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Posted: 6/15/2011
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Comsoft direct Software Consultant Expands Customers’ Cloud Options with Flexible Licensing

“The latest Enterprise Agreement provides a good opening for us to discuss our customers’ cloud services needs, because those services are already covered under the agreement.”
—Patrick Pulver, Chief Executive Officer, Comsoft direct

Business Needs
Comsoft direct has always taken a proactive approach to helping customers find the software and the licensing agreement that best meets their needs today and in the future. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Volume Licensing contracts, the firm wanted to offer its customers a simple, flexible way to add cloud computing services at their own pace, as needed.

Comsoft direct introduced its customers to the latest Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, which covers both on-premises software and cloud services in a single agreement. With the latest Enterprise Agreement, customers now are able to move users back and forth between those two modes of access for maximum flexibility. This flexibility offers customers the opportunity to make a smooth transition from strictly on-premises solutions to solutions that include either on-premises software or cloud services, or a mixture of both.

Adding cloud services to the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement provides benefits for both Comsoft direct and its customers. Those benefits include:

Easy access to the latest technology. The latest Enterprise Agreement covers both on-premises software and public and private cloud services so that Comsoft direct customers can add cloud services as needed. They can also move in and out of those services according to their needs.

Optimized budgets. The ability to cover a mix of on-premises software and cloud services under a single agreement can save Comsoft direct customers both license acquisition and management costs.

Expanded opportunities. Comsoft direct can use the cloud services addition to the Enterprise Agreement as an opportunity to discuss new projects, such as virtualization or managed services, with customers. These expanded opportunities are expected to generate a 15 percent increase in business for Comsoft.
Solution Overview

Organization Size: 128 employees

Partner Profile

Comsoft direct—a subsidiary of Germany-based Bechtle Group—specializes in software licensing and consulting. The firm was founded in Switzerland in 2003 and has offices in seven European countries.

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