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Posted: 12/18/2013
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LC Waikiki Retail Company Turkish Retailer Saves $1 Million a Year, Gains Faster Performance and Better Insight with Microsoft BI

To improve support for business growth and handle a rapidly expanding volume of data more efficiently, leading Turkish merchandiser LC Waikiki Retail Company wanted better reporting capabilities. To meet those goals, the company extended its on-premises Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise business intelligence (BI) solution with cloud-based Power BI for Office 365. As a result, LC Waikiki has saved US$1 million a year in IT costs with self-service BI and, by using cloud services, it has improved insight with minimal additional investment. Now its employees in virtually any location can benefit from accelerated, simplified web-based reporting.


Business Needs

LC Waikiki Retail Company is a leading Turkish clothing manufacturer and retailer with 460 stores in 17 countries. The rapidly growing firm, which currently opens at least one store abroad each week, expects to be one of the largest department store chains in Europe by 2023. To support its expanding operations more efficiently, the company wanted better reporting tools and faster access to business data.

In 2011, the company had accelerated reporting with a self-service BI solution based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 software. It then upgraded its BI platform with SQL Server 2012 Enterprise to take advantage of the new tabular data model in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. As a result, the company gained better insight—but that was true only for employees in the office who could access the applications.

Employees working on-premises used the new BI tools, including SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for Excel, to analyze operational data including product sales and order information. However, employees who were traveling or working in remote locations frequently struggled with unreliable Internet connections and frustratingly slow performance over a virtual private network (VPN). “Lack of access to reports during meetings or while traveling could hinder decision making,” says Metin Pekanlar, BI Manager at LC Waikiki. “And productivity slowed, too.”

Instead of waiting to process queries online, employees often requested spreadsheet reports through email. The fixed reports were time-consuming to produce for the BI team, and the information could be out-of-date by the time employees received the file.

The problems were only expected to increase as the business grew. When LC Waikiki first deployed its BI solution in 2011, it managed approximately 5 terabytes of data. Over the next two years, the volume doubled to 10 terabytes, and an average table could include 2 million rows and 50 columns. LC Waikiki wanted to accommodate the projected growth and find an easier way for mobile employees to work with the data.

* By taking advantage of self-service BI tools in SQL Server 2012 and Power BI for Office 365, we are recouping approximately $1 million in productivity costs annually. *

Metin Pekanlar
Business Intelligence Manager
LC Waikiki


In August 2013, LC Waikiki decided to extend its on-premises BI platform with cloud-based, self-service tools from Microsoft. The solution would include Power BI for Office 365, an online service for interactive reporting. Using Power BI, LC Waikiki could deliver reports across virtually any device with a browser, including the tablets its executives preferred.

LC Waikiki operates an on-premises data mart with a separate instance of SQL Server 2012 Enterprise configured for an online analytical processing (OLAP) cube and tabular data models. The cube stores the company’s largest table with 25 billion rows, and the solution ensures optimal performance while working with the large dataset. For smaller datasets, LC Waikiki has created 30 tabular models, with some of the data pulled from the OLAP cube. In addition to using SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot workbooks, employees access data with Power View, an interactive data visualization feature in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services. The company launches Power View dashboards through Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

For mobile employees, LC Waikiki publishes more than 150 reports in the cloud on Office 365. Traveling executives can work with the reports using touch-friendly web apps or download the files for offline access. The company automatically updates reports both in the cloud and on-premises.

LC Waikiki began offering companywide access to its mobile BI tools in November 2013.


LC Waikiki is saving about $1 million annually, gaining better insight, and accelerating reporting with a mobile BI solution based on SQL Server 2012 and Power BI for Office 365.

Saves $1 Million with Self-Service BI

Self-service BI tools are helping end users as well as the IT team improve productivity at LC Waikiki. Instead of spending hours creating hundreds of customized reports, the BI team can now focus on value-added projects such as enhancing its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. “By taking advantage of self-service BI tools in SQL Server 2012 and Power BI for Office 365, we are recouping approximately $1 million in productivity costs annually,” says Pekanlar. “Now, IT employees spend about a third less time creating reports and have more time available to enhance business processes.”

Improves Business Insight with Minimal Investment

With a mobile BI solution that takes advantage of Microsoft cloud services, LC Waikiki is extending its existing, on-premises BI solution with minimal additional investment. “With Power BI for Office 365, employees in virtually any location can access interactive, highly visual reports with just a few clicks,” says Pekanlar. “They immediately gain deep analytical capabilities, and they can make faster, better business decisions as a result. And being able to make good decisions more rapidly gives us a competitive advantage.”

Gains 10 Times Faster Performance

Now, mobile employees and their office counterparts have the same fast access to mission-critical business data and BI tools. Pekanlar says, “Employees can produce reports with Power BI for Office 365 over the Internet approximately 10 times faster than they could connecting to our network over a VPN.“

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 22000 employees

Organization Profile

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, LC Waikiki Retail Company operates 460 department stores in 17 countries. It has annual sales of more than US$2 billion.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • Power BI for Office 365
  • Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Vertical Industries
General Merchandise


Business Need
Business Intelligence and Reporting