Posted: 2/5/2014
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A&P Foods Limited Food Manufacturer Grows Revenue Following ERP Implementation

A&P Foods, a leading Nigerian manufacturer of biscuits and confectionary, turns to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 to automate its operations. As a result it improves revenues, reduces bad debt, gets a handle on inventory control, reduces stock theft, increases customer satisfaction and benefits from far greater efficiencies across its operations.

A&P Foods is a Lagos-based manufacturer of biscuits and confectionary. Since beginning its operations in 2002 the company has developed a reputation for producing high-quality products and today has an extensive network of buyers in the Nigerian market. For its operations the company was using Tally, a software solution which is essentially an accountancy package, alongside Microsoft Excel. However, given the complexity and scale of the company’s operations neither Tally nor Excel could meet its needs with the accuracy and efficiency it required.

* Microsoft Dynamics NAV has led to radical improvements. Previously inventory control was very difficult, but today we have much better stock control, which in turn has led to much tighter financial controls. *

Prakash P.V.
IT Manager
A&P Foods

Ineffective Data Analysis
For example, every day A&P Foods uses up to 45 metric tons of flour and sugar to manufacture its produce. There were large amounts of theft and as a result it was difficult to establish the exact amount of material it had in its warehouses, which in turn was impacting on production and delivery. Many of the processes were not automated which apart from being time-consuming also posed management problems. It was difficult to produce accurate reports to inform management decisions, while data analysis was also ineffective. In short, the company was suffering from a lack of control over business processes and inventory, which was having an adverse impact on operations leading to increasing amounts of debt.

Consequently, the company evaluated a number of ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Prakash P.V., IT Manager at A&P Foods, explains: “Microsoft came out in top in terms of the wide-ranging functionality it offered as well as support.” Univision Nigeria Ltd”, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 over several months and the process also included some custom-made development. Univision’s team has also provided continuous support and coordinated an upgrade to version 2013 of Dynamics NAV for A&P Foods.

Increased Revenues
The benefits of this implementation for A&P Foods has been striking. Theft of flour and sugar has been brought under control because the company now has direct insight into how much stock it is holding at any given moment. Manual processes have been replaced with automated processes, while automatic process controls have improved dramatically. As a result, revenue has increased and audit trails are also now in place.

Bad Debt Falls by 50%
The bad debt experienced by the company has fallen by 50%, while customer satisfaction has increased by 80% as orders are now being met and delivered on time. Stock control has also increased by 80% while reporting is now much more accurate, and reports can be generated at any hour of the day. Prakash P.V. says: “Microsoft Dynamics NAV has led to radical improvements. Previously inventory control was very difficult, but today we have much better stock control, which in turn has led to much tighter financial controls. We have far greater accuracy in billing and scheduling and overall Dynamics NAV has led to far greater efficiency across all of our operations.”

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Document published February 2013

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 500 employees

  • Controls and reduces bad debt by up to 50%
  • Improves revenues due to automated processes
  • Increases customer satisfaction by up to 80%
  • Improves stock control by up to 80%
  • Gains ability to generate accurate and insightful reports at any given moment

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

Vertical Industries
Food & Beverage



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