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Posted: 3/28/2012
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Copenhagen Airports Airport Loyalty Program Serves Travelers, Increases Online Revenues by 45 Percent

Copenhagen Airports (CPH) has a lofty goal: to be the world’s most attentive airport. To improve the passenger experience and increase revenue for airport retailers, CPH created a customer loyalty program and companion shopping website. CPH worked with Netcompany, a longtime technology partner, to build both websites using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CPH Advantage loyalty program has been a huge success, attracting 50,000 members in the first two months. CPH can offer passengers in the program a more personalized and efficient airport experience for parking, shopping, working, and traveling. Also, CPH was able to increase retail revenues by 45 percent during the launch by making online shopping more convenient and targeting ads to travelers. With its flexible technology foundation, CPH can now extend the program in any direction.

Copenhagen Airports (CPH) owns and operates the airports at Kastrup and Roskilde, Denmark, serving the Copenhagen metropolitan area. With more than 22.7 million passengers passing through the Kastrup facility in 2011, it is the busiest airport in the Nordic countries. The 1,900 employees at CPH are dedicated to ensuring that passengers have a pleasant, productive stay at the airport.

Most of the travelers through Copenhagen Airport are business people who want to get in, get out, and get on their way. CPH understood this and wanted to help its guests be as efficient as possible; in fact, it had many ideas for efficiency-enhancing services. CPH wanted to let travelers reserve their airport parking spaces online before arriving at the airport. It wanted to sell them a preferred spot in its business lounge. It wanted to give passengers an easy way to shop online at the airport’s 115 retail shops and pick up purchases on the way to their gates. It also wanted to dynamically and personally market products and services to passengers while they were inside the airport.

* We received 50,000 signups to CPH Advantage within the first two months. By using SharePoint Server 2010, we have gained the freedom to create a dynamic, personalized program site. *

Christian Poulsen
Senior Vice President, Copenhagen Airports

However, to do all this, CPH needed data. “Airlines collect passenger details, but airports do not,” says Christian Poulsen, Senior Vice President of Copenhagen Airports. “We wanted to be the world’s most attentive airport, but we needed data on our travelers to get closer to them and better understand their needs.”

For example, if CPH had email addresses and a record of past purchases, CPH could market special offers to passengers when they were at home, making it easy for them to shop online before arriving at the airport.

CPH also wanted to boost revenue from commercial activities in the airport, which account for 45 percent of its revenue. “We wanted to help airport retailers market to our millions of customers,” Poulsen says. “We get a percentage of their sales, so we are naturally very interested in making our retailers as successful as possible.”

To better serve and market to travelers, CPH decided to create a customer loyalty program. Members of this program would get discounts on goods purchased in the airport or online, earn points toward other purchases, and get other perquisites such as free airport wireless network. By signing up for the program, travelers would give the airport personal information such as name, email address, and country of origin, which would enable the airport to do targeted marketing to them.

In October 2010, CPH began planning the technology underpinnings for the program, called CPH Advantage. At the same time, the airport decided to completely redo its existing tax-free shopping site, called CPH Tax-Free. The IT staff needed a technology foundation for building both websites, one that could scale to handle millions of transactions a month, could connect to e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM) programs and other airport systems, and would enable CPH to provide a dynamic and feature-rich user experience.

CPH turned to longtime technology partner Netcompany, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Aalborg, Denmark, and a specialist in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

“We have a longtime relationship with CPH, and they came to us with a long wish list for this project,” says Ivan Beltoft, Principal at Netcompany. “They wanted the websites to handle millions of real-time transactions for passengers buying parking, airport lounge tickets, and products. They wanted to collect data in real time and promote related products during every transaction. The websites would need to communicate with several existing IT systems, for parking, wireless network, accounting, and so forth, and also eventually connect to airport-retailer point-of-sale systems. We had no doubt that SharePoint Server 2010 was up to the job.”

Single Platform for All Internet Needs
CPH had used Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies for several years, as its intranet and for a project-team collaboration tool. “One of its strengths is its platform capabilities—the fact that you can use one platform to handle both Internet and intranet sites,” Beltoft says. “If you need Internet, extranet, and intranet sites, SharePoint Server is the best tool. We suggested Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, because we knew that CPH already had the licenses as part of its Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and understood it.” The Enterprise Agreement Volume Licensing program enabled CPH to quickly, cost-effectively, and flexibly deploy and scale a collaboration solution across its organization.

* We wanted to be the world’s most attentive airport, but we needed data on our travelers to get closer to them and better understand their needs. *

Christian Poulsen
Senior Vice President, Copenhagen Airports

CPH also talked with other SharePoint Server 2010 customers in Denmark and felt confident moving forward with the software for its large Internet project. CPH also liked the broad interoperability of SharePoint Server 2010 and the fact that it could easily connect SharePoint Server with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a customer relationship management program.

Netcompany suggested that CPH use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to store the tens of millions of passenger data records required by the loyalty program. Netcompany further suggested using Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 as the commerce engine of both sites and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 data management software for the database.

CPH worked with Netcompany to create two new public websites: CPH Advantage and CPH Tax-Free. Both run on SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites (FIS) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SharePoint Server 2010 FIS is the front-end website and content delivery system, and Microsoft Dynamic CRM, SQL Server, and Commerce Server provide back-end transactional support. CPH creates a master profile record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM on every member of CPH Advantage. In this profile, CPH stores all personal and shopping data.

The CPH Advantage and CPH Tax-Free sites are connected to several CPH and third-party systems: parking, airport wireless network, SAP financial system (which tracks bonus points earned), web analytics, and CPH Advantage membership card issuance.

The two sites run on an infrastructure of about 50 virtualized servers, which includes the development, test, and production servers for SharePoint Server 2010 FIS, Commerce Server, SQL Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. All servers run the Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system. The infrastructure has a redundant backup infrastructure at an offsite data center.

Personalized Digital Marketing
By joining the new CPH Advantage program, travelers receive a wide range of services:
  • Free wireless network access from anywhere in the airport

  • Access to the CPH Advantage airport lounge, where passengers can work, relax, or dine

  • Special airport parking locations and rates and the ability to earn bonus points when reservations are made online

  • The ability to earn offers and receive news from Copenhagen Airport and partners such as Hilton Hotels and Wonderful Copenhagen

  • The ability to earn points while shopping online at CPH Tax-Free and simply pick up items at the airport’s shops before flying

  • Bonus points on online purchases that can be used to discount future purchases

Due to the data systems that underpin CPH Advantage and CPH Tax-Free, CPH becomes better informed on airport visitors the more they use the program. When a traveler visits either the CPH Tax-Free or CPH Advantage sites, CPH starts tracking the pages visited, the buttons clicked, and the products browsed. All that information is stored in SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites. As soon as the visitor completes a sale or registers for a newsletter—any step that involves the sharing of his or her email address—the website creates a customer profile for the individual in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and transfers his or her browsing history to that profile.

SharePoint Server 2010 FIS tracks the top five categories browsed by each member; when members visit the site, CPH is able to present those products on the home page. It also uses this information to send out targeted marketing email messages. “Everyone wants a way to tie their digital marketing activities to their CRM, but not many people are doing this because it’s difficult to integrate the various pieces,” Nyegaard says. “With our technology foundation, we are able to tie all of our marketing efforts together.”

On subsequent visits to the CPH Advantage or CPH Tax-Free websites, members enjoy a more personalized experience, because CPH focuses on products and services that relate to each individual’s past interests. For example, it will know if the visitor reserved a parking space online on his or her last visit to the CPH Advantage site and is able to display a special deal on parking to the home page.

In the future, CPH will create versions of both sites that are easier to use from smartphones. The websites will be able to take advantage of the GPS capabilities in most smartphones to figure out where in the airport a passenger is and target them for ads for nearby shops. CPH can gather information on when a passenger arrives at the airport and can then send push-messages based on preferences and previous behavior. For example, CPH will know that Peter Hansen parked in space P6 and has previously bought champagne in the Tax-Free shop. Therefore, his offer might be a glass of champagne in one of the airport’s premium bars.

* We suggested Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, because we knew that CPH already had the licenses as part of its Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and understood it. *

Ivan Beltoft
Principal, Netcompany

By using SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Copenhagen Airports was able to create a powerful, personalized loyalty program website that attracted 50,000 members in two months. The airport is able to deliver more personalized services to visitors and increased initial online retail revenues on the tax-free site by 45 percent.

Attracted 50,000 Members in Two Months
CPH set an initial membership goal of 25,000 people within the first month when it launched CPH Advantage. It reached that target within weeks of launching the program. “We received 50,000 signups to CPH Advantage within the first two months,” Poulsen says. “By using SharePoint Server 2010, we have gained the freedom to create a dynamic, personalized program site.”

Improved Service to Travelers
Visitors have a better, more efficient, and more personalized experience when traveling through Copenhagen Airport. They can park, work, and shop far more efficiently and are rewarded for doing so along the way.

“Travelers can buy items at home on our CPH Tax-Free site and pick them up at the airport,” Nyegaard says. “They will be packed and ready to go when they get there. Plus, loyalty program members earn bonus points that they can put toward the online tax-free shop.”

By using the flexible foundation that SharePoint Server 2010 FIS provides, the CPH marketing and communications departments are able to refresh the site frequently to keep it interesting and compelling. “Much of the content on our other web properties is very difficult to change and has to be done by developers,” Nyegaard says. “With SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, it’s much easier to publish content. Business owners can post new content within an hour, whereas it can take weeks to publish content to our older sites.”

Initial Revenue Increase of 45 Percent
CPH has also seen early indications of increasing retail revenue, a key initial objective. During the launch period, the Tax-Free website saw a 45 percent jump in revenues.

Gained Platform for Future Expansion
The CPH Advantage and CPH Tax-Free sites have been running since December 2011. As successful as both sites have been, CPH has much more planned. “Our marketing and sales departments are constantly coming up with good ideas for new offers and campaigns,” Nyegaard says. “For example, we’d like to keep track of bonus point earnings in real time so that CPH Advantage members can earn points in one shop and spend them in another shop five minutes later.” By linking SharePoint Server with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CPH can more easily tie together website activities with the back-office tools that the sales and marketing departments use most frequently.

The multichannel capabilities of SharePoint Server 2010 FIS are also a major benefit to CPH. The software is able to easily connect and publish to a variety of devices and systems, such as mobile devices, digital signage, and the airport’s many retail locations. CPH plans to link CPH Advantage with the point-of-sales systems in its retailers after it works out the permissions to access those retailers’ financial systems. “Now that we have our web platform in place, we can add all kinds of capabilities and services in any direction,” Nyegaard says. “In SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, we have a real platform for growth, both in terms of new capabilities and traffic scalability.”

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 1900 employees

Organization Profile

Copenhagen Airports (CPH) owns and operates the airports at Kastrup and Roskilde, Denmark. More than 22.7 million passengers used the Kastrup airport in 2011, making it the busiest in the Nordic countries.

Business Situation

CPH wanted to improve its service to passengers and also increase retail revenue, but it had no data on passengers that it could use to sell them products and services.


CPH launched a customer loyalty program, using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create the program website and a related shopping website.


  • Attracted 50,000 members in two months
  • Improved service to travelers
  • Increased initial revenues by 45 percent
  • Gained platform for future expansion

  • Dell PowerEdge M610 servers
  • Dell Equilogic PS6000 storage area networks

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 For Internet Sites Standard
  • Microsoft Commerce Server 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Vertical Industries


Business Need
Business Intelligence and Reporting