value of the coverage.

Preserved cash flow. With Microsoft Financing, customers can afford necessary technology, while preserving cash flow and other lines of credit.

Faster payment. Bringing in Microsoft Financing at the start of the sales process has helped Datalog double the percentage of financing deals closed, which means faster payment.

Microsoft Volume Licensing
Microsoft Volume Licensing offers simple, flexible, and affordable licensing programs to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and purchasing preferences. To learn more about Microsoft Volume Licensing, visit:


Microsoft Financing
Microsoft Financing provides flexibility and eases technology acquisitions by offering custom payment options that can combine software, services, and hardware in a single investment. To learn more, visit:

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 136 employees

Partner Profile

Based in Munich, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner DATALOG is a leading provider of Microsoft Volume Licensing, and IT services and solutions for medium and large organizations in Germany.

Vertical Industries
IT Services


Business Need
Corporate Software Licensing