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Posted: 7/10/2012
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Netrisk.hu Első Online Biztosítási Alkusz Zrt Tens of thousands of calls on Microsoft voice platform

Financial institution drives business benefit from Microsoft Lync telephony and contact center solution

Netrisk.hu, a leading innovative insurance provider in Central Europe, has now updated operations by adopting Microsoft Lync, a single unified platform for integrating all customer care and internal office communications. By harnessing the integrated power and flexibility of Lync-based customer care and office communications, Netrisk.hu has improved customer care agent and sales utilization remarkably, by over 50% (utilization has increased from 45 to 68%). Notably, the company has also saved significantly on telephony and travel costs using Lync video and voice communications.

By the end of 2011, 800,000 end customers are supported and serviced using Netrisk’s Microsoft voice platform.

“Based on the references it seemed clear that Geomant’s solution is very efficient. Before the implementation we did not know what the UC features would provide to us. The contact center realized increased functionality, and customer care operations received more support. Using the system for a couple of months it turned out that the instant presence of back office experts and immediate desktop sharing features provide such increased comfort and possibilities we could not have even imagined using non UC capable centers.”

Zsuzsanna Pál, Contact Center Manager

The customer

Netrisk is a leading innovative player on the Central European insurance market, maintaining business connections with a vast network of customers and insurance providers. Their principal vehicle for customer service is their internet portal. This is supported and extended by telephony customer care. Netrisk.hu’s core business is web portal-based comparison, configuration and sales of car, home, and travel insurance, operating in Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. Increasingly in recent years Netrisk.hu has supported its internet activity with an inbound telephony helpdesk and outbound cross-platform sales campaigns. Customer operations have strong seasonal variation, with a November–December peak in insurance re-contracting annually.

Netrisk has been the leading insurance provider for over a decade, with over 850,000 customers and 75 employees. Company operation is heavily seasonal, with a notable peak annually in November–December owing to annual insurance renewal and re-contracting. The company maintains a regional presence with offices in Hungary, Slovenia, and Romania.

Netrisk’s portal was the first in the Central European region to provide complete cross-company comparison and easy web based configuration of insurance via an internet portal. Their previous office communication has been based on an outdated Microsoft Small Business server providing Office 2003 and basic directory services.

Upper management relies heavily on mobile mailing devices and travels extensively. Company management is open to integrating new technology and innovations which support enhanced customer communication and intra-office functionality.


Business challenge

Netrisk identified the following strategic needs:

  • Increase efficiency of customer care

  • Open new channels to reach customers

  • Increase cross sales to existing customers

To achieve this, their Hungarian operations needed to reassess how they approached proactive sales. In particular they sought to do the following:

  • increase telephony and mail campaign efficiency

  • introduce new media such as SMS campaigns and chat service

  • modernize their old analogue telephony system — owing as well to a recent relocation

Their previous customer care operations and campaign support relied on a hosted (virtual) contact center model. Despite scalability this platform had notable limitations:

  • it was not sufficiently flexible and efficient, and

  • it lacked customizability to meet unique customer support and acquisition process needs

Netrisk identified customer service and its technology platform as key strategic elements in building a business critical system for gaining further competitive advantage. Therefore the company decided to insource the contact center and update their office and telephony infrastructure.


Selection criteria

In September, 2011 Netrisk set out to find a solution that meets the following criteria:

  • rapid set-up and implementation — they needed professional contact center operations for their pending campaign

  • sharing a common platform for contact center and office communications

  • with demonstrably proven results in the financial service sector

including or easily extendable to include such UC features as: desktop sharing, web, video and audio conference, remote and home office support, chat, and so on positioned as important in the future for efficient knowledge work and business communications with an “easy to handle” platform for implementing additional neededCTI features in the near future, such as integrating voice/telephony services with other transaction processing and CRM applications and identified significant business benefit from a solution that incorporated unified communications for both information workers and within the contact center.


Geomant proposed the Microsoft Lync telephony platform and Contact Expert for Lync contact center / customer care solution. Netrisk compared the proposed Lync based voice technology with traditional telephony vendors’ offerings, and identified significant business benefit from a solution that incorporated unified communications for both information workers and within the contact center.

The new system offered the following contact center and business features:

  • efficient features for in- and outbound operations, self-service, voice and multimedia and CTI capabilities in one compact system

  • industry-standard reporting set and standard financial services industry processes

  • all features unified on a single platform using one integrated service

  • easy to implement in a couple of days requiring no special hardware (unlike traditional IP telephony-based solutions which need special gateways, cards, and call manager hardware)

  • working on a minimal hardware platform as all server components are virtualized using Microsoft Hyper-V technology


The features of the new contact center and the unified communication revolutionized the customer care and office operations.

It resulted in several key financial benefits:

  • ready to run customer care and campaign handling vehicle in 5 weeks’ time

  • more efficient customer connections: agent utilization increased by 50%

  • more acquisitions, and more deals settled, proving a return on investment in less than a year.

“Based on the references it seemed clear that Geomant’s solution is very efficient. Choosing Microsoft’s platform based on the faster implementation and more integrated feature set we didn’t know what the UC features would provide us. The contact center realized increased functionality, and customer care operations received more support. Contact center operators have a rich integrated desktop which shows the actual proposal which we are targeting for the connected customer in the campaign. Instant help provides situation specific scripts attached to the campaign. The interface allows us to record all customer specific details we collect during the call and analyze them later to reload into the contact center database and create even more efficient customer interactions.”

“The new system is a very significant step ahead in terms of statistics and real time reporting and presence compared to the previous one,” added Csaba Gere, Head of IT operations. “Using the new desktop and the automated functions helped us to reduce the after call work and handling time. This means our agents can spend 10-15 more minutes every hour handling customer calls. So the contact center operation got much more efficient.”

“Selecting the Lync based solution for telephony, PBX, and contact center operations we not only gained valuable time but managed to consolidate all system components on one HP industry standard server.” he continued.

“Our notebook user colleagues decided to opt for headsets and also used the softphone features of Lync. Both the softphone and the physical phones are integrated with Outlook and resulted in much easier communication. What’s more, I am very glad to use this system for more and more cross country video meetings. Previously we tried to use Skype, which always had the drawback of not being integrated into Office and Outlook“ added the IT director.

Next steps

Using the new system Netrisk plans to deploy further features of Lync and Contact Expert for Lync in 2012:

  • Contact center and Lync integrated web chat service

  • Extension of the system for their regional operations

Partner information

Geomant is a voice specialized communication and customer care technology expert, well-established, innovative UC software developer and systems integrator specializing in Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Geomant has offices across Europe, USA and Australia, and a global reseller network.

For more information, visit www.geomant.com

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 75 employees

Organization Profile
Netrisk.hu, leading innovative insurance broker in Central Europe, having more than 800,000 customers, operates in Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. Their principal vehicle for customer service is their internet portal. This is supported and extended by telephony customer care.

Business Situation
Customer Care and Unified Communications solution

Contact center and corporate telephony

  • Ready to run customer care solution in 5 weeks' time
  • Increased contact center agent utilization by 50%
  • Return on investment in less than a year
  • One solution for corporate telephony and contact center

HP ProLiant DL180 G7 server
HPN 4000 series Lync phones
Audiocodes Mediant 1000 gateway

Software and Services
Microsoft Lync Server

Vertical Industries


Business Need
  • Marketing Management
  • Unified Communications
  • Sales Management