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Posted: 2/19/2013
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MedcoEnergi Internasional Indonesian Energy Company Extracts New Benefits with Communications Upgrade

Founded in 1980, MedcoEnergi Internasional (MedcoEnergi) was the first national drilling company in Indonesia. With remote sites around the world, the right communication tools are critical for MedcoEnergi employees to collaborate on complex projects. The company had deployed a robust Microsoft communications solution that included email, unified messaging, presence information, instant messaging, conferencing, and desktop sharing capabilities. It also retired its outdated private-branch exchange telephony system and deployed an enterprise voice solution. MedcoEnergi wanted to expand this voice solution even further to ensure that every employee could stay connected and to reduce costs across the organization. It deployed Microsoft Lync Server 2013 for the improved high-availability options and client capabilities.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, MedcoEnergi Internasional (MedcoEnergi) is an integrated energy company with operations in five countries. It focuses on oil and gas exploration and production, power generation, and downstream industries, which include fuel distribution and biofuel production. The company has approximately 3,000 employees. With multiple business units and geographically distributed operations, the company relies on its communications platform to share information and collaborate.

Because MedcoEnergi has 28 locations around the world and multiple project sites, employees frequently rely on the videoconferencing and desktop sharing capabilities in Microsoft Lync Server 2010. Many departments use either audio or videoconferencing to hold their daily team meetings. Most employees use the desktop sharing capabilities to collaborate on projects, and the IT team uses it to troubleshoot and resolve issues even with users in remote locations, helping to keep help-desk costs down.

* With the video gallery in Lync Server 2013, our management team can see all of the sites on video at the same time, so the experience will be more like being in the same room. *

Cecep Saefudin
Manager of Infrastructure Services,
MedcoEnergi Internasional

Employees at remote office locations also have access to Lync Server capabilities like instant messaging (IM), presence, and desktop sharing. However, in the event of a network failure, personnel can lose their connection, which is their main link to the rest of the company and to important partners. Remote employees also rely on expensive leased telephony systems for voice connections, or on their mobile phones, which can also be expensive. MedcoEnergi wanted to find a way to provide more resilient communication methods at these locations and reduce equipment costs.

MedcoEnergi also wanted to provide Lync-qualified IP phones that offered more features, such as a company directory that displays presence information for every person in the organization, to use in conference rooms, lobbies, and at the guard gates. “Right now, the guards at our security gates don’t have phone lines, so they rely on radios to communicate with us,” explains Cecep Saefudin, Manager of Infrastructure Services at MedcoEnergi Internasional. “We needed a better way for them to connect to the rest of the company.”

Because MedcoEnergi employees depend on Lync for their communications, providing a reliable service is extremely important for the company. “Lync contributes to productivity for all users here at MedcoEnergi. Whether employees are traveling or in the office, Lync makes it easy to get in touch with anyone,” says Saefudin. “Since we depend on Lync so much, we are very focused on ensuring employees always have access to it.”

To further improve its communications capabilities, upgrade its communications for remote offices, and take advantage of the new high-availability configurations, MedcoEnergi deployed Microsoft Lync Server 2013. Lync Server 2013 is the latest unified communications platform from Microsoft.

Deploying High-Availability Solution
MedcoEnergi deployed Lync Server 2013 in a high-availability configuration to ensure the reliability of its corporate communications. It deployed Lync Server at two locations: the primary data center and a disaster recovery site. Each location has a three-node front-end server pool and two instances of Microsoft SQL Server data management software. All of the applications are run as virtual machines on Hyper-V hosts. The two SQL Server instances use database mirroring to ensure both databases are kept up-to-date.

The front-end server pools are linked so that MedcoEnergi can failover Lync service to the disaster recovery site if necessary. With Lync Server 2013, employees who connect through the backup pool will still receive the full set of communications capabilities. “We have fully tested the failover capabilities and are confident we can provide the reliability our users demand from Lync Server,” says Saefudin.

At its remote sites, MedcoEnergi will deploy Ferrari Electronic OfficeMaster Survivable Branch Appliances (SBA). The SBA is based on cost-effective media gateways hosting the Microsoft Survivable Branch Appliance software package. The SBA provides a public switched telephone network connection in the event of wide area network failure. The company plans to use SBAs at its branch offices to provide a redundant voice connection in the case of a network outage.

The company is currently evaluating voice hardware certified for Lync Server 2013, including the Jabra PRO 930. For common areas, the company plans to deploy the snom 821 IP phone, which provides directory search and presence information. The company is also testing the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema high-definition (HD) webcam so that it can provide videoconferencing capabilities for all employees to use at their desks.

Communications Options
MedcoEnergi will take advantage of the fact that Lync Server 2013 enables multiple video steams during a conference. The company sees its biggest opportunity at the annual company meeting in January, during which the management team presents to all of the MedcoEnergi sites. “With the video gallery in Lync Server 2013, our management team can see all of the sites on video at the same time, so the experience will be more like being in the same room,” says Saefudin.

* The SBA is a really great benefit for us. It’s important to us that people can still communicate in the event of a network outage. *

Arif Budiman
Data Center Operations, MedcoEnergi Internasional

Through the Lync 2013 client, employees have many ways to take advantage of the communications capabilities enabled by Lync Server. Tabbed IM conversations are a big improvement for employees who participate in many conversations at the same time. Because the Lync client also uses the Unified Contact Store, employees can view a common set of contacts across all Microsoft Office applications, manage contacts from any Office application, and store HD pictures of contacts.

Employees also have an alternative to the Lync client, the Microsoft Lync Web App, which provides a full-featured user experience, including voice and video over the Internet. MedcoEnergi wants employees and external contacts to have the ability to connect over the Internet to help lower toll charges for external users who use the callback feature. MedcoEnergi is looking forward to using the Lync Mobile client for voice and video while connected to wireless networks, which will also reduce phone charges.

Interoperation and Federation
MedcoEnergi is using social network capabilities, like the rich contact card, which displays employee pictures that the IT team has loaded into Active Directory and shows a contact’s manager and direct reports, and the activity feed, which employees can use to update their status for coworkers, enhancing the usual presence information that people can already see.

The company is also federating with Skype so that it can use video, audio, and IM communications with Skype users around the world for both business and personal communications to enhance work-life balance. “We have many employees who use Skype today to talk with customers or vendors. The federation between Lync and Skype will make those communications easier,” says Saefudin.

With Lync, the IT team can easily use capabilities such as the Windows PowerShell command-line interface to deploy and manage Lync Server. They can also use the web-based control panel to manage Lync Server from anywhere on the corporate network. The IT team will continue to use desktop sharing to troubleshoot and walk employees through issues they are having with their machines.

With Lync Server 2013, MedcoEnergi can extend the benefits of its communications solution—in particular, enterprise voice—to its entire organization, making employees better able to connect to one another. It can also continue its effort to phase out expensive phone systems at its remote sites, helping the company reduce costs.

Improved Availability
The flexible architecture and deployment possibilities in Lync help MedcoEnergi improve communication across the company. With hardware such as the snom 821 IP phone designed specifically for Lync Server, the company can ensure that all employees—even ones who do not have a computer—can stay connected and have access to Lync capabilities such as presence information. “We can provide these phones to provide enterprise voice capabilities in common areas and places like our security gates,” says Saefudin. “With the snom 821 IP phone, we can provide a phone connection without installing a computer.”

MedcoEnergi can also deliver a resilient voice solution at its remote sites by deploying the SBAs. “The SBA is a really great benefit for us. It’s important to us that people can still communicate in the event of a network outage,” says Arif Budiman, Data Center Operations at MedcoEnergi Internasional. “With the SBA, they have a voice connection, and they can also continue to chat.”

Improved Communication
The Lync client also makes it easier for employees to communicate. “People can easily set up call forwarding and manage devices through the Lync client,” says Saefudin. “This makes them more accessible.” Saefudin also sees great advantages in the activity feed and rich contact card features. He continues, “The activity feed provides a more social networking feel for employees, and we love the pictures in the rich contact card. All of these features make it easier for people to reach out and collaborate.”

Having multiple pictures or video streams available during conferences will help MedcoEnergi employees get to know each other. “Now that Lync 2013 displays people’s names next to their pictures, I always feel like I am talking to someone I know,” says Saefudin.

Reduced Costs
By deploying Lync Server, MedcoEnergi can offer more resilient phone service at remote sites at a fraction of the current cost. “We will use the Ferrari SBAs as our primary service at remote locations, and because everything is leased, we expect to see a large reduction in our monthly expenses for voice,” explains Saefudin. The company will also continue to phase out its analog phone systems at its headquarters and retire its private-branch exchange system, which will help it save on expensive maintenance costs.

MedcoEnergi is taking advantage Hyper-V virtualization technology to increase its control over the deployment and make server management easier. Having the server roles virtualized also decreases the number of servers used for the deployment and the associated costs for data center space, power, and cooling. MedcoEnergi has seen a 50 percent reduction in the hardware required for the solution due to virtualization.

Upgrading its communications solution with Lync Server 2013, MedcoEnergi continues to provide the latest technology to help its employees work together more easily, whether they are in the office or at a remote site in the jungle.

Microsoft Lync Server 2013
Microsoft Lync Server 2013 ushers in a new connected user experience that transforms every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative and engaging—and that is accessible from anywhere. For IT, the benefits are equally powerful, with a highly secure and reliable communications system that works with existing tools and systems for easier management, lower cost of ownership, smoother deployment and migration, and greater choice and flexibility.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 3000 employees

Organization Profile

MedcoEnergi Internasional (MedcoEnergi) is an integrated energy company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has global operations and 3,000 employees worldwide.

Business Situation

MedcoEnergi found that Microsoft Lync Server 2010 was one of the most critical applications it ran. It wanted to ensure that Lync was deployed with sufficient redundancy to avoid downtime.


MedcoEnergi deployed Microsoft Lync Server 2013, which offers improved high-availability options to help the company improve the resilience of its communications solutions.


  • Improved availability
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced costs

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013
  • Microsoft Lync 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Vertical Industries
Life Sciences, Chemicals; Oil & Gas, Mining


Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Unified Communications

IT Issue
Personal Productivity