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Posted: 4/19/2012
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DenizBank Turkish Bank Gains a Competitive Edge and Gives Users Self-Service Reporting Tools

DenizBank, one of Turkey’s fastest-growing banks, wanted to compete better in the regional market and give its employees self-service data analysis and reporting capabilities. It also needed to reduce the time it took to build reports. DenizBank deployed a business intelligence (BI) solution that reduces report development time and helps to make it more competitive. Now employees can create their own reports, without relying on IT, and the bank has an integrated solution that boosts efficiency.

Business Needs

Founded in 1938, DenizBank provides a range of lending and investment services to customers throughout Turkey. Owned by European financial group Dexia, DenizBank is part of DenizBank Financial Services Group, which operates 600 domestic DenizBank branches. Its subsidiary Intertech provides Microsoft-based IT solutions to financial institutions.

* This is a highly competitive market, and we often need to turn around financial reports the same day that management requests them. Now, we can easily do so with SQL Server 2012, and that helps the bank react faster to market changes. *

Ersin Ünal
Database Administration Manager

As one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the region, DenizBank must react quickly to changes in the market to stay competitive. “There is very heavy competition in the finance market in Turkey,” says Ersin Ünal, Database Administration Manager, Intertech/DenizBank. “All the banks have challenging annual growth targets, and there are still new players coming into the market.”

To stay ahead in this business environment, Intertech analysts must regularly produce accurate, timely analytical BI reports for DenizBank. These financial reports are used as the basis for trend analysis, business scorecards, and comparisons between actual revenue and target revenue. For the past several years, Intertech produced these reports, using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. It took weeks, or even months, before a report was completed, because of the busy workload that IT employees were faced with.

As DenizBank sought to gain more of a competitive advantage, its senior management requested faster report turnaround times. “They wanted reports to be produced in only a few days, and some business units even wanted reports within hours,” says Ünal. “Those kinds of timelines were impossible for IT to meet, because of all the other tasks they need to perform.”

For these reasons, the bank wanted to give its analysts self-service BI reporting capabilities. “Our analysts need to quickly create their own reports using real-time financial data, while also having the ability to query the data to rapidly discover business trends.” DenizBank started looking for a new solution in July 2011.


DenizBank and Intertech considered only Microsoft for its new solution. “We have used Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and other Microsoft products for many years,” says Ünal. “We have a close relationship with Microsoft, and the technologies have met our needs very well.”

One reason DenizBank wanted to upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise database management software was to use Power View, the new data visualization reporting tool in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services. DenizBank was also interested in the BI Semantic Model in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services, a SQL Server 2012 semantic layer that works with Power View and Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet software.

In December 2011, the bank implemented a new BI solution that uses Power View, SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for report generation. The solution, deployed on HP DL 380 G7 and HP DL 580 G7 server computers, includes 10 SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services databases, with 3 gigabytes of data in each database. Data is structured for online analysis using SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services, powered by the xVelocity in-memory analytical engine.

The solution, which employs the BI Semantic Model, generates 32 Power View reports and gives self-service reporting tools to 250 analysts and other non-IT bank employees. Once the solution is in production in late 2012, 5,000 workers in the head office and bank branches will be able to create their own analytical reports.


With its Microsoft BI solution, DenizBank can compete better, and employees have easy-to-use, self-service reporting tools at their fingertips. Employees can also save time and be more efficient.

Helps Bank Gain a Competitive Edge

Because analysts and branch managers create their own reports, there is no more reliance on IT. “Previously, employees had to wait up to several months for IT to get them BI reports,” says Ünal. “Now, users can develop their own reports and publish them to the SharePoint Server portal.”

As a result, DenizBank can compete better in its region. “This is a highly competitive market, and we often need to turn around financial reports the same day that management requests them,” says Ünal. “Now, we can easily do so with SQL Server 2012, and that helps the bank react faster to market changes.” The bank will also be more competitive because its reports are more accurate. “Many reports are created from one data source, so there is more consistency and accuracy,” Ünal says. “That gives us better business insight.”

Gives Users Self-Service Reporting Tools

Using the bank’s new Microsoft BI solution, non-IT employees can quickly and easily create and publish their own financial reports. “With SQL Server 2012 Power View, our analysts, branch managers, portfolio managers, and head office staff have the self-service BI reporting capabilities they need, and they are empowered to do their own data analysis,” says Ünal. “They can do rapid data analysis and create visually compelling and attractive reports and dashboards right from their computers.”

Increases Employee Efficiency

With the new solution, employees can now work more efficiently. “SQL Server 2012 Power View is a great, user-friendly BI visualization capability that makes our employees more efficient,” says Ünal. “Power View gives them drag-and-drop capabilities and dashboards that are easy to understand and facilitate data analysis and report creation.”

The BI Semantic Model also increases overall BI efficiency. “With the SQL Server 2012 BI Semantic Model in place, we now have personal BI, team BI, and organizational BI in place, and we can easily move among those environments,” says Ünal. “We’re more efficient from a BI perspective, which gives us more flexibility and sets us apart from the competition.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 11618 employees

Organization Profile

DenizBank is a leading financial institution in Turkey. The bank’s mission is to maximize shareholder value while enhancing employee and customer satisfaction. Its subsidiary, Intertech, generates effective IT solutions and offers superior services to financial institutions.

  • HP DL 380G7 and DL 580 G7 server computers

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

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Business Intelligence and Reporting


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