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Posted: 5/14/2012
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Telefónica del Perú Telecommunications Firm Reduces Customer Support Call Times by 50 Percent with Expert Help

Telefónica del Perú wanted to streamline customer service. To do so, it decided to use a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It turned to Microsoft Services for expert assistance with project envisioning, architecting, delivery, and support. Because of its work with Microsoft Services, the company accelerated its time to solution, conserved costs, and achieved a solution that reduces customer support average call times by 50 percent.

Business Needs
Successful companies are rarely satisfied with current performance and always seek to improve. Such is the case with Telefónica del Perú, part of Telefónica, a Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider that operates throughout Europe and Latin America.

As Telefónica del Perú sought to increase its market share, it realized that enhancing customer support would be a smart step. “We wanted our support staff to be able to serve customers faster," recalls Hugo Muñoz Flores, Chief Architect at Telefónica del Perú. "When customers called with questions or problems, sometimes they waited so long that they had to hang up and wait for us to call back.”

Part of the challenge was that the company’s 3,000 customer service agents had to work with many different applications and multiple screens to access customer information, track issues, and respond to customers. “The system was just too complex,” says Muñoz. “We needed to provide agents with data from many sources on a single screen.”

Telefónica del Perú evaluated two software solutions: one based on Jacada and IBM systems and the other based on the Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. “We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because our colleagues in Colombia were using it with success and because we felt that, as a Microsoft solution, it would have a familiar, user-friendly interface that would be easy to train our agents to use,” says Muñoz.

However, when it came to project design and implementation, Telefónica del Perú knew that it needed assistance. “We wanted a partner that could help us design an agile solution that worked closely with our other systems and had an intuitive presentation layer,” says Muñoz.

* We save money and time by calling on Microsoft Services Consulting and Premier Support when we need them… They streamline our projects and help us avoid going down the wrong path.
Hugo Muñoz Flores
Chief Architect, Telefónica del Perú
Telefónica del Perú turned to Microsoft Services for help. “We were an early adopter of the Customer Care Accelerator solution and thought it was unlikely that any other partner could be as knowledgeable about the product as Microsoft Services,” says Muñoz. “We also appreciated that Microsoft Services has many global consultants who could help us overcome technical problems.” Telefónica del Perú also uses Microsoft Services Premier Support.

In November 2010, Telefónica del Perú began working with experts from Microsoft Services Consulting on a proof-of-concept study in which the combined team gained a clear understanding of agents’ needs and proved the solution’s viability. Satisfied with the progress, Telefónica del Perú embarked on its project-planning process and designed the solution with Microsoft Services consultants, who used the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology as a guide throughout the project. “We have heavy employee turnover in our call center, so our Microsoft Service consultants paid special attention to the solution’s presentation layer to ensure that it supported agents’ ability to learn quickly and thoroughly attend to customers,” says Muñoz.

The company took advantage of several of the consultants’ recommendations regarding the interoperability between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the company’s other applications. The consultants also designed the solution’s security mechanism, which was complicated because Telefónica del Perú outsources some of its customer support and had to give outsourced agents access to customer care-related information while safeguarding other private corporate information.

In December 2011, Telefónica del Perú launched Felix, its new customer support solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. As of May 2012, the company’s 2,000 internal call center agents use Felix. It plans to extend it to outsourced agents too. The company also intends to work with Microsoft Services to add Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 capabilities to Felix to help manage customer documentation.

Telefónica del Perú completed Felix quickly and cost-effectively. “We have already reduced our customer support call times by 50 percent,” says Muñoz. “We have been able to increase the productivity of our call center agents, reduce the number applications they need access to, and increase customer satisfaction.” The benefits of engaging Microsoft Services for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM project include:
  • Experience and expertise. By working with Microsoft Services, Telefónica del Perú received specialized help from consultants with a range of expertise in CRM and other technologies. “We had access to smart, capable technology specialists with specific skills and insight, who helped us manage all issues—even those that did not involve Microsoft technologies,” says Roxanna Cochachi, Front Office Systems Manager at Telefónica del Perú.

  • Accelerated time to solution. The company was able to put Felix into production in a shorter time frame due to help from Microsoft Services. “Our project lasted approximately nine months, but I estimate it would have taken 12 additional months to complete if we had not worked with Microsoft Services,” says Muñoz. “That would have meant another year before seeing customer support improvements.”

  • Reduced costs. Telefónica del Perú believes that engaging Microsoft Services helps the company conserve costs. “We save money and time by calling on Microsoft Services Consulting and Premier Support when we need them, rather than finding and maintaining in-house expertise,” says Muñoz. “They streamline our projects and help us avoid going down the wrong path.”

  • Enhanced customer service capabilities. With the launch of Felix, Telefónica del Perú has reduced its customer service call times by half. “Although Felix has been in place for just two months and is not yet used by all agents, we already have seen a 5 percent improvement in customer satisfaction rates, which is important because customer satisfaction is critical to building our business and reaching our growth goals,” says Muñoz.

  • Trusted relationship. The company is continuing its pursuit of excellence, and its relationship with Microsoft Services has become a key element of that effort. “We trust Microsoft Services,” says Cochachi. “We have challenges ahead, but having Microsoft Services as part of our team gives us the confidence that we can meet those challenges.”

Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services is a global team of professionals who are dedicated to helping customers maximize the value of their investment in Microsoft software. Microsoft Services touches customers more than 715 million times a year, helping them plan, deploy, support and optimize our technologies. They also work closely with Microsoft Partners by sharing their technological expertise and product knowledge on a regular basis.
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Organization Size: 10000 employees

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Telefónica del Perú, based in Lima and founded in 1920, provides telephone and other communications services, including Internet and broadband services, company communications, and cable television.

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