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Posted: 4/27/2012
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Turkcell Group Turkish Operator Increased Call Center Efficiency by 30 Percent with a New CRM Solution

The company life:), part of the Turkcell Group, has chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage operations of its call center in Belarus. The project, which was implemented to improve the call center’s efficiency and further enhance the quality of services provided to subscribers, led to a 30% increase in efficiency.

Business Needs

As the number of Best life:) subscribers in Belarus increased, the company started looking for a solution to increase the call center’s service level, as well as the performance and efficiency of customer representatives working there. To ensure a more efficient operation of customer representatives, it was decided to create a system that would collect information from the existing systems, put it in front of the customer representatives and help them fulfill incoming customer requests as quickly as possible. The company started working on a project that could be scaled in accordance with operations in Belarus, but also be used in other global companies.


After reviewing alternative solutions for call center operations in Belarus, Best life:) decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best solution in terms of installation speed, ease of use and maintenance costs, and launched the project in collaboration with Italian IT firm Valueteam, with which they collaborated on CRM projects.

Project Team
The project team consisting of participants from Turkey, Belarus and Italy successfully finished the project in accordance with the management goals. Project team members:

Project Sponsors:
Roman Vasyliev, Vice President of Sales, Best
Ludmila Chaikovskaya, Customer Relations Director, Best

Steering Committee:  
İsmet Yazıcı, General Manager, Best
İlker Kuruöz, Vice President, Turkcell
Alp Ağcataş, Vice President of IT, Best
Barış Fındık, Director of ICT Governance, Turkcell
Maksim Zaharenkov, Director of Operations, Best
Sergei Gorelyshev, Director of Delivery, Best

Project Managers:      
Nejat Murat Erkan, PMP
Anastassia Atanosuva

Ömür Köken
Liudmila Shyshlava
Sergey Borenkov

These project team members worked diligently to ensure the success of the project. They identified business processes, designed the best screens for call center employees, determined the information that should be displayed on these screens, integrated 8 different systems where this information will be collected, and designed a warning mechanism. Although the teams were not working from one location, they ensured the commissioning of the project according to plan by fulfilling all the standards to the letter and eliminating the disadvantages of working remotely.


Transition Period That Does Not Interfere with Company Operations
In this kind of complex project, when starting to use a new system, mishaps can occur due to data transmission errors, unnoticed processes, small mistakes that were not noticed during testing and exceptional circumstances that happen in real life, and these mishaps can interfere with the company’s operation for some time. Thanks to the comprehensive efforts of the project team working on the Best life:) project and its quick and easy adaptation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM business processes, these types of problems never occurred. The new system was completely ready two days before the transition, and one day before the transition of the data transfer was completed. The transition phase, which is generally a difficult period for the project team, sleep-deprived and tired during the preparation phase, was quite easy in the Best life:) project as it was well planned. The project was commissioned with almost zero error, without any problems in the call center operations and without causing any inconvenience to customers.

Increased Productivity
The main objectives of the project were an increase in productivity of call center operations and the fulfilling of customer requests immediately. The project led to a 30% increase in the number of answered calls, and a significant increase in the number of customers whose requests were fulfilled or whose issues were solved during the first call. In the call center, serving approximately 1.5 million subscribers, it became much easier to understand and find solutions for sometimes complex user problems thanks to the screens and processes developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Integration with the main systems greatly contributed to the productivity increase. Records created in the BSCS Billing System are copied to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and integrated in the Request/Complaint Management System. In this way, most of the questions/complaints from customers, 95% of which are prepaid line subscribers, related to the use of prepaid minutes or package usage rights can be answered immediately by using the CRM screens. The fact that the CRM database is open to integration, and allows the storing of a large number of records in a safe manner, as well as the running of queries quickly, supports the future possibility of creating and tracking all the data in the CRM database.

Fast Customer Notification and Problem Solving
An important factor affecting customer satisfaction and the number one priority of all the Turkcell Group companies is the customers’ call center experience. The most important factor affecting the call center experience is the ability to give the customers the correct information as quickly as possible and to solve the problem during the first interaction, if possible. By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM screens, customer representatives of Best life:) are able to access the maximum amount of information, and make the customer experience even more unique thanks to the system’s high availability and high performance as well as fast query results. Additionally, necessary corrections related to customer issues can be identified via CRM screens and trigger the necessary updates in other systems, which lead to a further increase in customer satisfaction. When it comes to calls made for information purposes, thanks to the integration, information on tariffs and prepaid minutes is shared with customers immediately, which also increases customer satisfaction.

Performance Monitoring
The fact that all the business processes run in Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures reliable access to most of the data needed for performance measurement. Response time to different problems coming to the call center, the number of requests answered and fulfilled by call center employees, the number of requests fulfilled during the first interaction, the average closing time of a request, the number of calls passed on to the next level, and other various statistics can be tracked in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database, which allows performance monitoring. These values are examined, and the areas where improvements can be made are identified and compared with the average values of the group’s other companies. Additionally, call center employees can monitor their own performance, and assess areas of improvement. The company is considering the transition of other internal business processes, which are not part of the Best life:) project, performing analyses based on corporate business processes, and which are not tracked using other kinds of software, to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform in accordance with the Extended CRM logic.

Comments of Project Sponsor Ludmila Chaikovskaya:
  • The striking feature of the new system is its user-friendly GUI. Additionally, it is easy to adapt as it comes from the MS family and is similar to Outlook. Second, the screens are simple and easy to use as we designed them based on our needs.

  • The new system supports the existing business processes; therefore, it is fast and easy to use. As a result, CC employees can take all the necessary actions during the call. The call time is shorter and there is nothing left to do after the call.
  • After looking at software used for this purpose in Best, I realized that MS Dynamics was the most comprehensive customer relationship application implemented in the last 2.5 years. Even the first experience was pretty smooth compared to other applications.
Solution Overview

Organization Size: 2800 employees

Organization Profile
Turkcell started its operations in Belarus following the purchase of the operator Best, privatized by the state. The company continues its operations under the brand life :) dominating the market. It is a rapidly growing operator with more than 1.5 million subscribers in the country.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Vertical Industries
Communications and Network Service Providers