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Posted: 11/1/2009
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McDonalds CR s.r.o. McDonald’s Boosts Productivity by 20% with Microsoft® Office 2010


* It’s imperative to get input from several team members on specific projects. With co-authoring, everything can be incorporated simultaneously. This alone saves us 250 minutes per month. *

Jan Svika
IT coordinator
McDonald’s ČR, s.r.o.

Representing one of the most ubiquitous restaurant chains in the world, McDonald’s ČR, s.r.o., the Czech Republic’s McDonald’s subsidiary, ensures that their franchisees are well-equipped with up-to-date financial and account information, streamlined technical resources, and professional presentations that help employees understand the full suite of new and existing products and services.

The company manages thousands of documents, including user data, accounting information, and presentation collateral, so finding innovative and efficient ways to streamline processes, work together collaboratively, and improve organization are always top of mind for McDonald’s executives.

By deploying Microsoft® Office 2010, the company found new ways for its employees to work together and get more done in less time, resulting in a significant boost to productivity.

Business Needs

Because employees lacked a way to work simultaneously on projects, updating and finalizing important documents required more time than they would like to spend. In addition, employees found that integrating and editing images in presentations was a laborious process that required costly third-party software.

Sorting, organizing, and quickly responding to emails was also inefficient, often monopolizing employees’ time.

It became clear to McDonald’s that it needed to find faster, easier ways for its employees to communicate, work together, and quickly create documents for its franchisees.


When McDonald’s managers turned to Office 2010, they found the solution they had been seeking. By providing more intuitive ways to collaborate, manage emails, and create large files, this software system helped the company streamline everyday processes and boost overall productivity.

Overall, Office 2010 has helped McDonald’s employees work together more effectively, and share vital information and ideas with franchisees faster—and-easier—than ever before.


Working Better Together

As with any organization, managing a massive amount of data can be challenging, particularly when numerous people from multiple departments are responsible for updating and reviewing that information. McDonald’s employees handled this process sequentially by having one team member upload information, save the associated document, email it to the next team member, and wait for final review by a project manager—a time-consuming and tedious process.

Co-authoring* in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint® and the Excel® Web App allows multiple users to work on a single document at the same time, eliminating the need to save and close files or email them back and forth for revisions.

“It’s imperative to get input from several team members on specific projects,” says Jan Svika, IT coordinator for McDonald’s. “With co-authoring, everything can be incorporated simultaneously. This alone saves us 250 minutes per month.”

Streamlining Organization to Enhance Communication

For McDonald’s employees, managing the large quantity of emails was a time-consuming process, and communicating technical issues to the IT department was difficult due to the need to email back and forth between project managers and franchisees—all of which delayed IT solutions deployment.

With Quick Steps, available in Microsoft Outlook® 2010, users can set predefined rules to execute daily tasks such group forwarding or sending emails to specific folders with one or two clicks—saving time and streamlining communication. “By reducing common tasks to one click, Quick Steps easily saves me 15 minutes per day,” says Svika. “I can sort, archive, send forwarded messages—everything I need to do that used to take several steps—in seconds.”

By using Office Communicator** in Outlook 2010, users can hover over a users name to see whether they’re at their desk and connect in near real-time. As Svika points out, “It can be frustrating to try to reach someone when you don’t know if they’re at their desk or busy with customers. Office Communicator tells me that right away, so I can get in touch instantly.”

Creating Documents in Less Time

To create presentations and technical manuals, McDonald’s employees would spend hours manipulating images using costly third-party software. Now that Office 2010 includes rich photo-editing capabilities in Word and PowerPoint, employees no longer require these third-party applications, as they can integrate impressive imagery quickly and easily.

“Creating images for presentations and technical manuals used to take hours and require costly third-party software,” says Svika. “Office 2010 photo-editing tools reduce that by 10 percent—and thousands of dollars.”

Achieving Rewarding Results

Svika is impressed with the speed, reliability and performance of Office 2010 and notes that employees are now able to accomplish more than they would have imagined. The improved Ribbon, which is emblematic of the enhancements to the Office 2010 user interface, is customizable and now available across all Microsoft Office applications—an addition that has provided additional benefit to Svika and his team.

“The Ribbon is a great addition to Outlook that brings uniformity to the whole Office 2010 suite. Combined, all of the new features are allowing us to get more done in less time,” Svika says. “We’re all loving it,” he adds with a smile.

* Co-authoring capabilities require either Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation Services or a free Windows Live account.

** Instant messaging and presence requires with Office Communicator requires Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 80 employees

Organization Profile

McDonald’s ČR, s.r.o. provides accurate sales and product inventory information and maintains McDonald’s franchisee technology solutions.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft Communicator

Vertical Industries
Food Service

Czech Republic