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Posted: 3/26/2013
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Calibre Real Estate Australian Realtor Banks on Telstra Office 365 Solution to Fortify IT amid Growth

Four years of steady growth gave Brisbane-based Calibre Real Estate a promising outlook. The company had added 20 new employees and two branch offices. But continued growth and future profitability also meant the need for better IT. Calibre needed a cost-effective way to ensure productivity for its growing, largely mobile staff. Telstra supplied the solution with Office 365—bringing increased reliability, cost savings, and a scalable platform for growth.

Adding Offices and Employees Meant Buttressing IT
Calibre provides sales and property management services to customers throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and the surrounding areas. Employees depend heavily on IT, both onsite and in the field. So when business was growing, email slowness and outages due to aging servers became a serious pain point.

* Office 365 gives us all the IT that we need—and the best part is we don’t have to manage or maintain it. It’s all taken care of for us. *

Alice Hagen
Calibre Real Estate

Calibre Principal Alice Hagen knew she needed to upgrade the company’s infrastructure but was unsure how to do so affordably, in terms of both implementation and maintenance. Every new server would cost AU$30,000 and require upgrading every few years.

Fast Move to the Cloud Preserved Business Momentum
Hagen engaged Telstra to provide Office 365, an integrated, cloud-based suite of Microsoft Office applications based on familiar Microsoft technology. The solution included Microsoft Exchange Server for email, Microsoft Lync for instant messaging and web conferencing, and Microsoft SharePoint for secure file access.

“The changeover went extremely smoothly,” said Hagen. “Staff simply didn’t notice.” A three-step download process took just one day per location, with zero downtime, and the familiar Microsoft interface made it possible for staff to hit the ground running, so little time was lost.

In Real Estate, Reliable Mobile Access Ensures Fast Response
For realtors, getting from here to there quickly, and accessing email and files even faster, are key to moving sales along. Telstra’s Office 365 solution is supporting these needs cost-effectively, even as the business grows.

Have Device, Will Travel
Realtors are tied to their mobile devices for communications and transactions, and IT needs to function seamlessly. With Office 365, Calibre gets 24/7 reliability with cloud-hosted email and file-sharing, using almost any Internet-connected device.

Whether workers are at the headquarters office, a branch office, or in the field, they can collaborate, hold meetings, and send large files without delay.

Email is particularly critical. Telstra’s Office 365 solution has geo-redundant backup, preventing email downtime so workers can stay focused on their clients. A 25 GB inbox enables the smooth transmission of photos, contracts, and data to buyers and sellers— in short, providing “the capacity to get the job done,” said Justin Hagen, a licensed agent with Calibre.

Accommodating Change—Without a Huge Price Tag
If business continues to expand for Calibre, Office 365 is ready to grow along with the company. The infrastructure can be extended to a new office location in as little as one day, with no additional overhead.

Other savings include a reduction of a $1,000 monthly IT overhead, thanks to Telstra’s pay-per-use contract, and avoiding costly server upgrades—making room in the budget for other investments.

What is a great bargain is also a tremendous value, said Alice Hagen. “Office 365 gives us all the IT that we need—and the best part is we don’t have to manage or maintain it. It’s all taken care of for us,” said Hagen.

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Document published April 2013

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 22 employees

Organization Profile
Calibre Real Estate provides residential sales and property management services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and the surrounding areas. Founded in 2009, Calibre has expanded to three offices and 22 team members, and is looking to grow further.

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  • Microsoft Office 365
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  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server

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  • Business Productivity
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  • Cloud & Server Platform

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