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Posted: 10/29/2012
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Moravia IT IT Firm Uses Web-Based Management to Extend PC Lifespan, Preserve Cost Savings

Moravia IT needed to renew the Windows 7 licenses for its virtual machines, and it wanted to upgrade its physical PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7. The company acquired desktop and virtualized versions of Windows 7 Enterprise included with a subscription to the Windows Intune PC-management service. As a result, Moravia IT kept hardware expenses low and extended the life of its physical PCs.

Business Needs
Based in the Czech Republic, Moravia IT helps its customers adapt and introduce software products to global markets. The company provides localization, product testing, multilingual publishing, and technical translation services for organizations in sectors such as IT, electronic education, life sciences, and financial services.

To localize or internationalize software products effectively and efficiently, Moravia IT employees need to work with multilanguage operating systems and applications and with a variety of hardware and software configurations. They often need two or more computers, and the company manages an IT infrastructure that contains more than 650 PCs, including portable PCs and mobile devices for remote employees working around the world.

In 2009, Moravia IT used a virtual desktop infrastructure to build suites of virtual PCs running the Windows 7 operating system that employees and external partners could access when necessary. The company’s main objectives were to increase flexibility in provisioning of desktops and software, deliver better support for mobile and remote employees, and to ensure business continuity in its desktop infrastructure. The company reduced its overall PC costs by one-third and saved a significant amount of time in IT management.

* By adopting Windows Intune, we can continue to simplify our IT infrastructure, keep costs down, and still offer more IT services to our customers. *

Přemysl Vala
CIO, Moravia IT

Then, in 2011, the company needed to redesign its physical and virtual PC environments in response to changes in the licensing program for virtual versions of Window 7. Through the Microsoft Software Assurance program, Moravia IT had the licensing it needed for its PCs that ran Windows 7, but not for older PCs that still ran the Windows XP operating system. The company needed to acquire new Windows 7 licenses for virtual machines, and it wanted to upgrade its physical PCs.

“We rely on the Windows operating system to help us translate and test software for our customers, and we needed a suitable licensing solution for virtualization of the desktop environment,” says Přemysl Vala, CIO at Moravia IT.

In late 2011, Moravia IT began working with COMPAREX Group, a provider of IT services such as software licensing and installation. COMPAREX Group evaluated the business needs at Moravia IT and proposed that the company adopt Windows Intune—a cloud-based PC-management and security service from Microsoft—and acquire desktop and virtualized versions of Windows 7 Enterprise included with its subscription to Windows Intune.

Because Windows Intune is supported with cloud-computing resources delivered as services over the Internet, Moravia IT adopted the service without having to deploy or manage any new hardware or software. At only slightly higher cost than purchasing the 60 virtual Windows 7 licenses it needed, the company upgraded 40 existing PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise and adopted a remote maintenance tool that it can use to monitor and update its PC environment—even outside the Active Directory domain. By using Windows Intune, Moravia IT can provide endpoint protection for PCs with tools built on the same Microsoft Endpoint Protection Engine used in the Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite.

By May 2012, Moravia IT installed Windows 7 Enterprise on all of its virtual and physical PCs, and it had begun testing Windows Intune in preparation for implementing the PC-management and endpoint protection features throughout its PC environment.

By adopting Windows Intune, Moravia IT obtained the operating system licenses it needed to maintain its virtualized PC environment, kept hardware expenses down, used its hardware and software resources more effectively, and saved money by upgrading and extending the life of its physical PCs.

Cost Advantage Through Virtualization
By using Windows Intune to acquire new Windows 7 Enterprise licenses, Moravia IT was able to maintain its virtual PC environment and preserve the one-third infrastructure savings it had achieved through virtualization. The company added to its virtualization savings by obtaining licenses for virtual versions of Windows 7 Enterprise with its monthly subscription to Windows Intune, instead of having to pay the total annual license fees all at once.

“By adopting Windows Intune, we can continue to simplify our IT infrastructure, keep costs down, and still offer more IT services to our customers,” says Vala.

Extended PC Lifespan
When Moravia IT used its Windows Intune subscription to upgrade 40 computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise, it extended the lifespan of those PCs by two years. The company spent just a few hundred Czech Korunas (less than US$50) to purchase additional memory for each PC and deferred up to US$45,000 or more in new PC costs, giving it the flexibility to use that capital in other areas.

“We selected Windows Intune because it was the most advantageous solution for us,” says Vala. “It made it possible for us to use the newest version of the Windows operating system, both in the data center and on our physical computers.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 550 employees

Organization Profile

Moravia IT is headquartered in the Czech Republic and offers software localization, testing, multilingual publishing, and technical translation services for companies around the world.

Software and Services
  • Windows Intune
  • Windows 7 Enterprise

Vertical Industries
IT Services

Czech Republic

Business Need
  • Corporate Software Licensing
  • Identity and Security
  • Support and Services

IT Issue
  • Asset Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Software + Services