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Posted: 7/4/2012
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Encorp Property Developer Builds Real Customer Connections with Empowered Customer Engagements

Encorp Berhad, a leading property developer and construction company in Malaysia, wanted to enhance customer engagements by automating its sales, marketing and customer service processes. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Encorp successfully automated workflows, streamlined lead tracking, extended marketing reach with faster roll-outs of marketing campaigns, empowered sales engagement and ensured timely follow-ups with both customers and government agencies.

* With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our marketing efficiency has gone up significantly. We can now easily generate customer mailing lists to support SMS notifications in just five minutes. We can also perform powerful segmentation and roll-out targeted marketing campaigns to increase crosssell and up-sell opportunities. *

Hamid Salikin
IT Head
Encorp Berhad


Encorp Berhad (Encorp) is a leading property developer and construction company in Malaysia. Setup in 2000 and listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 2003, Encorp has been creating waves in Malaysia’s landscape with its signature development projects. These include Encorp Strand, an integrated office, residential, leisure and retail development in the Kota Damansara area, which received the Highly Commended Award (Mixed-Used Development category for Malaysia) in the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2011 and the inaugural The Edge-PEPS Value Creation Excellence Award 2010. The company employs 152 staff (as at June 2012) and achieved revenue of US$ 84.28 million for the financial year ended 31 December 2010. Encorp wants to differentiate itself from the competition with innovative offerings, while delivering unbeatable Quality, standards, Value and Service (QSVS) to its customers. To stand out in Malaysia’s marketplace of more than 3,000 players, Encorp’s management knew that it needed to go beyond the status quo with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  Spearheading the top-down initiative, Hamid Salikin, IT Head, Encorp Berhad said, “We wanted to automate our sales, marketing and customer service processes to better engage the customers. Only by building a close relationship with the customer, then we can look forward to increasing our customer’s mindshare and cultivating long-term customer loyalty.” The CRM system would help Encorp’s salespersons better track leads and property buyers’ purchase behaviour. Its customer service department also needed a more efficient way to track defects and contractors’ quality of work upon delivery of vacant possession (DVP). A CRM system would also help its marketing division to extend marketing reach and roll-out targeted promotional programmes.


With Encorp already using Microsoft’s office automation, messaging and database solutions, Hamid explained his choice of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, “We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and our existing Microsoft environment. We want a solution that is sustainable, reliable and supported by many partners. Microsoft Dynamics CRM met all these criteria. We are also assured by Microsoft’s commitment to research and development, which will deliver constant innovation to help us stay ahead.” Focused on ensuring seamless integration and a timely implementation, Encorp selected SYNIC Consulting Sdn Bhd (SYNIC), a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, for its CRM implementation.  “We are pleased with the SYNIC team, who is very professional and knowledgeable. Their willingness to share their experience with similar implementations has given us valuable insights. The successful implementation has enabled us to see results almost immediately,” said Hamid. The system went live in October 2010.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM helped Encorp to extend marketing reach, enhance customer engagement, increase visibility, empower sales engagement and automate workflow.

Extended Marketing Reach with Quick Campaign Roll-Out

Previously, new marketing campaigns often took from a few weeks to months to prepare. With no system to accurately detect redundancy, churning and verifying the mailing list were tedious. Sending out e-mailers or invitations manually was slow and prone to human errors. Following up with customers via phone calls was also time-consuming, with a low hit rate. “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our marketing efficiency has gone up significantly. We can now easily generate customer mailing lists to support SMS notifications in just five minutes. We can also perform powerful segmentation and roll-out targeted marketing campaigns to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities,” said Hamid.

Enhanced Customer Engagement Build Real Connections

A strong advocate of building ‘feelgood’ experiences, it has been Encorp’s tradition to send birthday greetings or anniversary wishes to its customers. Hamid explained, “It is harder to retain ‘old’ customers than gain ‘new’ customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers our customer engagement and ensures that no customer is missed out in our outreach. By placing ourselves constantly ‘in front’ of the customers, we want to build a real connection with our customers.”

Increased Visibility Enhances Lead Tracking, Collaboration andCustomer Responsiveness

Instead of manually tracking a customers’ purchase pattern or relationships between customers, Encorp’s salespersons now rely on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a 360-degree customer view. “With a holistic view of both existing and prospective customers, the leads and their statuses, our salespersons can now better manage their selling activities,” said Hamid. A consolidated view of customers and prospects increases visibility and keeps Encorp’s sales, marketing and customer service departments on the same page. Instead of exchanging files via email or routing physical documents, collaboration is enhanced. This ensures timely responses to customer queries. With the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Encorp’s website, e-queries from customers are now tracked with timely responses.

Empowered Sales Engagement

Salespersons are now empowered to sell better with easy access to sales tools such as the competitive analysis database stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Customers enjoy talking to intelligent salespersons who can share perspectives about similar products in the marketplace. Instead of doing their own analysis, customers appreciate us doing these “homework” on their behalf. By empowering our salespersons with such valuable information at their fingertips, it increases their confidence when selling to today’s increasingly sophisticated prospects,” said Hamid. Even when the prospects do not purchase the properties after viewing, they would have gained an impression of a knowledgeable and professional team – which helps to boost Encorp’s corporate image and build word-of-mouth marketing.

Automated Workflow and Ensured Timely Follow-Up

Automated workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensure that key processes when dealing with government agencies, such as application for building permits etc., are properly tracked. “When managing the recently completed National Teacher’s Housing Project, the powerful workflows, automated notifications and alerts within Microsoft Dynamics CRM gave us a systematic way of following up with multiple government agencies,” explained Hamid. Streamlined workflows also help Encorp better manage defects tracking, a key after-sales service to ensure that all defects are resolved within the 2-year warranty period.

Looking Ahead

From a customer database of about 6,000 contacts when the system first went live in October 2010, Encorp’s database has grown by an additional 3,000 by May 2012. Pleased with the staff’s acceptance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hamid said, “The bottom line of a company’s success is its customer relations. We are convinced of the value of CRM for any business − it can do so much wonder in managing customer relationships, retaining customers and keeping them close to the company.” Plans are underway to integrate Encorp’s leasing management software with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Document published June 2012.

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