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Posted: 8/23/2012
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Capgemini France Solution Provider Engages Expert Development Support, Increases Productivity 10 Percent

An IT consulting company, Capgemini develops solutions for customers around the globe. In 2010, while launching a large project for a customer in the financial services industry, it engaged Microsoft Services Premier Support for Developers, a service that provides expert guidance and tactical support. With the help of Microsoft resources, Capgemini successfully released the solution within two years. The company streamlined its development efforts, enhanced its employees’ skills, and gained insights into future projects.

Business Needs
Founded in 1967, Capgemini is a global IT company and member of the Microsoft Partner Network that designs and develops tailored business and technology solutions. With EUR€8.7 billion (US$10.7 billion) in sales in 2010, it is a leader in consulting, IT services, and facilities management solutions, serving companies in the aerospace, electricity, and tobacco industries.

To ensure it can provide the highest quality development work, Capgemini has invested in skilled employees at all levels in the development life cycle. Because it values the benefits of exchange, sharing, and collaboration, the company also looks to external resources to complement its in-house capabilities.

In 2010, Capgemini was working on a large project for a customer in the financial services industry. Its mandate was to define and develop an international information system that would support all the customer’s products. The company was also responsible for designing the functional and technical architecture of an information system. “We had to deploy the solution on a global scale,” says Fabrice le Turluer, Project Manager at Capgemini. “It was an extremely challenging project in the sense that it dealt with a business area that was perhaps new to Europe.”

Capgemini decided to engage the help of Microsoft Services Premier Support for Developers, a service of Microsoft Services that would give the company’s development team access to technical support and a full suite of services designed to accelerate results and reduce risks across the entire software development life cycle. Through Premier Support for Developers, the Capgemini team could take advantage of Microsoft expertise and global resources to help ensure a consistent and coordinated development effort in line with overall business initiatives.

* With the help of Microsoft Services, we gained a deep knowledge of business and technology that provided us with strategic and tactical advantages throughout the development life cycle. *

Fabrice le Turluer
Project Manager, Capgemini

“This Microsoft program included on-site expertise and services, with assistance at all stages of the development life cycle, including methodology as well as best practices for coding, testing, deployment, and life cycle management,” says le Turluer. “Microsoft Services provided us with an Application Development Manager engineer who provided technical consulting, fielded and escalated technical questions, and coordinated onsite services.”

The Application Development Manager (ADM) provided Capgemini development staff with multiple levels of support. First, the ADM audited the customer’s existing infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. This extensive audit informed how Capgemini would structure its teams and provide the necessary training to serve the customer. It outlined the collaborative methods and development tools that would be required to complete the project. The ADM also reviewed and approved the customer’s proposed design and architecture. Finally, the ADM was directly involved in project execution, conducting code audits, suggesting improvements, implementing proof-of-concept designs, and preparing documentation.

“The ADM is both an engineer and a technical coordinator,” says Fabien Royer, the Microsoft Application Development Manager who worked with Capgemini. “There are 14 ADM engineers who can get involved at any time, and we work with a team of carefully selected Premier Field Engineers [PFEs].”

The role of the ADM is to provide current information on Microsoft technologies, including the latest features. The highly skilled Premier Support for Developers experts immersed themselves in the Capgemini project as well as the company’s culture so they could better understand the technical and business requirements. Neither the ADM nor the PFEs produce code. They might provide sections of existing or tested code, but it is the responsibility of Capgemini to verify that code works as expected for the project. “The ADM serves as a guide who can provide clarification and feedback,” says le Turluer. “This is a technical partnership.”

Capgemini completed the project and put the information system in production with the financial services customer. The company is planning to use Premier Services for Developers for upcoming projects involving customers from the automotive, furniture, and insurance industries.

Capgemini benefits from significantly improved productivity of its development team, advanced training for its workers, a streamlined development process, and a broader perspective of development projects going forward. “The contribution of Premier Support for Developers expertise in this project was immense,” says le Turluer. “With the help of Microsoft Services, we gained a deep knowledge of business and technology that provided us with strategic and tactical advantages throughout the development life cycle.”

Increased Developer Productivity
Thanks to the guidance and input of Microsoft experts, the Capgemini team brought the solution to market quickly and experienced tangible increases in productivity. “We easily realized a 5 to 10 percent increase in productivity across the entire development life cycle because of the assistance of Microsoft Services,” says le Turluer. “By taking advantage of these resources, we can respond to customers and new opportunities more quickly and efficiently.”

Improved Employee Skills
The Capgemini development team benefits from the deep technology insights and hands-on experience of the ADM and Microsoft engineers. “Because of their experiences during this engagement, our employees feel more valued,” says le Turluer. “They feel like part of a team as they work with Microsoft experts to develop a frame of reference for future projects. The engagement with Premier Services for Developers enhances our employees’ skills and experience.”

Gained Perspective on Projects
Though Capgemini is already a highly skilled and experienced solution provider, the engagement with Premier Support for Developers has expanded the company’s thinking and improved its processes as it moves toward next projects. “Through this service, we were able to take a step back and gain some perspective,” says le Turluer. “We are now more critical of ourselves, our decisions, and our ideas.”

Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services is a global team of professionals who are dedicated to helping customers maximize the value of their investment in Microsoft software. Microsoft Services touches customers more than 715 million times a year, helping them plan, deploy, support and optimize our technologies. They also work closely with Microsoft Partners by sharing their technological expertise and product knowledge on a regular basis.

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Organization Size: 120000 employees

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With 120,000 employees in 40 countries, Capgemini is a global consultant in IT services and facilities management solutions and employs a collaborative work style and unique modes of production.

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