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Posted: 1/19/2012
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Uoma Software Tech Company Delivers Simplest Enterprise CMS Experience by Combining Sitefinity and Azure Cloud

"We have worked with other content management systems before, but none of them comes close to the flexibility and extensibility that Telerik Sitefinity offers."
Mikko Heilimo, R&D Director at Uoma

Business Needs

With the growth of its online business, Uoma wanted to increase agility in enterprise CMS deployment. Its goals included achieving faster turn-around for marketing campaigns and for web content publishing as well as allowing IT to focus on their own strategic projects. Key challenges in the process of developing the new website were a lack of dedicated resources and a limited time-frame for launching the project. With the new website Uoma also wanted to

  • empower business users to take control of the web content management process - providing better agility and faster time-to-market for web content;
  • reduce costs through faster and more flexible web content management application development and deployment;
  • develop a scalable architecture that could easily grow - for both computing power and storage needs as website traffic increased.


To meet requirements for an easily scalable solution, Uoma chose the Windows Azure platform. Telerik Sitefinity was the natural choice for the website, as it offered all core features out of the box. The intuitive UI ensured that marketers and content authors could take full control of the web content management process. Telerik Sitefinity’s publishing system also allowed Uoma to publish content to social media and external blogs, without any help from the IT department. The powerful page layout editor helped content authors develop effective pages and experiment with different layouts using drag/drop functions. Driving traffic to the new website was also a key part of the overall strategy. Telerik Sitefinity offered valuable search engine optimization tools for this purpose. Marketers had full control over page URLs and could edit page names, descriptions, keywords, etc.


  • scalable cloud solution;
  • approximately 60% more visitor capacity at the same cost level;
  • SLA increased from 98% to 99.5%, with no additional cost;
  • reduced overall development time (cut by 40% to 1.5 weeks);
  • more flexible data models and structures compared to traditional CMS systems;
  • greater efficiency thanks to Windows Azure unified environment for private cloud;
  • visual studio tools simplify solution debugging and publishing in Azure environment.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 85 employees

Organization Profile

Uoma, based in Finland and part of Avaus Consulting Oy, offers web application development solutions for Internet, Intranet, Extranet and E-commerce. It also develops data management applications.

Software and Services
Microsoft Azure

Vertical Industries
IT Services

  • Bulgaria
  • Finland
  • United States


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