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Posted: 7/10/2012
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Modern Networks IT Firm Uses Operating System Solution to Boost Sales, Expand Trusted Advisor Role

Modern Networks recently helped one of its customers deploy Windows 8 Pro to take advantage of the flexibility, performance, and mobility that the solution offers. Based on its experience with Windows 8 Pro, Modern Networks expects to expand revenue opportunities within existing accounts and provide more efficient, responsive customer service.

Business Needs
Modern Networks provides data center, system management, communications, and productivity solutions to customers ranging from small businesses to enterprise corporations. As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with Gold competencies, it has worked with customers throughout the United Kingdom to implement and support Microsoft technologies for more than a decade.

* There’s a ‘wow’ factor with Windows 8 Pro that makes it incredibly easy to promote. We expect that 50 percent of our customers will make the transition to Windows 8 Pro in the next six months. *

Rob Thursfield
Microsoft Alliance and Senior Account Manager, Modern Networks

The company helps its customers take advantage of emerging technologies to improve efficiency, trim costs, and maintain their competitive edge. “We have a history of identifying turning points in the industry and then helping our customers make the transition to the technologies that are driving the latest trends, so they can quickly start realizing tangible value from their investment,” says Rob Thursfield, Senior Account Manager at Modern Networks. For example, Modern Networks was an early promoter of data center virtualization strategies as a way of enabling customers to reduce dependence on physical infrastructure.

Executives at Modern Networks have also paid close attention to changes in the desktop computing environment. They were aware of the widespread use of tablets among their customers, but they noted that many customers had expressed frustration that some of the tablets popular among consumers did not provide adequate compatibility with frequently used business tools. Customers wanted a way to combine modern touch-computing capabilities with the familiarity of the productivity applications people rely on every day.

Modern Networks was eager to help customers realize the benefits of the Windows 8 Pro operating system. Among the capabilities that Thursfield was most excited to demonstrate were the multitouch interface and the consistent performance that the software delivers across a range of hardware. “We’re convinced that Windows 8 Pro is going to be a game changer for the desktop environment for any-sized business, and we were eager to show it off to more of our customers,” says Thursfield.

In line with the company’s practice of extensively testing and using the solutions it delivers to customers, Modern Networks first deployed a prerelease version of Windows 8 Pro to several of its staff members—from IT administrators to field-based consultants. Over the course of several weeks, Thursfield used Windows 8 Pro running on a tablet PC. “The tablet running Windows 8 Pro has effectively replaced my laptop; in fact, it’s changed the way I work, giving me more flexibility than ever,” says Thursfield. “With mobile broadband wherever I go, I can connect to our corporate network and to my applications in seconds from practically anywhere. It’s brilliant.”

Thursfield has found that one of the company’s customers, a London-based architecture firm, shares his enthusiasm for Windows 8 Pro. The firm currently uses Windows 8 Pro on two tablets and three desktop computers. Architects use the touch-screen capabilities built into Windows 8 Pro to pan and zoom in on digital renderings of customer projects and to quickly flip between applications and files. “They love having the flexibility to use Windows 8 Pro on a PC with a larger screen at the office and then switch to the tablet for a meeting at a customer site,” says Thursfield. The firm’s receptionist also appreciates working with a tablet PC that delivers the latest versions of the Microsoft Office applications she uses throughout the day. “With Windows 8 Pro, the firm is able to provide all the convenience and interactive fun of a tablet device—without worrying about compatibility issues with their productivity and collaboration tools,” says Thursfield.

By adopting Windows 8 Pro and incorporating the software into the solutions it offers to customers, Modern Networks anticipates the following benefits:
  • Increased sales opportunities. Thursfield predicts rapid adoption of Windows 8 Pro by the company’s existing customers. He forecasts that, by the end of 2012, Modern Networks will deploy the software for at least half of its 180 customers. “There’s a ‘wow’ factor with Windows 8 Pro that makes it incredibly easy to promote,” says Thursfield. “We expect that 50 percent of our customers will make the transition to Windows 8 Pro in the next six months.”

  • Accelerated delivery of customer solutions. Staff members at Modern Networks who have used Windows 8 have noted its remarkably fast performance. They have been particularly impressed by how quickly their computers start up. In fact, Thursfield documented a 30 percent improvement in startup time. They have also found that, by using touch gestures combined with traditional mouse and keyboard options, they can work more efficiently. And, with built-in mobile broadband, staff have benefitted from faster connectivity to the company’s network, wherever they happen to be working. “By using all of these capabilities to improve the speed with which we work, we’ll ultimately reduce cycle time on projects, which means we’ll be able to deliver solutions to our customers in a much more agile way,” says Thursfield.

  • Expanded role as trusted advisor to customers. Based on its experience with Windows 8 Pro, the company recognizes its potential as a catalyst and key enabling technology for improving productivity. “The architecture firm that we’ve worked with is a great example of how any company can use the hardware flexibility, the touch capabilities, and the work-from-anywhere possibilities that Windows 8 Pro delivers to boost productivity, almost instantaneously,” says Thursfield. By using Windows 8 Pro to demonstrate immediate, tangible value, executives are confident that they can expand their role as a trusted advisor with existing customers, and in turn, create stronger relationships that yield new recurring revenue opportunities.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 100 employees

Partner Profile

Based in London and Hertfordshire, England, Modern Networks is an IT consultancy and member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Its solutions span data center, communications, and desktop technologies.

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  • Windows 8
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Suites

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IT Services

United Kingdom

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  • Unified Communications
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