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Posted: 6/15/2012
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Quest Software Software Maker Offers Cloud Service to Simplify Email Migrations and Expand Reach

To help its customers migrate to Microsoft Office 365, Quest Software created a product called Quest OnDemand Migration for Email. It decided to run the solution on Windows Azure to give companies of all sizes a fast, low-cost, low-risk way to migrate email to cloud environments. Because the product runs on Windows Azure, it can scale to handle tens of thousands of mailboxes so that Quest can accommodate customers anywhere in the world, and provide them with exceptional performance, security, and availability.

Business Needs
Quest Software of Aliso Viejo, California, develops software that helps customers manage their databases, development, infrastructure, security, and more. It sells its products and services through a direct sales force and also through partners and resellers.

Quest saw that many customers—and customers of reseller partners—wanted to migrate their email messaging from both on-premises infrastructures and Google Mail to Microsoft Office 365 and were eager to use the service, but nervous about the migration. Microsoft Office 365 unites familiar Microsoft Office applications with the power of Microsoft productivity servers into one connected, online solution. Quest also noted that universities were facing the same challenge when they moved email systems to the Microsoft Live@edu messaging service.

Quest observed that many of the email migration tools on the market were difficult to set up and use and required the deployment of an on-site server to migrate large numbers of mailboxes. Many companies couldn’t afford disruption to their most mission-critical application, so they would abandon their efforts to move email messaging to the cloud, or from one cloud provider to another.

As a result, Quest decided to create an email migration solution that could be delivered using the software as a service (SaaS) deployment model. “We wanted customers to gain instantaneous access to our migration product via any web browser and start migrating users within minutes, not weeks,” says Ron Robbins, Product Manager, Migration Solutions at Quest Software.

As a longtime member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Quest was already using Windows Azure, the Microsoft cloud service deployment, hosting, and management environment, to deliver other Quest services under the OnDemand brand name. For migrating organizations to Microsoft Office 365, what better tool than Microsoft’s own cloud platform? Running the new product—called Quest OnDemand Migration for Email—in Windows Azure was a natural choice.

* With Windows Azure, we have a global reach for our OnDemand solution. We can expand our markets as Microsoft expands its Windows Azure data centers. *

Ron Robbins
Product Manager, Migration Solutions, Quest Software

“We knew that with Windows Azure we’d receive guaranteed uptime with the Microsoft data centers, which are often located near Office 365 data centers, and we would be using a cloud platform and provider that would be around for the long haul,” Robbins says.

Quest launched Quest OnDemand Migration for Email in September 2011. The solution migrates user data to Office 365 and Live@edu email services without requiring customers to install or maintain any software for the move. Customers simply go to the Quest OnDemand portal, log on, and enter the credentials for the messaging system that they are migrating from and the cloud platform that they are migrating to. They then select the mailboxes that they want to migrate and click “start.” The customer can monitor the migration process by viewing a web-based console that shows the progress and any problems that are encountered, with details about the migration success of individual mailboxes and even messages.

Windows Azure compute provides on-demand processing power to run the migration scripts, and Windows Azure table storage stores customer migration data. No customer email messages are ever stored in Windows Azure to alleviate customer privacy concerns. Quest offers OnDemand Migration for Email for US$10 per migrated mailbox.

By running OnDemand Migration for Email in Windows Azure, Quest Software can offer customers a scalable solution that can accommodate any number of mailboxes. Quest can offer its service globally and provide customers around the world quick, low-cost, highly secure migration to Office 365 and Live@edu.

Scales to Accommodate Small Business and Enterprise Migrations
By hosting its solution in Windows Azure, Quest can offer its email migration service to any size organization, from small businesses to enterprises with tens of thousands of mailboxes. To date, Quest has migrated thousands of email seats to Office 365 using OnDemand Migration for Email, many of them from Google Mail.

Windows Azure gives Quest levels of performance and availability that it could not deliver on its own without great cost. “We don’t have to worry about keeping servers running; Microsoft takes care of that,” Robbins says. “Windows Azure is like the Internet; we know that it will always be there.”

Achieves Global Reach
“With Windows Azure, our OnDemand product has global reach with customers across North America, Europe, and Asia,” Robbins says. “We can expand our markets as Microsoft expands its Windows Azure data centers. Deploying our own SaaS infrastructure worldwide would be cost-prohibitive, but with Windows Azure we can reach new markets without infrastructure concerns.”

Reduces Customer Effort and Cost
By running its email migration solution in Windows Azure, Quest is able to offer customers of all size access to an industry-leading migration solution with a low-cost-per-mailbox pricing model. With no software to install or servers to set up, companies can migrate their email systems to Office 365 and Live@edu quickly and affordably.

“Our pay-as-you-go pricing model gives customers the flexibility to migrate all their users at once or spread the investment over time,” Robbins says. “Most small organizations can complete their migration in as little as 15 minutes.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 4000 employees

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Quest Software develops software used to develop, manage, monitor, and protect packaged and custom software applications. Quest has 60 offices, nearly 4,000 employees, and more than 100,000 customers.

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