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Posted: 2/15/2010
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Tyco Flow Control Manufacturer Finds Other Online Vendors Not Enterprise Ready, Chooses Microsoft

Tyco Flow Control is an industrial manufacturer with a global presence. As the company grew through acquisitions, it also acquired a wide variety of e-mail systems across all its offices. To simplify IT management and increase communication reliability, the company investigated hosted e-mail solutions. After evaluating other vendors, Tyco Flow Control chose Microsoft Exchange Online for its features and reliability.

Business Needs

Tyco Flow Control, a major division of Tyco International, brings innovation and creativity to its line of market-leading flow control products and heat-tracing solutions in the oil and gas, power, chemical, building, and other industries. The company has 15,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding U.S.$4.5 billion.

* We did not believe other vendors were enterprise ready. We had concerns about their security, their ability to support offline and online scenarios, and their business focus. *

Tony DeGregorio Global Chief Information Officer,
Tyco Flow Control

Tyco Flow Control has approximately 12,000 desktops in over 250 locations around the world. The company has grown through numerous acquisitions over the past ten years, and as a result, the IT department found itself managing a heterogeneous assortment of servers, networks, and e-mail systems. Offices in the Americas were consolidating on Microsoft Exchange Server for communications, but offices in Europe and Asia still had hundreds of servers running IBM Lotus Notes.

Not surprisingly, having a collection of disparate systems caused problems. “We would have one or more systems down at any given time, which caused stability issues,” explains Tony DeGregorio, Global Chief Information Officer for Tyco Flow Control. “We also had trouble communicating between systems and pulling together global address books and calendars.”

To improve stability and reliability and simplify IT management, Tyco Flow Control wanted to consolidate its communications infrastructure. The company considered on-premises solutions, but to keep its IT group focused on business value initiatives, and to save money, it chose to use an outside vendor with the skill and experience to deploy and manage such a large installation. Because of its past success with Microsoft Exchange Server, Tyco looked at Microsoft-hosted online solutions, but wanted to consider other possibilities as well.


Tyco Flow Control prepared detailed requirements for the project and spoke with representatives from Microsoft and other online vendors. Tyco quickly realized that the Microsoft solution was the only one that would meet its needs. “We did not believe other vendors were enterprise ready,” says

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Lonny Larsen
Global Operations,
Tyco Flow Control
DeGregorio. "We had concerns about their security, their ability to support offline and online scenarios, and their business focus.”

Tyco saw Microsoft as a company with deep expertise. “With Microsoft, I saw an experienced enterprise group with the clout and power to make the solution work the way I wanted it to,” says DeGregorio. "I had a lot more confidence in Microsoft. The Microsoft contract promised greater uptime and availability, and the company has data centers around the world with robust failover and backup plans.”

Microsoft also offered greater features and flexibility. “With Microsoft, we could choose an on-premises or a hosted solution,” DeGregorio notes. “We chose the hosted solution, and Microsoft gave us the option of single-tenant or multi-tenant hosting. Single-tenant was important to us for security, and that wasn’t an option with the other vendors. Microsoft also provided offline capabilities, stronger security, better archiving, and easy connectivity with the Microsoft Office suite, which we use internally. That way, we can gradually move existing Notes applications over to Microsoft Office SharePoint.”

Tyco Flow Control also had confidence in the Microsoft Partner Network. “When we looked at migrating our systems, we found that other vendors were working with third-party companies that I don’t think had a lot of experience,” says DeGregorio. “With Microsoft, you’ve got a lot of very experienced partners around the globe. We’ve migrated 8,000 users so far, and will migrate the rest in the coming months.”


With its move to dedicated Microsoft Exchange Online, Tyco Flow Control has ensured that its e-mail solution is scalable, easy to manage, cost-effective, and reliable.

Robust Scalability

With its Microsoft-hosted solution, Tyco Flow Control has made it easier to adjust its technology as its business needs change. “One area we wanted to address was scalability,” explains DeGregorio. “As we acquire or divest pieces of our business, I didn’t want to have to buy new hardware or end up with unused resources. We don’t have to worry now; there’s a good variable cost model that is very scalable for the business.”

Simplified IT Management

By choosing a hosted e-mail solution, Tyco Flow Control has been able to reduce IT management overhead and repurpose staff. “It’s been great,” says DeGregorio. “We’ve moved people around, and we’ve been able to concentrate on other areas of the business. We had two individuals who two years ago would be consumed with e-mail issues. They now make up our Network Security team.”

Cost Savings

With hosted e-mail, Tyco has reduced hardware and maintenance costs, as well as third-party licensing costs for features like e-mail filtering which are included in Microsoft Exchange Online. “By going off-premise, we saved the purchase of additional hardware,” DeGregorio says. “And it’s not just that, there’s also the ongoing upkeep, maintenance, and upgrades. That’s all out of our hands now, and I don’t have to worry about it. We also save money by consolidating and standardizing all the different systems we used to manage.”

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 5000 employees

Organization Profile

Tyco Flow Control, a division of Tyco International, is a manufacturer of heat-tracing and flow-control solutions with 250 worldwide offices and annual revenues exceeding U.S.$4.5 billion.

Software and Services
  • Exchange Online
  • 2007 Microsoft Office System

Vertical Industries
Automotive, Industrial Equipment & Aerospace

United States

Business Need
Business Productivity