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Posted: 6/6/2012
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IRISTEL ROMANIA Major Call Center Improves Efficiency by 30 percent!

Iristel Romania is a subsidiary of Canada-based Iristel Inc., Canada’s largest VoIP service provider with a coast to coast CLEC network. Established in 2003, Iristel Romania has established itself as the sole provider of international telephony solutions within the global Iris family of companies. Over the past several years Iristel Romania has consistently added new customers achieving an annual growth rate of 30-40%.

Business Needs

Originally, Iristel Romania used a customer relationship management (CRM) solution centrally provided by Iris Technologies, Inc. to all of their subsidiaries. As the number of subsidiaries and burgeoning customer base grew, the database at the center of this system grew far beyond its original specifications. Access to customer data became increasingly slower causing call center agents to keep their customers waiting for inordinate periods of time.

* We are a company with great potential but without a solid preparation for the future we cannot reach beyond a certain level. The old CRM system was the end of a road; Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is for Iristel Romania a new road and a real support for business growth. *

Mario Pavoni
Iristel Romania

Iris Technologies attempted to improve responsiveness by customizing and further developing this solution, but this only resulted in further delays and disruption of business workflow. As Iristel Romania CEO Mario Pavoni reports, “Before 2006, we only had a database hosted on a web portal where we kept the record of the clients and numbers. It was an empiric and incoherent system.”

In 2006 Iristel Romania deployed its own installation of Microsoft Dynamics 3.0. This new system had the advantage of integrating well with other systems currently in use, including billing, installments, destinations and fees. However, it too needed internal customization to keep pace with the growing needs and resources of the company. As more Call Center operators were added to accommodate the rapidly expanding customer base, more load was put on the system which ultimately resulted once again in serious delays accessing needed information while customers were waiting on the phone.

With customer satisfaction levels challenged and their own personnel frustrated, Iristel Romania realized they once again needed to upgrade their CRM system.


Iristel Romania recognized that their Microsoft solution had served them well, but had been upgraded several times since their 2006 implementation. After conducting a survey of potential competing solutions, they decided to continue with Microsoft solutions, reasoning that their people were familiar and comfortable working with Microsoft products, and their IT people had become accustomed to and had developed specific skills working in a Microsoft development environment.

Originally they considered migrating from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 to version 4.0 and commenced a proof-of-concept analysis. However, Horatiu Stancu, IT Manager for Iristel Romania, explains, “After the analysis, we decided to migrate from CRM 3.0 to CRM 2011 by following a new model and a new structure of the database, similar to the old one, but optimized for the 2011 version. Thus we eliminated the need for an intermediary step – the migration to CRM 4.0, mandatory in case we kept the old structure – which would have required additional costs and time.”

Recognizing that their 2006 implementation of CRM 3.0 had been hampered by a lack of CRM experience, Iristel Romania commenced a search for a local Microsoft partner with Microsoft Gold Competencies in CRM and a solid portfolio of its own Dynamics CRM solutions. Impressed by their Dynamics CRM- portfolio of verticalized CRM solutions they selected Matricia Solutions, a group of top IT professionals with demonstrated experience not only in Dynamics CRM but also in Business IT Consulting and Project Management.

Beginning in early 2011, Matricia carefully analyzed Iristel Romania’s requirements and delivered a complex but comprehensive project plan which was commenced in March and completed by August of the same year. Given the criticality of the CRM application to Iristel’s operations, data migration, cutover, and go-live had to be carefully orchestrated to eliminate disruption. Matricia accomplished this within 48 hours, delivering a fully-functional system that users could immediately begin working with.


“We are a company with great potential but without a solid preparation for the future we cannot reach beyond a certain level,” explains CEO Pavoni. “The old CRM system was the end of a road; Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is for Iristel Romania a new road and a real support for business growth.”

Upon going live with the new system, Iristel Romania very quickly began realizing significant benefits derived from upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, including:

Rapid User Adoption

IT Manager Stancu tells us that “Continuing with a Microsoft solution was an advantage from the users’ point of view, not only in terms of a familiar interface, which remained mostly the same, but mainly in terms of system structure and logic and the modality to access information in the system. Users are happy with the new interface and facilities which ease their work in many cases. “

Increased IT Productivity with Reduced Operational Costs

“In CRM 3.0, any development was difficult, was based on a solution of compromise and required a great effort,” explains Stancu. “These problems have by now disappeared and with the new technology the productivity of the IT department increased significantly. It is much easier now to add customizations. This translates into shorter time and smaller effort/cost to deliver new functionalities.“

Stancu continues, explaining that “In CRM 3.0 there were very strict limitations with regard to this segment. Based on the newly constructed model we planned several customizations in billing, provisioning, etc. We now start with something new which opens a much wider range of possibilities than what we had in the previous CRM.“

Increased Call Center Efficiency

The rapid growth of the Iristel customer base made it critical to eliminate the long delays the call center operators had been subjecting their callers to. Recent studies indicate that the average number of clients waiting in queue has been significantly reduced and the number of calls managed by call center agents has increased by 30%.

CEO Mario Pavoni adds that “Due to the new engine of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and the new database, the speed of response has increased significantly. Practically, any operation that took minutes, now takes only a few seconds.”

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With each call center agent handling almost a third more calls per day, customer satisfaction levels have risen in direct proportion, as has the satisfaction of the Iristel employees with their ability to do their job well.

Significant Opportunities to Expand and Enhance the Solution

One example of new functionality enabled by the increased integration features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has been the rapid development of a Self-Service capability in the Customer Care area. “Self-service functionalities are only partly implemented at this moment but results are very good,” reports CEO Pavoni. “On the provisioning side performance is greatly improved, the complete set-up of a new account is done in less time, etc. We wish to continue in this direction until we reach complete automization.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 80 employees

Organization Profile

Bucharest-based Iristel provides complex telephony solutions and a large range of related services, such as national and international telephony, prepaid cards, virtual telephone lines and PBX, teleconference, etc.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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