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Posted: 4/25/2013
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Capita Business Process Outsourcing Firms Cuts Costs, Increases Efficiency with HR Solution

The Capita partnership with Gap Consulting has delivered a scalable, flexible solution that streamlines human resources (HR) administration. Built using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, it enables Capita to run effective HR services for one of the United Kingdom’s leading broadcasters. Around 220 Capita staff provide a full service to around 60,000 people, which has now been running successfully for more than four years.

Business Needs

Capita won the contract to manage HR services for a major broadcaster and had completed an initial deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support the service. The company subsequently wanted to carry out a review of the system and assess whether Microsoft Dynamics CRM could deliver its more specific HR requirements.

Capita needed a comprehensive HR solution to support all customer interactions, case management, and work flow. The firm has to adhere to strict service-level agreements (SLAs) dictated by the broadcaster—from when a case is originated, to when it closes. Plus, there are high levels of compliance required when accessing, tracking, and storing HR data.

Jason Pope, IT Delivery Director at Capita, says: “The operating model previously saw every piece of work received dealt with as an activity, but it made SLA measuring and management information metrics around operations difficult to achieve. We started with the proposal that not everything was an activity—there is a request that comes in and that should be a case, and a case consists of a number of activities. This would allow us to measure the end-to-end process associated with each case.”


Gap Consulting was engaged to help with the initial review of the system and subsequently to provide strategic advice on the best way to achieve better results from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“I made contact with Gap Consulting because I’d worked with the firm in my previous role with a global bank,” says Pope. “It was a natural choice to go to Gap Consulting and have a conversation.”

Gap Consulting helped the team from Capita present the business case to senior stakeholders through a series of workshops. The business case was then further refined to include headcount savings, efficiency savings, and a requirements document. The resulting programme of work included a re-implementation of the CRM system, a redesign of all of the processes, and some further automation—as well as cultural change within the organisation.

“We relied on Gap Consulting to propose how it believed it would work, based on its skills and experience,” says Pope. “I obviously had a view as to how I saw it working, and it was effectively a virtual team that worked seamlessly.” The HR solution that Gap Consulting and Capita designed together, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, had to meet four key requirements:

Identification and verification—making sure that employees accessing the service were entitled to use it and personal data could be accessed.

Case management—identifying the service employees required, and the SLA measures associated with that particular service to ensure activities were completed on time.

Workflow and automation—enabling some activities to be prioritised or escalated automatically to maximise efficiency.

Information management—improving the production of management information to provide evidence to the broadcaster that service was delivered in line with SLAs.

The need for improved production of management information was a key driver for the project, because Capita charged the broadcaster a fixed fee for the HR service each month based on a defined set of parameters. If it failed to meet the customer’s SLAs, it incurred penalties.

“Our goal was to produce a set of reports or dashboards that the operational teams could use to check where the work was at any point in time,” says Pope. “That helped them with workforce planning and whether they needed further resources to ensure they adhered to the SLAs.”


The re-implemented, redesigned HR solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped Capita improve processes and significantly cut costs. Delivered by Gap Consulting, it has become the main system through which Capita runs HR services for the broadcaster. “I feel that we have a trusted relationship with Gap Consulting and Microsoft. As valued partners, they’re bringing more to the table than just IT, and that’s important for us,” says Pope.

Headcount reduction. Because Capita has been able to streamline and automate many of its processes thanks to the new solution, the company was able to make a headcount reduction of 30 people from a team of 200, which has led to significant savings. This benefit was achieved within six months of implementation.

Increased process efficiency. The system has also increased process efficiency and accuracy, which is important for Capita because it has to adhere to strict SLAs for each of the HR processes it manages. “The new HR solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped us automate many key processes. There has been a significant reduction in processing times across the board,” says Pope.

Better management information. The work on improving the production of management information has also paid off, with key reports being created quickly and simply, demonstrating that Capita is meeting the SLAs and processing the required HR workload.

Direct access. An additional benefit is that the broadcaster’s employees can now access the system more directly, either through integration of web forms or via direct access to the solution. This means cases can be started automatically, speeding up overall workflow.

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Organization Size: 46500 employees

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Capita is the U.K.’s leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO), with a 23 per cent market share. It employs 46,500 people at more than 350 business sites. Capita delivers BPO and professional services in 10 markets across the public and private sectors.

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